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Bates Motel: "The Cord" Review

Bates Motel concluded its five season saga with the heartbreaking and fittingly tragic "The Cord," in which Norman finally returned to us - but as a broken, beaten and forever lost version of his former self. When you consider that there were really only two acceptable fates that awaited Norman -- death or incarceration in a mental hospital -- the show chose the more apropos ending, having already established that Norman yearned to be with his mother more than anything. I mean, he already did try to die at the end of last season. So did Norman, essentially, trick Dylan into killing him? Having never really intended to stab his brother, only scare him into firing off a fatal shot? It's hard to say. The final scene between the two was so sad and laced with love with regret, on both sides, that it's difficult to determine if either one of them had an actual endgame in mind when Dylan came by for a "family dinner." READ MORE...

'Bates Motel' S5E10: The Cord

★ ★ ★ ★ ½ If there's one thing Bates Motel managed to overcome in its series finale, it was the temptation to go with an over-the-top gorefest of an ending. Instead, it returned to the core trope of the series: the bond between families. "The Cord" is an emotional joy ride that gave viewers closure to Norman's story and surprised fans of the Hitchcock classic, bringing a new take on the 1960 slasher flick. Romero's role in the finale was a minimal one, only acting as a plot device, but it gave the closure viewers may have needed for his relationship with Norma. Though not to the extent that Dylan experienced Norma's persona in Norman, it went in the same direction. Romero's role in the final season was a tedious one that offered little to the rest of the series in what could have been a little more devoted to characters like Emma. One thing's for sure, though: Bates Motel understood how to wrap up its storylines in the cleanest possible manner. Norman's need to close out the series by, at times, literally recreating the series premiere makes the moments between him and Norma all the more tragic. It's hauntingly reminiscent of Six Feet Under 's series finale and worked all the better for it. It's not only the ultimate mental break for Norman's character, but it's a better conclusion for the Bates Motel rendition of Norman. He goes out in a far more peaceful way (in comparison to the movie) and his death and reunion with Norma point out the importance of their being together in the end. The original film ended with Norma taking control of Norman's body, but this ending tugs more at the heartstrings instead of striking at them. It's even more fitting to have Dylan be the one left at the end of the series. After all, Bates Motel was a series about family. The theatricality of the ending kept up with the usual melodramatic world of Bates Motel , making it more of a final showdown and less of a tragic inevitability like several of the other moments throughout the finale. It was sickening (in the best way possible) to see Norma make it back to the dinner table one last time as a corpse for Dylan to get to witness just how sick Norman has gotten. Bates Motel was more than just a Psycho tribute, it was an experiment in family psychology tragedy that pulled several tropes from Greek tragic drama. The melodrama format could get tiresome at times when it had no clue as to what it was doing with the story arc (mainly in Dylan's case), but you could always rely on Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore's performances to bring it all back home. Speaking of which, Dylan's first couple of moments in the series finale were… useless. The pot storyline was never all too popular and probably not even enough to garner a reunion with his old pot farming partner, though his scenes with Emma were worth every second. p { text-align: justify; }

‘Bates Motel’ Series Finale Reunited Mother and Son in an Emotional Sendoff

The short of it is that "The Cord" was a fitting and operatic end for Bates Motel, which never allowed itself to be pinned down as just a Psycho prequel. Of course, there’s much more to unpack from it. The show always operated on its own terms, taking what it wanted from the Psycho source material (of both filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and author Robert Bloch), but ultimately creating a world that was its alone. Bates fully embraced the atmosphere of its rain-logged Pacific northwest setting, leaning in to both its naturally-spooky dark and stormy nights, as well as the coziness of its overcast days. But more than anything, the show was always anchored fully by two exceptional performances from Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore, whose dedication to the material made the show compelling even when its other plots meandered too far away from that core. READ MORE...

Bates Motel Series Finale Recap 4/24/17: Season 5 Episode 10 “The Cord”

Norman and Alex ride in the back of a car driven by Regina who is crying. She begs Alex not to kill her. She is sobbing. Alex orders her to get out of the car and start walking. Alex and Norman continue driving. The police watch a video of Alex, Norman and Regina getting in the car and issue a bulletin to be on the lookout for them. The sheriff calls Dylan to let him know Norman has been kidnapped by Alex. Alex and Norman arrive at the spot where Norman has buried Norma. Alex digs and finds her body. Norman apologizes to Alex and tells him he knows how much he loved her. Alex beats Norman. He then goes to Norma’s body and declares his love to her. As he is distracted Norman hits Alex over the head with a rock and shoots him. As Alex dies he tells Norman that he killed his own mother and he can’t hide from it. READ MORE...

Bates Motel Recap 4/17/17: Season 5 Episode 9 “Visiting Hours”

Unfortunately, Norman’s other personality decided to take over while they were in jail. The otherside had said that they needed to protect Norman however the things that "mother" did were all coming out. Norman’s brother Dylan had found out Emma’s mother had been found on the land and there had been no doubt in his mind that his brother did it. But telling Emma had been the hard part. He had wanted her around her because he needed someone to hold him during everything and she wasn’t sure she could do that. Emma couldn’t be there for him knowing that her mother was dead and that Norman was much worse off than anyone realized. So the only one that didn’t think Norman was a murderer was Norman. His otherside had somehow convinced him that they had to everything that they did and so Norman had tried to bluff his way through his first appointment with his lawyer. However, Julia later told him that the only way they could get him off the charges were to plead to insanity. She said that he had a history of multiple personalities and that there were records to back it up seeing as he spent time in a mental institution yet "mother" had been very clear when she said that Norman wasn’t crazy and that he had all been locked up because his stepfather had manipulated his mother. READ MORE...

Bates Motel Series Finale Recap: So, Were You Crazy About How It Ended?

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the series finale of Bates Motel. Be sure to ask, Mother, may I? before proceeding. None of us were really expecting a happy ending to Bates Motel, were we? And yet, in the craziest, most bittersweet of all possible ways, that was kind of what A&Es superlative Psycho prequel [] //

Bates Motel Series Finale Recap: The Cord

Bates Motel Bates Motel Series Finale Recap: The Cord April 25, 2017 by 0 Shares Advertisement Tonight, Bates Motel co-creator Kerry Ehrin wrapped up five seasons exactly as she set out to. "The instinct was always to go through Psycho, come out the other side of it, end it differently, and then go off in a different direction," Kerry said in the post-finale retrospective. Mission accomplished, we'd say, as the final episode felt inevitable without being predictable.  ...Read More... //

Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 10 Review: The Cord

Bates motel ended its five-season run with an emotional and tragic series finale. I came late to the Bates Motel saga not having discovered the show until the third season. What pulled me in was Norma and Norman's weird and wacky relationship. You couldn't have one without the other. They were intertwined in the most dysfunctional of ways. And even though Norma died at the end of Bates Motel Season 4 , she still remained a part of Norman's life - both physically and mentally.  ...Read More...

Bates Motel Series Finale Recap: Goodnight Norman

The Cord is a melancholy end to an underrated show.  ...Read More... //

Bates Motel Series Finale Review

Bates Motel Series Finale Review ...Read More... //