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'Being Erica': Brandon Jay McLaren dishes on Lenin in Season 4

"Being Erica" is a bittersweet topic for American fans of the Canadian series. Sweet, because the show has been renewed and is currently shooting Season 4. Bitter, because Disney's planned shut down of SOAPnet leaves the series without an American home next year. We can only hope someone smartens up and picks up the series for American fans.Thankfully, we just learned something that tips us back into the sweet area when we spoke to Brandon Jay McLaren recently about his role as Bennett Ahmed on the AMC show, "The Killing.""I just started shooting Season 4 of 'Being Erica' this week," McLaren tells Zap2it. "I always considered my character to be a one season kind of thing. When I heard about the pickup, I didn't assume I was going to be included in that. Then, I got the call that they wanted to bring the character back, which was great."McLaren plays Lenin, Erica's sister Sam's (Joanna Douglas) new boyfriend... //

Being Erica: What Does It All Mean?

Very rarely am I ever fully surprised at a network show. Considering how much I read spoilers, watch promos, and talk to my friends about TV, nothing ever really takes me completely off guard. I have zero willpower and sometimes I wish I wasn’t as weak in terms of television. One of the reasons that I wish I had more willpower is because I could have experiences like the one I had watching the Being Erica season finale. The show, which wrapped up its third season on Wednesday with a standalone Christmas special, has sent our darling Erica Strange from frazzled, disillusioned working girl to being in the early stages of becoming a doctor. After passing yet another test from Dr. Tom that forced her to go back to the beginning of the series and work her way out (it was so genius), Erica’s journey in season four will finish the tremendous growth we’ve seen from her previously. But the question remains: what’s it all about? Read More... //

Being Erica: Adam and Erica Sittin' in a Tree?

Now that we’re down to the last two episodes of this season of   Being Erica   (and with confirmation that season four will be its last), I thought I’d start the ball rolling on the speculation, hand wringing, and theorizing. Join me, won’t you? After watching this week’s Adam-centric episode that resulted in some lovin’ for our girl Erica, you have to wonder how serious their connection is and if Adam is Erica’s endgame. I do think that they’ll spend most of season four together, as it took them until basically the end of the current season to get together and I don’t see them splitting up at the beginning of the last season after making the relationship a relatively significant plot. Read More.... //

Exclusive: Brandon Jay McLaren on THE KILLING and BEING ERICA Season 3

Brandon Jay McLaren has been all over our televisions lately and he shows no sign of slowing down. Best known for his roles in  Harper’s Island  and  The Best Years , Brandon has also guest starred in shows like  CSI  and  Human Target . Now he stars in the hit Canadian show  BEING ERICA , season 3 of which is currently airing in the US on SOAPnet, as Sam’s love interest Lenin. We’ll next be able to see Brandon in AMC’s highly anticipated new series  THE KILLING , which premieres on Sunday, April 3. The moody crime drama centers on the investigation into the murder of a young girl through the perspectives of the police, the victim’s family, and the suspects. Brandon plays one of the suspects. Read More... //

Where Will Being Erica Air Next Season?

When Being Erica was renewed for a fourth and final season earlier this month, I was extremely excited. After hearing people extol the virtues of this tale of time travel therapy for multiple years, I bit the bullet and watched the first two seasons of the show on Hulu around Christmastime. Instantly I was hooked to the world of 32 year old Erica Strange, the epitome of a dramedy everywoman, as she tries to reconcile her past and present. We’re about a third of the way through season three in America (the show finished airing its third season in Canada this past December), so it’s not too early to question one thing. When and where will the final season air? Read More... //

