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Second season of Being Erica.

A second season has been officially confirmed by the CBC, however, the new season will feature fewer episodes due to the current economic situation and recent budget cuts at the network. A second season is currently in production, with shooting set to occur in Toronto from June 1st to October 19th, 2009. It is slated to be 12 episodes long.

Victoria Beckham - At LAX With Her Sons, March 27

Ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was spotted at LAX airport yesterday (March 27) as she was getting out of her car along with her sons Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn, then walking toward the main entrance... See the pics at Putu.Us

Tonight's TV Hot List for Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009 - Featured

* Survivor: Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands (8 pm/ET CBS) "Crazy" Sandy managed to avoid being ousted last week since her tribemates could no longer tolerate bossy Carolina. But if the Jalapao tribe doesn't win immunity tonight, the team's resident "old lady" will likely be sent packing. A key challenge for everyone is a rain-soaked basketball-like game that turns into a physically draining adventure. * ER (10 pm/ET NBC) How fitting that ER's Valentine's Day episode features the return of the beloved Noah Wyle. His appearance makes the quest to come full circle in the show's final season appear complete. Or is it? Meanwhile, County's world keeps turning despite Carter's surprise visit. Banfield remains intent upon having a baby regardless of the signs that are saying no, Neela makes a critical mistake with her transplant patient, and Gates has an unusual case involving a wedding groom and mushrooms. Can you feel the love? * Grey's Anatomy (9 pm/ET ABC) Addison's brother might be all better, but Addison is still pulling double duty (here and on Private Practice ) again tonight. That pregnant woman with the brain aneurysm (what a way to bring Addison and Derek together again!) has a complication that'll take another episode - and more fireworks - to resolve. Speaking of fireworks: How about Derek punching Mark? And just so you know that this an extra-special episode, Faye Dunaway guest stars as a renowned surgeon - who screws up. * Bones (8 pm/ET Fox) It's doubtful anyone would ever call Booth a slacker, but after spending the last few weeks being temporarily blinded while kidnapped and suffering a broken hand and concussion playing ice hockey, the guy deserves a break, right? Well, now it seems like a bad back will finally keep him on the sidelines, so Agent Perotta (Marisa Coughlan) pitches in to help with a murder case involving a female science-fiction fan and her connection to a convention for comic-book and video-game aficionados. * Being Erica (10 pm/ET SoapNet) This comedy import from Canada focuses on the life of 32-year-old single gal Erica Strange (Erin Karpluk), who, despite her name, isn't all that strange. She's just someone who has made a few mistakes in her past and has regrets about them. However, thanks to her somewhat mysterious therapist, she gets to do what no one else can: Go back in time and redo certain pivotal life moments. In the series opener, a hospitalized Erica meets her new therapist, Dr. Tom, who has her relive an old high-school dance. Source here

Riley upbeat on new 'Being Erica'

A new script for CBC television show Being Erica has been ordered and its actors and producers are keeping their fingers crossed that the dramedy gets picked up for another season. It looks promising as the public broadcaster moved Being Erica from Mondays to Wednesdays into a prime spot right after reality series The Week the Women Went, which has attracted one million viewers. One of the actors on the new show, the London-born Michael Riley, would love to spend another season with his enigmatic character, therapist Dr. Tom. "It should be any moment that we'll find out. I would love to come back and start to explore a little more about what the show is about." Read the rest of the article here

Being Erica now on Wednesdays!

CBC moved "Being Erica" to Wednesdays and will be shown at 9 p.m.after the reality show "The Week the Women Went".