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Bones Finale Trumped by RNC in Some Markets; Deschanel Shares Fans' Anger

Bones fans on the West Coast and in other Mountain and Pacific markets were in for a surprise of the unscripted sort on Thursday night when Fox joined the Season 11 finale in progress 40 minutes in after wrapping coverage of Donald Trumps speech at the Republican National Convention. The discovery that they []

Bones Boss Talks [Spoiler]'s Return, Puppeteer Twist and Season 12: 'We're Leaving No Unfinished Business'

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursdays season finale of Bones. The past came back to haunt Bones during Thursdays Season 11 finale as the team chased down The Puppeteer serial killer and found a familiar face behind the mayhem! Tormented by nightmares, Brennan sought out the help of a psychologist (played by The Good [] //

'Bones' actor talks surprising return

He's back! ...  Read More... //

Bones Season Finale Sneak Peek: Brennan Feels Like She's Being Watched

  Brennan ( Emily Deschanel ) has a bad feeling in the season finale of Bones on Thursday -- and you know it has to be really bad if Brennan is acknowledging it exists. The world's foremost forensic anthropologist and diehard believer in empirical ...   Read More...   //

'Bones' exclusive clip: 'The victim is meant to be you'

Class is in session and its terrifying. In this exclusive clip from the Bones season finale, the team finds a skeleton in an abandoned building, arranged in what Booth (David Boreanaz) calls a classroom from hell. All signs point toward the serial killer known as the Puppeteer, though...   Read More... //

Bones Boss Explains Why You Should Be Very Afraid of the Season 11 Finale

Over the past eleven seasons, the Bones team has faced way more than their fair share of serial killers. But the season 11 finale will introduce another one--an enemy unlike any they've ever...   Read More... //

'Bones' EP teases season finale: 'A key character is threatened'

Bones fans really wont want to miss Thursdays season finale. It will be a cliffhanger, co-showrunner and executive producer Jonathan Collier promises EW. A key character is threatened. The final hour of season 11, ominously titled The Nightmare Within the Nightmare, sees...   Read More... //

Bones First Look: Comic-Con Key Art Bids Booth and Brennan Goodbye

From the looks ofBones Comic-Con key art, the Fox series is approaching its upcoming final season the way the forthright Dr. Brennan would: head-on and with an eye to detail. In the exclusive first look poster below, the Nearly Departed Booth and Brennan put their heads together while a magnifying glass gives us a squints-eye [] //

Bones Mega Buzz: The Puppeteer Goes After Someone on the Team

  Get your night light and favorite stuffed animal ready, because the creepiest serial killer to ever appear on Bones is returning for the Season 11 finale next Thursday -- and he's got his eye on a member of the team. ...  Read More... //

'Bones' Season 11 Finale Photos: Can the Team Find the Puppeteer?

Official episodic photos for the Bones season 11 finale, "The Nightmare Within the Nightmare," airing Thursday, July 21. From FOX: "The team dives back into investigating a serial killer from the past, attempting to find ?The Puppeteer,? who lives with his victims? bodies before disposing of them. Meanwhile, Brennan works through her guilt over her retirement last year, blaming herself for not stopping the serial killer earlier. However, little does she know she might be in some trouble of her own."   Read More... //