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Fall Premieres Guide for 10/2-10/8

Fall TV premieres are like Christmas Morning for TV fans. Here’s what’s coming back this week, and what you need to know to be caught up!   Monday, Oct. 2 Lucifer (8:00 PM on Fox ) He’s suave, urbane and self-assured, but then he’s Lucifer Morningstar, so why shouldn’t he be? In last season’s finale, Lucifer was abducted, then had his wings returned after being dumped in the desert. This season he’s still got his wings and is having his usual merry old time around town, whilst helping out (loosely applied term) the cops. 9JKL (8:30 PM on CBS ) Pilot. Josh (Mark Feuerstein) is recently divorced, has lost his major acting gig in a TV show and moved back to New York. Unfortunately, despite wanting to be closer to his family, Josh gets the apartment that’s between both his parents and his brother’s apartments! Now, that’s just a little bit too close for comfort for Josh, though everyone else seems cool with it. "Boundaries, people, boundaries!" says Josh. The wonderful Elliot Gould plays his father and with Feuerstein saying he’s lived this life, this could be good. It all comes down to the freshness of the writing. Also, comedies usually take some time to establish themselves, so let’s hope that this one is given time to develop. The Gifted (9:00 PM on Fox ) Pilot: Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker discover their children have special abilities, the X-Men kind of special. The kids become targets of the authorities, so the family flees to join a group of "Gifted" people who can keep them safe. Marvel’s trailers for this show have high production values, excellent cinematography, and both the stunts and characters hook you right into the story. Tuesday, Oct. 3rd The Middle (8:00 PM on ABC ) Final season. It’s season 9 already and time to say farewell to the Heck family. Thankfully, it’s ending at the request of the showrunners, so we know they’ve had time to work on a great season and an amazing ending to what has been a lovely, funny, enjoyable family sitcom. There aren’t too many of those about, so this one will be missed. Last season’s finale saw Axl get his BA then leave Indiana to travel around Europe. Brick made the honor roll. He may be an awkward kid but he’s super smart and I’m going to miss seeing who he grows up to be. In season 9 we discover that Sue Sue has hotel management as her major. The other surprises the showrunners have in store will have to wait till the premiere airs! Fresh Off the Boat (8:30 PM on ABC ) If you love great comedic timing then look no further than the mom and dad in this Asian-American family sitcom, set in the 90’s. Both parents are hilarious, but for me, the kids and grandma always steal the show. We’re now onto season 4 and the laughs are just gonna keep coming, especially with George Takei guest starring as an ESL tutor. If you haven’t seen this show yet, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed - you’ll be falling off the couch because you’re laughing so hard! Black-ish (9:00 PM on ABC ) To paraphrase the show’s creator, Kenya Barris, " Black-ish is a contemporary piece that speaks to the texture of what America is." This wonderful comedy has never been afraid to pull punches by tackling major issues and how they affect people and society. This season kicks off with a Hamilton-inspired premiere full of musical numbers that both celebrate Juneteenth and challenge popular misconceptions about Christopher Columbus. Almost as exciting, we’re also traveling way back in time.   If you’ve never seen Black-ish , this is the season to start watching, plus there are also three tremendous seasons to binge on! If you’re already a fan, then you are in for a truly amazing season. The Mayor (9:30 PM on ABC ) Pilot. You’re a rapper who is not experiencing major success, so guess what your big idea is to attract publicity? Run for mayor in your own home town, knowing of course, that you’ll never be elected. Except, oops, you are. Suddenly thrust into the world of politics, Courtney Rose (Brandon Michael Hall), guided by his mom (Yvette Nicole Brown!), decides to exercise his power and make some changes in the community he loves. He says, "Don’t tell us about our reality because we live our reality every day." I like the premise, Hall is extremely charismatic and Brown is a star, so I think this is a definite must-see. Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (10:00 PM on ABC ) Pilot. Kevin (Jason Ritter) likes his home comforts, loves his car, but really doesn’t have time for anyone but himself. When an asteroid falls close to his sister’s house he jumps into the crater and begins investigating that hot rock, even bringing it home in the back seat of his car. Soon after, he finds a celestial being no one else can see following him around. She has a God-given mission to protect Kevin and help transform him into a good, righteous person, in order to save both himself and the world. But is Kevin up to the task? Queen Sugar (10:00 PM on OWN ) Midseason premiere. Season 2, Episode 9 will be over two nights (Tue 3rd/Wed 4th) as a special treat for all fans of the Bordelon clan. Last season’s finale ended with even more drama than we could have imagined. Violet had a health scare and I really want to find out how she is. Darla was thankful for being two years sober. Ralph Angel, now that was some confession! What on earth is going to happen to this family and all 800 acres of their land in the remainder of this season? Thursday, Oct. 5 Scandal (9:00 PM on ABC ) Final season. Last year’s 2 hour finale didn’t miss a beat. It turned Liv from Gladiator to cold-blooded executioner, or did it? Is VP Luna really dead? Liv knows Cyrus was behind everything, but what will she do with him, promote him to VP? Mama Pope is back in custody. Abby is going to be chief of staff at OPA (now QPA) after convincing Quinn to stay on as head Gladiator. Also, Quinn has delighted Charlie by announcing she’s pregnant. Fitz left (epic kiss!). Mellie became the first woman President and her first executive order, unbeknownst to her was to reinstate the funds for B613. Olivia will be running that dangerous enterprise; she now has all the power and her expressionless face during the last scene was chilling.   