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Blue Bloods Midseason Report Card: Baffling Development, Frustrating Trend & More

There's no doubt that Blue Bloods is about the law and the Reagan family and how they are unquestionably intertwined, but as Blue Bloods Season 8 began, it shocked fans with the loss of a beloved family member. Did that shake up have an upside? Are the additions of another new mayor and the governor energizing the series or bringing it down? With ten episodes behind us, we're taking a hard look and assessing what's working, what's not, the best episodes, worst new characters, and what we'd like to see during the second have of Blue Bloods Season 8.   ...Read More...

Blue Bloods: The 6 Craziest Fan Ideas to Bring Linda Back (From the Dead)

Talk about your denial stage of grieving! Six weeks after Blue Bloods blindsided viewers with the reveal that Linda Reagan died, off-season and off-screen, in a medevac helicopter crash, theories are still swirling as to how Dannys wife could be revived on, mind you, a broadcast TV show that is about as rooted in []

Blue Bloods' Amy Carlson Breaks Silence on Hasty Exit, Laments Linda's Tragic End: 'I Wouldn't Have Done That'

Like many Blue Bloods fans, Amy Carlson was not a fan of her character Lindas hasty exit. I feel badly that she dies the way she dies, Carlson told our sister site Deadline in her first full-length interview since her off screen demise in Septembers Season 8 premiere. I did not know they would do []

Blue Bloods Cast on Amy Carlson's Exit: It Was a Shock!

Amy Carlson shocked the Blue Bloods world when it was confirmed on Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 1 that Linda Reagan had died in a helicopter crash while working. Being on the show since Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 1 , Linda had a loyal following, so fans were not impressed with the way she was written out of the series.   ...Read More...

Blue Bloods Cast: Amy Carlson's Exit, While 'Sad,' Has 'Reignited' Storylines

Blue Bloods viewers are still reeling from this seasons premiere, where midway through the otherwise unassuming episode it was revealed that Danny Reagans wife had perished, months prior, in a work-related accident. Lindas death wasnt your fault. She was doing her job [as a nurse]. She died doing what she loved, therapist Dr. Dawson noted, []

The Blue Bloods Cast Breaks Silence on Amy Carlson's Exit

The cast of Blue Bloods finally spoke publicly about Amy Carlson 's departure from the show, and it sounds like they're still just as sad as the fans are. Carlson, who had been with the show since the pilot, chose to leave the CBS cop series before Season 8 . Her character's death in an off-screen   ...Read More...

Blue Bloods Bombshell: Amy Carlson Opens Up About That Premiere Twist

Promos for the Season 8 premiere of CBSBlue Bloods had you thinking that Frank being fired as police commissioner was The Big Twist. But that was far from the truth. Yes, Interim Mayor Dutton (played by The Sopranos Lorraine Bracco) did attempt to end Franks tenure after he refused to release the disciplinary record of [] //

Blue Bloods: Amy Carlson Breaks Silence on Shock Exit

Blue Bloods went straight for the jugular on its season premiere on Friday night. On Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 1 , viewers found out that Amy Carlson's Linda Reagan had actually died way back in May after a horrific helicopter crash. This blindsided viewers because there was no confirmation about Carlson's exit before the show returned. If you watch Blue Bloods online, you will know that it all played out initially with vague references while Danny attended therapy.   ...Read More...

The Force Will Definitely Be with You During WGN America's Exclusive Cable Premiere of "Blue Bloods" Season Seven

The exclusive cable home to the perennial fan favorite will air a four-day television event offering viewers the opportunity to catch-up on all the action from season seven, in advance of the season eight broadcast premiere.   ...Read More... //

Isaiah Washington leaned on military past for Blue Bloods role

Every TV guest star wants to make a good impression on the cast. So when Isaiah Washington came to work with Tom Selleck on the CBS cop drama Blue Bloods, he found a quick way to impress the TV legend. He was very excited to have me there because Im former military; he fell in...   ...Read More... //