Bill Nye: The Science Guy

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Bill Nye: The Science Guy

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Fridays on PBS Kids
Tracked 486 Times
5 Seasons, 100 Episodes
30 Minutes
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A live action educational television program hosted by William "Bill" Nye. Each of the 100 half-hour episodes aims to teach a specific topic in a natural science to a preteen audience.

Show Reviews

by derekbery

Apr 24, 2015 3:31 PM EDT

SCIENCE RULES! A great educational tv show for kids that makes science fun and interesting, but pretty basic so not really useful for an older audience.

by Industrialcontortion

May 27, 2015 8:46 AM EDT

Probably one of the best shows growing up!

by mirthofearth

Feb 21, 2020 12:39 PM EST

I had the privilege of going to a STEM elementary school program and this show would air right before I'd go off to ballet class, so it was a nice refresher with what I had learned earlier in school each day and then dance would get the information solidified in my head. Always much love to Bill Nye

by LizardQueen77

Jan 03, 2020 10:58 PM EST

I found this show very enjoyable. I used to watch Bill Nye The Science Guy constantly, I couldn't get enough of it. This show is fun educational and spirited. If only they made more shows like this today. Bill Nye produced a great educational show that was entertaining to both children and adults. This show is very informative, and entertaining. This show was brilliant! It worked on so many levels. It was hip and entertaining in its own right, and very educational. It had decent subject depth per episode and enough repetition to ensure the point got across, yet did not lag and loose the viewer. Each episode would focus on a certain scientific subject. Bill would talk to viewers about this subject, using a lot of humor and demonstrations. The show featured many different sequences, all having something to do with the topic of the episode, including comedy clips, along with a music video for a parody of a popular song, with new lyrics to fit the subject.

by guavalove

Aug 07, 2017 3:47 PM EDT

I loved Bill Nye growing up! Super excited for his new show

by Rob Waterman

May 27, 2017 12:34 PM EDT

Bill Nye was a great teacher. So much learned (and they said tv would rot my brain) LOL

by tmaver12

May 21, 2015 3:11 PM EDT

:D ♥ !!!!!!

by skating-fairy

Oct 16, 2014 9:06 PM EDT

Excellent learning show! I've shown many of them in school and will continue to do so!

by talhoino

Sep 12, 2014 5:30 PM EDT