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Celebrating 25 Years of “Batman: The Animated Series”

1992, the Batman was still a popular hero but he’d been just about played out in comics and the big screen. So what was left? He’d had a run on the small screen as well, but nothing had ever stuck for that long. Those in charge had to come up with something that would allow Batman the kind of comeback he would need, one that secure his legacy moving forward. Enter Batman: The Animated Series. The cartoon version opens up in Gotham with zeppelins scouring the city below, keeping a watch upon Gotham as they attempt to keep the city safe and virtually crime-free. Then two dark shadows can be seen skulking about, their intent sinister thanks to the faint music that can be heard. The following explosion we hear from the nearby bank entrance is proof that they’re up to no good. The cops are already too late. That means it’s time for the Batman to make his way onto the scene. READ MORE...

Best Action Cartoons of the 90s

I’m an unapologetic fan of cartoons of all shapes, sizes, styles, and eras, so putting together this list was more of a treasure than a trial for me, especially as my research led me into some of the dusty corners of the internet and my memory; the nostalgia is strong in this one, my friends! If you’re like me, you’ll delight at the chance to revisit some old pals like T-Bone and Razor, Goliath and his clan, Guardian Bob, and the Toxic Avenger. Now, you’ll notice some glaring omissions from the 90s cartoon classics you know and love. That’s because we’ve filtered out any cartoons derived from comic books and video games, like X-Men, Batman: The Animated Series and Mega Man; you can find them in another list down the road. The cartoons that made the cut had to have the majority of their episodes in the 90s themselves, even if they started before or ended after that glorious decade. Also, to keep the list on the slim and trim side – it is the "best" after all – we’ve eliminated some of the sillier "action series," like Bill & Teds’ Excellent Adventures and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. That still left us with some Honorable Mentions, which include: Wing Commander Academy, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, and Van-Pires, to name a weird few. Check out our list, in no particular order, to see if your favorite made the cut! READ MORE...

PR:Music of Batman

SILVA SCREEN RECORDS PRESENTS THE MUSIC OF BATMAN THE FLAWED SUPERHERO WITH A DARK EDGE THAT INSPIRED QUIRKY, SWEEPING ORCHESTRAL SCORES WITH GOTHIC UNDERTONES Masterfully performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, this unique compilation features the music from the complete Batman silver screen franchise. Composer Danny Elfman’s off-centre gothic inspiration captures the spirit of a Batman Movie soundtrack. With its four-note minor key ascent and two-note major key descent perfectly depicting the duality of the Bruce Wayne character, Elfman's title theme had a great impact on subsequent Batman scores and Superhero blockbusters in general. Also includes music from Neal Hefti and Nelson Riddle’s sixties loungey, brassy, bass-driven beats for Batman TV series, Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard’s minimalist angst ridden score, as well as various Batman themes from Shirley Walker (Escape from L.A.), Christopher Drake (Wonder Woman) and Elliot Goldenthal (Drugstore Cowboy, Interview With The Vampire, Heat, Frida). Tracklisting: The Films: 1. Batman - Theme (Danny Elfman) 2. Batman - Flowers & Love Theme (Danny Elfman) 3. Batman - The Joker’s Poem & Clown Attack (Danny Elfman) 4. Batman - Up the Cathedral (Danny Elfman) 5. Batman - Waltz to the Death (Danny Elfman) 6. Batman - The Final Confrontation & Finale (Danny Elfman) 7. Batman Returns - End Titles (Danny Elfman) 8. Batman Forever - Batterdamerung & Mouth to Mouth Nocturne (Elliot Goldenthal) 9. Batman & Robin - Main Titles & Fanfare (Elliot Goldenthal) 10. Batman Begins - Eptesicus (James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer) 11. The Dark Knight - Aggressive Expansion (Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard) Animated Batman: 12. Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm - The Birth of Batman / Main Title / The Promise (Shirley Walker) 13. Batman: Gotham Knight - End Credits (Christopher Drake) Retro Batman: 14. Batman: The Movie - Main Titles (Nelson Riddle) 15. Batman - TV Theme (Neal Hefti) CD: SILCD1276 REL. DATE: 24th March For more information contact: cinemediapromo@yahoo.com