'Being Erica' Star Erin Karpluk Previews Season 3

When Erica Strange returns for season 3 of SOAPnet's cult hit 'Being Erica,' she's running from the police and cutting open a vein (figuratively) as she deals with the depressing realization that almost everyone in therapy must face: She is not her doctor's only patient. The drama/fantasy series tells the tale of Erica Strange, who, with the help of the mysterious Dr. Tom, is able to travel back into time so she can re-examine past events that have shaped the woman she's become. At the conclusion of season 2, viewers saw Erica's life was left in disarray. No job, no boyfriend. Now Erica moves in a new direction as she enters a form of group therapy where she is introduced to Adam, played by new series regular Adam Fitzpatrick, who's caring for his gravely ill mother. We spoke to star Erin Karpluk about what to expect from season 3, which premieres tonight at 11PM ET on SOAPnet. //

Being Erica: Not Just a Time-Traveling Sci-Fi Show

Being Erica may sound like a far-out sci-fi series — it's about a time-traveling therapy patient — but at its core, it's a story about a woman with regrets, who tries not to make the same mistakes again.  "It's confusing to people who haven't watched it," Erin Karpluk, who portrays Erica Strange, tells "It's not a science-fiction show, it's an hour-long comedy-drama and the time travel is a catalyst for Erica's growth and development."  What initially attracted Karpluk to the series was ... //

Being Erica Leaps Back Onto SOAPNet January 26th

In a move that works out wonderfully for my personal viewing habits, SOAPNet has scheduled CBC import  Being Erica  to premiere its third season on January 26th at 11:00PM. The move gets the time travel therapy drama out of the primetime crosshairs, but it’ll likely cut into viewership due to the timeslot bump. Erica originally aired at 10:00PM for its first two seasons on American television, managing to gather quite a following on the small channel and even inspiring a potential American remake. To Read More  Click Here.

Erin Karpluk on U.S. Being Erica Adaptation: Do Being Eric!

Being Erica, the Canadian dramedy about a time-traveling therapy patient, is the latest import to be adapted for American audiences. ABC is developing a U.S. version, which will be written by Eastwick's Maggie Friedman. It's executive-produced by David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg of Temple Street Productions, who also produce the original. Being Erica airs on the CBC in Canada and SOAPnet in America. The third season of the series will premiere in the U.S. on Wednesday, Jan. 26. To Read More Click Here.

Being Erica to Leap to America

Variety’s Michael Schneider is reporting that ABC is currently developing a reboot to hit Canadian drama Being Erica with former Eastwick scribe Maggie Friedman. While the move may draw some criticism, as the show actually airs on American television (ABC sister channel SOAPNet), remakes/reboots/adaptations seem to be the name of the game for ABC this development season. The network currently has True Lies , The Spellman Files , Romeo & Juliet , Patient Zero , MI-5 , The Incredible Hulk , Good Christian Bitches , Charlie’s Angels , and Courtroom 302 at various stages of development with several expected to make it to series. As much as the thought of yet another reboot/remake makes my skin crawl, especially since the movie industry is going through a similar holding pattern, I have to say that ABC could’ve picked a much worse source material than Being Erica . The drama is unique in that it has sci-fi elements, but at its heart, it’s a tale of acceptance, maturity, and learning the value of perspective. It’s television comfort food that’s infinitely charming and carries enough of a message to make you think without being heavy handed; if the reboot can capture even a modicum of what makes the original so special, it’ll be worth the trouble. Science fiction is having a hard time staying on television, considering the collapse of The Event , the uncertainty of Fringe , and the recent cancellations of Caprica / SGU , so perhaps it’ll take something a little lighter to warm audiences up to the genre again. It’s been a rough season for ABC, so the need to put out established quantities is understandable. It’s been over half a decade since there was a breakout drama on the network, dating back to the blockbuster 2004-05 season that brought Desperate Housewives , Grey’s Anatomy , and Lost , so familiarity may not breed contempt for the alphabet; it may bring serious dollars. What do you think about this decision by ABC? Do you watch the original series? Who would you cast in the remake? What do you think about Erin Karpluk's (Erica in the original series) suggestion of making the show Being Eric ? //