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Between S1 E5 - "End of the Rope"

Pat calls Wiley in and says that his and Tracey’s cousin Annie cut her leg. It’s infected and she needs antibiotics. None of the Creekers can risk showing their face in town so they need Wiley to get them Rifampin. Wiley asks for her baby but Pat says that it’s not a good idea, and she realizes that they’re using Jason as a hostage. He admits that after Ronnie tried to rape her, they can’t risk her going without an insurance policy to hold on her. READ MORE...

Between Series Premiere Review: (Slightly Older) Kid Nation

Netflix's new mystery thriller starts off a little drab, but is that because the best is yet to come?   Read More... //

Between Review: Netflixs YA Dystopian Series Is No Binge-Watcher

The Canadian-spawned drama hits the airwaves in the Great White North tonight and on the streaming service soon afterwards, but don't expect to dig in all at once. Unlike past Netflix series, as my video review above of the very much run-of-the-mill Young Adult show notes, the whole first season of Between will not be available in one chunk.   Read More... //

Netflixs Between Is Yet Another Doomsday Show With Nothing to Say

  I always wonder why more episodes of survivalist reality series Doomsday Preppers aren't about free, widespread first-aid and health-care education. Stockpile your canned goods all you want, but you better hope someone around knows how to pop a dislocated shoulder back in, triage a head injury, or keep a wound clean. Growing a garden takes some real devotion, and as some of us were taught in nursery school, many hands make light work. When the end-times start, are we really going to run around shooting each other? Or if we had enough food and shelter and kindness, wouldn't there be enough to go around, and wouldn't we not feel the need to shoot each other? I'd like to have a gentle apocalypse, please.   Read More... //

Jennette McCurdy's grown-up Netflix drama 'Between' not for binge-watching

The Netflix original series "Between" is a change of pace for both the star of the drama, Jennette McCurdy, and the streaming site itself.For Netflix, "Between" veers away from the site's binge-watch friendly format: The show will be released week by week instead of all at once. The six-episode drama, which follows a town under siege from a mysterious disease that has wiped out everybody older than 21 year of age, is the first of Netflix's original series to throw the binge-watching experience out the door.As for McCurdy, she's taking one giant leap away from her Nickelodeon reputation and digging her fingers into something a little bit meatier: A sci-fi drama. Although the 22-year-old actress has been a Nick staple since she started "iCarly" at age 14, the "Sam & Cat" alum says that the transition from kid actor to adult actor felt "natural.""I think it was natural, it was a natural sort of... //

Review: 'Between': EW reviews Netflix's new dystopian drama

The town of Pretty Lake suffers from a mystery plague: Everyone older than 21 is dropping dead for no apparent reason. Its the kind of premise thats tailor-made for the YA boom (no dumb parents!), but the younger residents (including iCarly s Jennette McCurdy) have bigger problems to...  Read More... //

Between: TV Review

The newest streaming series from Netflix is about a mysterious disease that kills anyone over age 21.  Read More... //