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'Bones' Episode 12.6 Photos: The Team Investigates a Murder at a Lumberjack Competition

The team is headed to a lumberjack competition for the case in Bones ' "The Flaw in the Saw." Plus, Hodgins is going to be doing something to help Zack -- but not telling the others. According to FOX, "The dismembered body of successful golfer-turned-lumberjack Phyllis Paul brings the squints to the Lumber Sports Regional Championships. At this competition, Booth and Brennan discover numerous secrets that could have resulted in Phyllis' murder, including an affair with a married rival. Meanwhile, Hodgins secretly analyzes the bacteria on the bone of a prior victim that he believes will exonerate the murderer, Zack Addy (guest star Eric Millegan)." ...Read More... //

'Bones': 9 Heartbreaking Moments from 'The Price for the Past'

Bones ' "The Price for the Past" was a tough case for Booth, as it was revealed that the victim was none other than Aldo Clemens. As the FBI and Jeffersonian investigated, however, they discovered that not only was Aldo tortured, but that he made the ultimate sacrifice to protect someone. Here are the most heartbreaking moments from "The Price for the Past."   ...Read More... //

[WATCH] 'Bones' Sneak Peek: Booth and Brennan Disagree About a Family Trip to a Water Park

The past is coming back to haunt Booth and Brennan, in the form of the murder of someone they know, and Aubrey, with his father back in the picture, in Bones ' "The Price for the Past." But Booth can't know that when he's happy to get a text about a body after finding out why Brennan wants to take the kids to the water park.   ...Read More... //

'Bones' Episode 12.5 Photos: Who Killed a Tutor of Privileged Students?

Apparently tutoring can be dangerous, as the case in Bones ' "The Tutor in the Tussle" sees the team figuring out who killed a tutor. According to FOX, "When a tutor of privileged students turns up dead, the team sorts through all the possible perpetrators, from disgruntled parents to the tutor's roommate with a criminal record. Meanwhile, Bones is frustrated with the voice of her audio book and tries to prove that she can record it herself."   ...Read More...   //

'Bones' Episode 12.4 Photos: Aubrey's Father Is Back in the Picture

The past comes back to haunt several members of the team in Bones ' "The Price for the Past," both during the case and in the form of a family reunion. According to FOX, "The team investigates the murder of someone from Booth and Brennan's past. Meanwhile, Aubrey faces a moral dilemma of his own when he discovers his dad is back in the picture." ...Read More.. //

[WATCH] The Cast of 'Bones' Reflects on the Final Season and Why It's Not the End

As the twelfth and final season of Bones quickly approaches, the cast got together to reflect on their time on the show. Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin and more spoke with TV Guide about what it was like to say goodbye to these characters we've gotten to see them play for so long. Find out all they had to say about their time on Bones and what the future holds for their characters below.   ...Read More... //

5 Pivotal 'Bones' Episodes to Understanding Booth and Brennan's Relationship

Sometimes the most unlikely pair can become a couple we all admire. Fox's Booth and Brennan of Bones is one of those couples. They couldn't be more opposite from one another when it comes to their beliefs, their humor, finances, how they loveand more. But somehow these two have made it work, becoming a complex couple that Bones fans have grown to love over the course of the show's 12-season run.   Here are five pivotal Bones episodesto understanding Booth and Brennan's relationship.   ...Read More...   //

Should 'Bones' Get a Revival?

TV revivals are big now but there is one broadcast network that is more enthusiastically embracing its past than any other. With their upcoming reboot of 24 ,the sequel series of Prison Break and news that The X-Files could continue for yet another season, FOX is really into making something old into something new. FOX's revival spree is so aggressive that TV Guide reports it's even possible the network could revive a show that hasn't even wrapped up yet. According to some comments by the creator, Hart Hanson, Bones might eventually get a revival of its own. ...Read More... //

Bones Creator Reveals He Would Not Have Killed Sweets If He Had Been in Charge

In an alternate universe, Bones could have been very different. Series creator Hart Hanson joined the cast and current executive producers of the series on a panel in front of the TV... ...Read More... //

The Bones Cast Reflects on the End of the Series

  How do you say goodbye to characters you've been playing you've been inhabiting for 12 years? David Boreanaz decided to say goodbye to his tenure as Seeley Booth on Bones by directing the show's final episode. Helming the final episode of the show meant nailing one specific thing. "It was really ...Read More... //