What will happen in this last ever season? Kerry Washington says it will be no holds barred. One thing is for sure, each week will have a cliffhanger and give us an hour of edge of your seat, chew your nails, thrilling TV! Van Helsing (9:00 PM on Syfy ) Season 2 returns with Vanessa Van Helsing fighting a world still overrun and controlled by vampires. Last year’s finale began with Vanessa, a prisoner of Dmitri. He informed her that she’s a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing. Whoah, now that’s some lineage for a vampire hunter, but it seems Vanessa’s mother wasn’t too happy about the reveal. Vanessa drinks blood, gaining a lot of strength and escapes, only to find her daughter has turned into a vampire - as has Axel. Drat!   There are so many storylines to tie up that I hope we get a renewal for another few seasons. For this season, Vanessa is desperately trying to protect her daughter, Dylan, now a creepy little vampire, whilst taking the fight to the vampires as soon as possible. There’s going to be a rampage! Yikes! Ghost Wars (10:00 PM on Syfy ) Pilot. Want a really good fright night? Watch Ghost Wars. It’s from the producers of Fargo and it looks like a genuinely scary horror show. Vincent D’Onofrio, Kim Coates and Avan Jogia star, but I think it’s the ghosts that will be stealing all the scenes. Set in the small (fictional) town of Port Moore, Alaska, suddenly creepy things start happening - and as the townsfolk try to fight back, everything intensifies. "The sound, it’s coming from the closet!" Friday, Oct. 6 Suburra (on Netflix ) Pilot. Set in Rome’s seedy criminal underworld, Suburra follows the misdeeds of three small-time criminals who become part of a much larger conspiracy involving organized crime. This conspiracy engulfs every part of Rome, including Vatican City. It looks dark, violent and frighteningly realistic. In Italian with English subtitles. Once Upon a Time (8:00 PM on ABC ) In the Season 6 finale, Henry awoke to find that The Black Fairy had become Mayor. Everyone was separated, with major characters like Snow, Charming and Regina stuck in Fairy-Tale Land. Mr Gold was desperately trying to find out what had happened to Belle, while Emma languished in a mental hospital!   Season 7 has been given a full 22 episode run. Look away now if you don’t want any spoilers!   The show has been given what’s being called a ‘soft reboot.’ Henry is now a father, living in Seattle, and his daughter Lucy has the OUAT storybook and is trying to find him. Henry is needed, for reasons as yet unknown. Perhaps a return to Storybrooke might be in order? Sunday, Oct. 8 Madam Secretary (10:00 PM on CBS ) As always, the premiere is directed by Morgan Freeman. We last left the McCord family with Stevie deciding to remain Russell Jackson’s aide instead of going to Harvard Law School. Russia was determined to attack Bulgaria and France had to be cajoled into agreeing to abstain from Article 5. Henry is now with the Special Activities Division and contacts Dmitri to look at some reports. The episode ended without a cliffhanger. Instead, we left season 3 with a charming family scene in a remote cabin where they played board games by a log fire.   The season 4 premiere promises excitement in the form of Elizabeth being accused of being responsible for a foreign minister’s death and Dmitri begins working for Henry, again. Morgan Freeman and Eric Stoltz make a welcome return. Fake News makes its way into the storyline.

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There are important milestones in American history that end to deserve more attention than they normally receive. No, I am not calling the new season of Black-ish a milestone in American history no matter how good the show is. Instead I’m referring to the Hamilton-esque spin that the season 4 premier will be given when the show returns. For a while now we’ve been subjected to the comings, goings, and doings of the Johnson family, and everything they’ve encountered and had to deal with. A lot of what they’ve been through has dealt with African-American culture and how the family patriarch, Andre, has been concerned with the fact that his kids seem to be losing their sense of culture and are assimilating to their predominantly white surroundings. This season will be taking an approach straight out of Hamilton, with the Johnson’s paying tribute to the cultural texture of American society in their own unique and entertaining way. The show is scheduled to air in early October of this year and should be what fans of the show have come to expect, a look at a family that is seeking to retain their culture and still showcase the depth of what it means to be an American. READ MORE...