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Bitten Season 3 Episode 7 Review: On the Brink

In every season there must be a dull installment. That's where we pick up with Bitten Season 3 Episode 7 , as even though there was some forward movement in the storyline, it felt drab in comparison to the beauty of some of the earlier airings. Take out any hint of romance, fun or the appearance of Jeremy (who has been missing for two installments now), and it's just time to move on. ...  Read More...   //

Bitten Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Rule of Anger

It was pretty cool how everything came together on this episode. Agree? While watching Bitten Season 3 Episode 6 , things seemed a little scattered, and it was unclear for a lot of it how it would all get tied into the bigger picture, but the AHA moments are the end make it all worthwhile. Well, probably not so much if you're Rachel!   Read More...   //

Bitten Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Of Sonders Weight

Wow. I don't know that I've been moved to tears while watching Bitten before, but that surely happened watching "Of Sonders Weight." Sometimes the simplest stories can have the most impact, and that seems to be the case with Bitten Season 3 Episode 5 , as three of them diverged. Elena and Sasha discussed how her mother died and Elena was separated from Sasha, Clay helped Alexeifind out what happened during his first turn and Jeremy tried to determine how to proceed with Karen.   Read More...   //

Bitten Season 3 Episode 4 Review: A Quiet Dog

There's no doubt Elena is ending this season as Alpha. It's not even just the events of Bitten Season 3 Episode 4 that lead me in that direction, but the overall attitude of the Wolves toward women. Granted, they like to take the more general approach of "humans," but in most cases, any human who sees them and needs to be killed as a result of knowing their secret ends up being a woman....   Read More...   //

Bitten Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Right Behind You

Who knew Elena getting a blood family would be so interesting?! Answers are still lingering after Bitten Season 3 Episode 3 , but the Antonovs are safe. For the moment, anyway. The Antonovs may have to swear allegiance to the Pack to get any further protection from Jeremy and even that wouldn't necessarily protect Katia. Even Clay seems a little bit unsure how to position himself with all that is going on. But he appears to be leaning in the direction that family is family, whether by blood or though the Pack. And that means safety and protection.   Read More... //

Bitten Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Our Own Blood

Would a Wolf be able to sense their own family, suss out danger if it was sitting across from them? I'm not sure we have enough experience with blood bound Wolves to make that determination, but Elena found her actual Wolf father on Bitten Season 3 Episode 2 (or so he says), so knowing this information sure would be helpful. Especially because Roman Navikevone of the people who has had Sasha Antonov on the run for 30 years, and he just so happens to arrive at Stonehaven in time to remind everyone of his brutality when Eduardo's life is being taken.   Read More...   //

Bitten Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Family, Of Sorts

Do Elena's bloody visions of Stonehaven have to mean an unhappy ending for all involved? That's what I've been left wondering after watching  Bitten Season 3 Episode 1 , in which we started out learning Elena's visions will come true, and there's nothing she can do to stop them. It's hardly surprising given the violent nature of bring the pack together. Jeremy is on a mission. All mutts will be a part of the pack or they'll cease to exist. Unfortunately for Clay, it's at his hands that all of the suffering is served...   Read More...

Bitten Season 2 Finale Review: The Undoing is Undone

The Undoing has been undone. Honestly, Bitten Season 2 Episode 9 and Bitten Season 2 Episode 10 were a little scattered, but it's not necessarily a surprise after the rest of the season, is it? There were several deaths and a hell of a lot of declarations of love, as well as a lot of visions and fight scenes, but in the end it didn't really amount to a whole lot. There's not a burning desire for a Bitten Season 3, which is kind of odd. But, it is what it is.   Read More...   //

Bitten Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Dark Arts

It's the beginning of the end. That was a direct quote from Ruth about the prophecy business in Bitten Season 2 Episode 8 , but with the show airing at 11/10c on Friday nights, it's almost a little too prophetic, don't you think?? I'm riding the soapbox pretty hard this week because I almost didn't come back. I'm angry Syfy has given up on Bitten by shoving it off practically into tomorrow. The only reason I am here is because the cast and crew worked hard to make the series and they deserve to have their show on display. And, dammit, this week was fun!   Read More...   //

Bitten Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Bad Dreams

There were were some elements of this hour that really worked. But there were a lot more elements to Bitten Season 2 Episode 7 that were quite annoying, and they were called alphas. Most notably the Spanish faction. I was really hoping they were over and done with because suffering through their accents is painful. It's also a really scattered installment overall, with a lot of pieces that don't otherwise match up. Let's talk it out.   Read More...   //