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'Bates Motel' Star Freddie Highmore Previews Emotional Series Finale

Norman was a character that was constantly changing or evolving, the actor tells THR as the 'Psycho' prequel heads into Monday's series finale.   ...Read More... //

Did Bates Motel Just Murder Dylan and Emma's Happy Ending?

The body count continues to rise asBates Motelnears the finish line and it now seems likely that Dylan and Emmas heretofore blissful marriagewillbe among the casualties. Mondays penultimate hour began with Dylan confirming to Emma that her biological mother was indeed murdered byhis brother Norman. The news instantly torpedoed thenew parents relationshipjust as it [] //

‘Bates Motel’ Has Reached ‘Psycho’ Territory, But With a Major (Good) Change

So here we are, finally, at Psycho. One of the things that has made Bates Motel so good through the years is how it puts its own spin on the world Alfred Hitchcock created on screen from Robert Bloch’s novel. The touchstones are familiar (the motel, the mother / son relationship, a slow buildup to the killings), but the way the show has explored the relationship between Norma (Vera Farmiga) and Norman (Freddie Highmore) has not only been unique, but at times enthralling. The blessing and curse of a show that designs itself as a prequel is that it will eventually have to catch up to the source material. Though there is some excitement found in the expectation of what is to come, it also reduces the stakes. We know, to a certain degree, how things are going to end up, especially if the worlds are directly connected (think Better Call Saul in relation to Breaking Bad). But Bates Motel is set in a different time, and was clear from the beginning that its story would be wholly its own. With "Marion," Bates doubled-down on that, changing up the iconic shower scene in a way that was smart and also necessary. READ MORE...

Rihanna's Surprising Appearance on Bates Motel Had People Flipping Out

Warning! Huge Bates Motel spoilers past this point! Read at your own risk! It will never not be crazy to me that Rihanna was on Bates Motel . One of the biggest celebrities in the world appeared on a well-liked but modest, not particularly buzzy cable drama. It's like if Beyonc was on Vikings . The ...Read More... //

'Bates Motel' Director Talks Reinventing Hitchcock's Famous 'Psycho' Shower Scene

Phil Abraham discusses working with 'Bates Motel' super-fan Rihanna and his high-wire inversion of Hitchcock's most famous scene. ...Read More... //

Bates Motel EPs Talk 'Empowering' Shower-Scene Twist: 'We Were Not Throwing Shade at Psycho'

Somewhere Alfred Hitchcocks iconic head is spinning. In what marksBates Motels latest and boldest source-material detour to date, Mondays installment which served as the conclusion of Rihannas two-episode arc as Psychos ill-fated heroine Marion Crane put a progressive, gender-swapping spin on the films legendary shower scene. [SPOILER ALERT] Instead of Marion getting hacked [] //

Rihanna's Psycho Moment on Bates Motel Was So Perfectly Rihanna

We are hereby starting a petition to get Rihanna on more TV shows. We'd also be happy to see her in more horror movies, because tonight she took an iconic horror movie moment and... ...Read More... //

'Bates Motel' Bosses Explain That Bloody 'Psycho' Twist

Showrunners Kerry Ehrin and Cartlon Cuse talk with THR about changing things up for Rihanna's Marion Crane and crafting the episode based on the film. ...Read More... //

Why Rihannas Bates Motel turn cant top the original

Warning: Spoilers ahead from Episode 505 of Bates Motel Janet Leigh received an Oscar nomination for her performance as the doomed bank robber Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcocks masterpiece Psycho. Based on Monday nights episode of Bates Motel, Rihanna shouldnt expect to see her name among the guest-star nominees at this years Emmy Awards. To... ...Read More... //

Bates Motel Bosses Talk 'Same-Sex' Twist, Confirm Rihanna Body Double

Holy Bates and switch! The buzz surroundingthis weeks Bates Motel was squarely focused on Rihannas much anticipated introduction as ill-fated Psycho icon Marion Crane, but it was a shocking revelation about Norman or should we say Norma? that willlikely settongues wagging. (We suspect Marions big episode comes next week.) Midway through Mondays installment, [] //