Review of Ben 10 Omniverse

30 minutes

The series follows the adventures of a sixteen-year-old, Ben Tennyson, bearer of the Omnitrix, a watch-like device that allows Ben to change into aliens, who teams up with an alien named Rook, a rookie and a by-the-book partner. On a mission to explore a secret alien city, Ben explores the quirkier side of things in the alien underground and discovers that enemies from his past are looking for a rematch. All the while, Ben becomes targeted by a mysterious hunter, known as Khyber.
Sep 4, 2016 1:21AM EDT

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i loved the other ben 10s but i couldn't stand the make up of this one...they should have stayed with designers or same design as ultimate and alien even the first ben 10... total disappointment and i was totally looking forward for more Ben


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