Barbarians Rising

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Barbarians Rising

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Mondays ,9:00 PM EST on History
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1 Seasons, 4 Episodes
120 Minutes
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The Roman Empire called them "barbarians" - tribes the Romans viewed beyond the fringe of civilization that lived a brutish and violent existence. However, these were also men and women who launched epic struggles that shaped the world to come. The eight-part docu-drama reveals the true story of the 700-year battle to bring down one of strongest empires the world has ever known.

User Reviews

by KenoshaMike

Aug 26, 2016 4:54 PM EDT

This was an interesting look at the Roman Empire with good battle scenes and historically accurate stories. Sure beats reading the book!

by Graziella Formosa

Jun 21, 2016 3:57 PM EDT

Love it.. great watch for history fanatics coupled with action. Reminds me a lot of Spartacus and Vikings. However this is more of a documentary that focuses on some of the greatest historical leaders of the rebellion against the Roman Empire. With Michael Ealy as narrator, you'll be taken back in time to witness the blood trail that the Romans and barbarians have left behind. Bonus: great actors! (some of which have had parts in Game of Thrones). Whoever said History was boring?