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Bitten Season 1 Review “Grief”

With “Grief,”  Bitten  was once again inching its main plot forward, meaning there were very few big developments to talk about. Sure, we learned that whoever is making the mutts is transforming psychotic killers, but for the most part, this episode ended with everyone in the same position they were last week. As such, I’m going to take this opportunity to discuss the show more generally, as this episode did highlight a lot of the problems  Bitten  has outside of being painfully slow. For one thing, the show is doing far too good a job of isolating Elena from the pack. She’s our way into this world, so having her still be against the way the pack operates makes it harder to care that this group of mutts is targeting pack leader Jeremy. In a similar vein, though Pete’s death serves to bookend this episode, there’s still the problem that he was never truly focused on before he died. It’s simply impossible to care about someone dying when we didn’t know how much Elena cared for him. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/02/03/bitten-season-1-review-grief/