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David Boreanaz Downplays 'Bones' Revival Hopes: "I Don't Like to Go Backwards"

Star Emily Deschanel discussed the "very satisyfing" final episodes of the long-running procedural during the show's last-ever TCA panel. ...Read More... //

Bones Creator on Potential Revival: "Those Things Are Always Possible"

  Bones , Fox's longest-running drama, is currently airing its 12th and final season. In this current TV age of revivals, reboots and reunions, though, does goodbye really mean goodbye anymore? "I am not sure that anyone is terribly upset or terribly shocked this would be the last year. We had a really ... ...Read More... //

10 Predictions for the Final Season of Bones

If youre a fan of the TV series Bones, like we are, youre probably just as sad as everybody else is that Season 12 is the final season of the longest-running series on FOX ever with 246 original episodes. And, BTW thats more than the number of bones in the human body, which is only 206. The show has had a long and very entertaining run with every single episode bringing a new level of excitement and intrigue to the small screen. Both Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz will be sorely missed on the television landscape, as will the entire ...Read More... //

'Bones' Episode 12.3 Photos: The Murder of an Old Man Leads to Retirement Home Drama

Bones is going to be dealing with drama in a retirement home during the case in "The New Tricks in the Old Dogs" -- and that is also going to drive the conversations in the lab. According to FOX, "When the body of an old man is found in an acid dump site, the team becomes enmeshed in retirement home drama. As they explore the case, talk of marriage and kids begins to dominate the conversation back at the lab." ...Read More... //

'Bones' Episode 12.2 Photos: Did a Man's Own A.I. Bot Kill Him?

Brennan's celebrating a birthday in Bones ' "The Brain in the Bot," but what does she have planned for the big day? Plus, is the murderer in the case an A.I. bot? According to FOX, "After discovering the body of a man involved with creating artificial intelligence bots, the team must figure out whether the victim's own A.I. bot was programmed to kill him. In the meantime, Bones plans a special surprise for everyone for her 40th birthday." ...Read More... //

[VIDEO] Find out What Emily Deschanel's Co-Stars Think of Her 'Bones' Directorial Debut

Emily Deschanel has been with Bones since the show's conception in 2005 but she had her first chance to direct in the episode "The Final Chapter: The Hope in the Horror," the season 12 premiere. Her directorial debut drew positive feedback from fans, but what about her co-stars? ...Read More... //

'Bones': 8 Times Someone Got Something Wrong in the Season 12 Premiere

Bones kicked off its final season with "The Hope in the Horror," which picked up where last season left off: Zack kidnapped Brennan. But was he a murderer? It looked like it -- even to him -- but there was a lot more going on than the team originally thought. Here are eight times someone was wrong about what was going on in the season 12 premiere. ...Read More... //

Bones Cuts the Puppeteer's Strings and Kicks Off Its Final Season

  The final season of Bones is here, and the first episode of Season 12 was an action-packed thriller. The season premiere picked up moments after Season 11's cliffhanger with Bones ( Emily Deschanel ) being kidnapped by Zack Addy ( Eric Millegan ) in the basement of the Jeffersonian. In the short while ...Read More...   //

Bones Boss Talks Zack Twist, Teases New Big Bad's 'Coordinated Attack Aimed at Booth and Brennan'

The following story contains sizeable spoilers about Tuesdays Bones premiere proceed at your own peril. And we repeat: Stop now if you have not seen the episode yet. The twist in the opener: As many Bones fans suspected/hoped, Zack was not pulling the Puppeteer strings after all. In the Fox procedurals final-season premiere on [] //

'Bones' Creator Hart Hanson Pens Emotional Farewell to Beloved Fox Drama

Fox's longest-running scripted drama begins its final season Tuesday.   ...Read More... //