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Black-ish's Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross Drawing Each Other Is the Most Joyful Thing You'll See All Day

  Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross play married couple Dre and Bow Johnson on Black-ish . In real life, though, they're great friends who enjoy each other's company so much that being around them puts you in a good mood. Just watch them draw 45-second portraits of each other. Ellis Ross ...Read More... //

Black-ish Sneak Peek: An OITNB Star Shakes Up Thanksgiving

  Wednesday's Black-ish is Season 3's Thanksgiving episode, and it introduces another branch of the Johnson family tree: Pops' ( Laurence Fishbourne ) older sister Almaviligerais (A.V. for short). A.V. shows up unexpectedly to Thanksgiving, to the delight of everyone except Ruby ( Jenifer Lewis ), who for ...Read More... //

Black-ish gives thanks for guest star Lorraine Toussaint

Thanksgiving comes a week early to ABCs Wednesday comedies when, on Black-ish, the Johnson household gets an unexpected visitor for the holiday: guest star Lorraine Toussaint as Pops (Laurence Fishburne) older sister, Almaviligerais. It became a running joke on set; there are so many outtakes of just trying to get the name right, Toussaint, 56,... ...Read More... //

Why 'Black-ish' Was the First Thing Daveed Diggs Wanted to Do After 'Hamilton'

"It does this really important thing which is sort of normalize the different expressions of blackness," the Tony-winning theater star tells THR. ...Read More... //

How Much Would the Black-ish VIP Disney World Vacation Cost?

In the Season 3premiere of Black-ish, appropriately titled VIP, the Johnson familywent big like VIP Disney World big. Andre ( Anthony Anderson ), Bo ( Tracee Ellis Ross ) and the rest of the family take a vacation to the Orlando resort, wheredad wants to give his kids the first-class experience he never had. Things escalate quickly as Andreand the kids enjoy the theme park with a slight air of entitlement. For instance, at multiple points throughout the episode, he tells their VIP tour guide I bought you.   Read More... //

Black-ish's Anthony Anderson & Tracee Ellis Ross Play "Married-ish"--Who Knows Who Best?

When you play husband and wife day in and day out for as long as Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross have as Black-ish's Dre and Rainbow, a little bit of that pretend relationship is bound......   Read More... //

Black-ish Boss Is Making a Family Comedy First, an Issues-Driven Show Maybe 43rd

  Black-ish kicks off its third season Wednesday, Sept. 21 with an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series under its belt ( Black-ish and its lead-in, Modern Family , were the only network shows nominated for the Emmys' top awards). Both shows will start their seasons with a vacation episode -- the ... ...Read More...   //

black-ish Season 3 Premiere: EP Teases Dismal Disney Trip for the Johnsons

Mickey Mouse has no idea what hes in for. As teased in our Fall Preview Spectacular,black-ishs central family travels to Disney World inOrlando, Fla., in the Season 3 premiere. To ensure that his kids get the most out of their time on the property which includes Epcot Center, Disneys Animal Kingdom, Disney Studios, etc. Dre [] //

12 TV Episodes You Need to Watch to Be an Emmys Expert by Sunday

With so much original programming available in this era of Peak TV, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with options. And that point is only driven home when awards shows roll around and you find yourself watching prizes being handed out to shows and actors you may have never heard of, let alone seen. ...Read More...   //

What an Outstanding Comedy Emmy Win for Black-ish Would Mean

If it wins, it would be the first time in more than 30 years that a show about African-Americans has received the honor. ...Read More... //