Blue Bloods

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Blue Bloods

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Fridays, 10:00 PM EST on CBS
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10 Seasons, 218 Episodes
60 Minutes
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Follows the lives of the Reagan family, an Irish-American clan with ties to the police department, and the DA.

Show Reviews

by KenoshaMike

Jan 17, 2016 9:36 AM EST

This show is amazing! A family of police commissioners, cops and DAs fighting crime in NY. Every single episode stands on its own merit and the acting is good, the characters are more than likable and the plots get very deep. I only regret that I didn't hear about this show when it first came out. Oh!!! and the stunning aerial shots of post 9/11 NYC

Love to see a second version with Chris Rock voiceover.

by Astr0614

Sep 21, 2014 4:15 AM EDT

Jeg har altid været vild med cop shows, og så familie dramaet oven i, så bliver det ikke meget bedre.
En serie der tag mange current avents op, og som giver et godt indblik i politiet, og retssystemet i USA.

by travisoliver4

Jun 15, 2015 5:44 PM EDT

Good wholesome family show.

by Speakezee

Mar 14, 2015 1:48 AM EDT

Every week I am given renewed hope that there are still some sane conservatives out there. While I don't agree with Tom Selleck on his political beliefs, his solutions are often elegant. The entire family has enough variety to show that people can disagree, but still respect one another. This one is a must watch for me, along with Scandal and Criminal Minds.

by bruhannuh

Mar 12, 2015 2:29 AM EDT

i love blue bloods

by vronmo

Jan 25, 2015 7:48 AM EST

A family all working for the public... It's a great show and I would like to thank my mom who got me hooked...

by Rob Waterman

Oct 16, 2014 9:52 PM EDT

love this show

by Dominic Wade

Oct 16, 2014 9:02 PM EDT

An insight into a family of New York's finest. A fine show and one I look forward to seeing every week.

by Karenlie

Oct 15, 2014 7:44 PM EDT

blue blood is in my blood!

by Cáit Ní Chonchobair

Aug 03, 2014 10:26 AM EDT

I love this show, it has more depth than the average police drama and you get to see different levels of the chain of command as well as the family's internal workings.

by silasefe

Jul 19, 2014 10:35 PM EDT

First I watched it for donny wahlberg. But this show has a lot.
Not only great police story and action but also a heart touching side.

by Melissa-LeeM

Jul 19, 2014 5:07 PM EDT

Started watching this because an actor I follow was in a couple of episodes and ended up loving it.

by HijjeeyK

Apr 28, 2019 7:33 PM EDT

Bias. Always shows cops as correct. In the real world they're not held properly accountable. Their life is not more valuable than anyones. They chose the job.

by paulrichardson

Jul 15, 2018 8:59 AM EDT

This used to be our favourite cop show, but we think they have run out of ideas. It's all getting a bit "twee".

by SuzetteS

Feb 04, 2018 2:24 PM EST

Everyone knows their roles.

by PrinceValiantUS

Sep 23, 2016 10:19 PM EDT

Great as always !!

by Aim1234

Oct 29, 2015 5:44 AM EDT

I like how fair the commissioner is and how close the family is.I like how they include god in it and always has a good moral that it teaches.

by Noam Springer

Aug 04, 2015 8:33 AM EDT

coool show

by AceTheNomad

May 18, 2015 8:52 AM EDT

Tom Selleck. Done

by Courtney Halbur

May 17, 2015 7:21 AM EDT

Interesting look at the NYPD/judicial system from the top down. Starting at the top at 1PP with the police commissioner father and a former police commissioner grandfather. Two sons on the police force: one a detective and the other a patrolman; also a third son who previously was on the force prior to dying. One daughter as an ADA with DA's office. Very interesting social dynamics between coworkers and within the family. Every episode has a Sunday dinner where the family discusses everything. I would love to see more scenes focused on the trying of cases versus the police rundown of everything.