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Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 8 Review

AHAHA GRELL IS BACK!! And he never ceases to amuse me despite his eccentricity and moments of creepiness. I ended up putting off Kuroshitsuji for a few days because of my FanExpo Canada weekend as well as the fact that I know how it all ends because I’ve read the manga. We return to Ciel and Sebastian just as the creepy ritualistic arena is being revealed. YES we do get flashbacks of happy innocent Ciel and a glimpse of Ciel’s father as well (whom Sebastian modelled his human façade after). The Phantomhives are just hauntingly beautiful. No wonder Lord Kelvin ends up so obsessed… I would love to see Ciel when he’s all grown up and dashingly handsome >3 Read More... //

Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus Episode 7

Book of Circus is one of the most interesting arcs in Kuroshitsuji because what starts off as an innocent mission actually turns into a much darker story of obsession and occult that both link to Ciel’s own back story. Not only that but the conclusion of Book of Circus will demonstrate not only Ciel’s hardened ideals and open a window on just how harsh (and dangerous) Victorian England could be. Read More... //

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 6 Review

This week’s episode of Book of Circus was something of a transition episode. While Joker has gone to see “Father,” and the other circus troops or more or less quarrelling with each other. Since Ciel is still out of commission due to his cold, it’s pretty difficult for him to move forward in his investigations. Read More... //

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 5 Review

Haha it took me like three tries to finish this episode because I’ve been watching it in and out of birthday festivities but this episode was REALLY GOOD. Sebastian and Ciel both continue their investigations but because the Reaper is around there are… complications. Aside from the all this, the little lord is not doing well in these chilly and harsh conditions.   Read More... //

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 4 Review

I really think it’s in episode four of Black Butler’s Book of Circus that you get to see the animation shine reflected in the dark plot. It takes a lot of great directing and cinematography to perfectly cast lighting to evoke the perfect suspense and tension. Because most of this adaptation takes place in the circus, in Victorian England no less, the circus comes off as both whimsical at times and creepy at others. Paired with the perfect background music, it just pulls you directly into the story. Read More... //

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 3 Review

This week’s episode of Black Butler probably encompassed one of my favourite parts of the circus arc. Everything in episode 3 smoothly transitions Ciel and Sebastian into the circus setting. Both of them end up joining the circus in order to investigate more about it. Prince Soma is re-introduced back into the story. He and his butler Agni are officially joining the story here because the curry competition arc will follow shortly after the conclusion of the circus case. It’s great to see Soma interact with Ciel because that stuffy and cute little British boy needs more happy in his life. Read More...   //

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 2 Review

Ah, the circus fun begins with Sebastian and Ciel in this episode. Black Butler wastes no time getting right into the main setting. The Queen has sent Ciel two tickets to the circus in order to solve a case regarding a number of missing children that disappeared right in the destinations the circus passed through. Everything you’re seeing with the Queen in this adaptation requires you to discard everything you ever saw in the end of season one and the entirety of second season because the stuff with the Queen’s death, Alois Trancy, Claude, Pluto and the weird maze stuff isn’t even accurate to the original story. The manga runs quite long. Read More... //

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 1 Impressions

I was actually really curious as to how they were going to introduce Black Butler to new fans without reiterating old back story narration to fans familiar with the show. The first episode did not disappoint. It was executed so well that you not only got the key points of Sebastian and Ciel’s contract relationship, but also the plot set-up with the Phantomhive family as the Queen’s watch dog. The chess elements are also prevalent towards the end of the episode when Sebastian is tucking Ciel into bed. Read More... //

Black Butler II Episode #12 - Review

Hannah's game, made more clear in the previous episode, reaches its conclusion with this one as the series draws to a close. With the body of Ciel in her hands in which it contains the minds of both Ciel and Alois, she's now set the stage for the two butlers to fight it out using their powers in order to save the one that they're bonded with. Having the two of them fight plainly, not through the sort of gentlemanly way that we've seen several times so far, is a very enjoyable experience since they cut loose. And when they do so, it's not something that plays out for long but rather has a fairly quick sort of intensity to it. The relationship the two have had has been fun and watching it reach this conclusion is pretty well done all told.  Read More... //

Black Butler II Episode #11 - Review

Black Butler takes an amusing turn this episode as it puts Sebastian and Claude in competition with each other in a different way, one that has a decidedly video game feel to it. With Ciel off at the Clocktower where his mind contains the memories of both him and Alois, a trap has been set where the two butlers have to go through a labyrinth in order to reach him. Each stage of it has a place where they must get their card stamped to prove they made it through there by answering the questions and dealing with any particular challenge they may have. Things that seem obvious aren't since it's dealing with Alois' version of reality, and that puts Sebastian at a disadvantage, at least at first, until he can use Grell as a weapon of sorts by throwing him through doors.  Read More... //