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Better Things' Celia Imrie Takes Us Inside Phil's Big Episode

FXs bittersweet comedy Better Things usually focuses on Pamela Adlons single mom Sam and her three daughters but this week, Sams quirky British mom Phil stepped in the spotlight. Thursdays episode appropriately entitled Phil showed us Phils life apart from her daughter, playing cards with her friends and volunteering as a museum []

Better Things Season 2 Premiere Recap: They Grow Up So Fast

Better Things celebrates the beginning of its second season by inviting us to a party only Sam could throw: Theres food, live-music, recently divorced couples, little kids playing an absurdly mature game of Truth or Dare and, of course, Maxs new 35-year-old boyfriend. To accept the invitation, please read on for a recap of September. [] //

‘Better Things’ Season 2 Review: Pamela Adlon’s Series Remains Essential

One might feel out of sorts as the second season of Better Things begins. As the premiere opens, Sam, played by series co-creator Pamela Adlon, is throwing a party for her friends, including her bestie Sunny (Alysia Reiner) and her mother, Phyllis (Celia Imrie). Her oldest daughter, Max (Mikey Madison), has invited her older boyfriend Arturo and he has in turn brought hashish and his flirty younger brother. A first-timer to the series might not know what to make of the overwhelming tension between Sam and Max, even more so as Sam seemingly relinquishes all responsibility for her daughter. The anchor of the 24-minute episode is Max’s slow realization and confession that she wants to break up with Arturo, but Adlon never allows that to be the driving force behind her characters’ behaviors or actions, or to allow that alone to define her abbreviated narrative. READ MORE...

Review: 'Better Things' ends first season a worthy descendant of 'Louie'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Only Women Bleed," the season finale of FX's Pamela Adlon series 'Better Things.'  ...Read More... //

Better Things Finale Recap: Only Women Bleed

A poignant end to a terrific first season.  ...Read More... //

Better Things Season 1 Finale Recap: Gender Studies

Better Things Sam spent the first season of her FX comedy putting out the small fires that go along with being the mother of three girls. But inThursdays finale, all of the arguments over school and boys and such paled in comparison toSams realization that her middle child, Frankie, is likely transgender. The bulk of [] //

Better Things Recap: Lifes Been Good

An episode about appreciating what you have, even when its junk stored in the garage.  ...Read More... //

Better Things Recap: I Dont Mean to Scare You

For Sam's family, spooky pranks are a weirdly soothing tradition.   ...Read More... //

Better Things Recap: Holy Trinity

"Duke's Chorus"scrutinizes the ways that parents look down their noses at each other. ...Read More... //

Better Things Recap: The Scary Part

Sam gets older, but men stay the same age. ...  Read More... //