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B&G Special

I usually hate recap shows but this one was a treat. Jim's makeover was such a surpise! My mouth dropped and my eyes bugged when he revealed his new look. What a difference a shave makes, wow!

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!

I am soooooooooo glad that Amber is eliminated!! She was such a shady character and everything about her rubbed me the wrong way. I also thought it was HILARIOUS that she had the nerve to call out Leticia for using her looks to manipulate the geeks. She was basically throwing herself all over Tommy in an attempt to avoid the elimination room....what a hypocrite! It was good to see her go. Tommy may be disappointed but the House will certainly be better off without her around. I dare say that Amber was even worse than Cecil from Season 3.

Beauty and the Geek Turns Beauty VS. the Geek!

Beauty and the Geek mixed it up last season by throwing in a male beauty and a female geek. But this season, things have changed again as Beauty and the Geek turns Beauty vs. the Geek! On last night's premiere, the beauties and geeks met each other in proper dramatic fashion, but then after a little meet and greet session, host Mike split the beauties and geeks apart. He then informed them that they would not be pairing up in teams of 2 with one beauty, and one geek, but instead would be a whole team of beauties vs. the whole team of geeks. And who's more upset? Well, it actually seemed to be the beauties! While the geeks have little confidence in many fields, they seemed to know they could do pretty well learning what to do in challenges since learning is one of the things they do best. The beauties, on the other hand, looked terrified at this news. Whatever would their pretty little heads do without a geek?? Well, turns out, become ugly. The premiere brought the first challenge of going to a bar to get some digits from the opposite sex. But just to level the playing field, and pretty much insult all geeks and real people alike, they brought in a team of make-up people to "make-under" the girls. They got fake pimples, ugly hair-dos, and clothes... the works. And they didn't feel so hot or do so hot at getting numbers! But some geeks suffered while others thrived, leading the geeks to get picked out for eliminations. Since we don't know them all too well yet, this wasn't all that tragic as John E., the "recovering Microsoft addict" was eliminated. But while this wasn't too tough on us fans, it sure was tough on John! He didn't throw any sort of hissy fit like the always lovely ladies of The Bachelor do upon elimination, but he did hyperventilate... or something. Just as Mike was trying to tell him he was all done and to get outta there, John needed a moment to sit on the floor and work out some breathing issues. Poor guy! But yet, in a horrible, horrible way, it was hilarious. Mike had no clue what was going on and tried to keep composure while asking John if he could get him anything, but once John showed to be okay, Mike didn't make it through the rest of his elimination speech without a little chuckle. Whoops. But all's well that ends kind of well, so off one geek goes to greener, geekier pastures, and the rest of our beauties and geeks forge on to expand their minds and hearts. Aw, can't wait! Don't miss Beauty and the Geek on the CW Tuesdays at 8/7c! Review on Get Reel: Beauty and the Geek Turns Beauty VS. the Geek!