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'Bones' EPs Tease Booth's Old Wounds in Final Season

The executive producers also promise a lot of twists, calling the final season 'an exciting rollercoaster.' ...Read More... //

Bones EPs Preview What to Expect from the Final Season

Bones EPs Preview What to Expect from the Final Season ...Read More... //

Bones Bosses Tease The "Rollercoaster" Final Season

  Later this year, Bones will say its final goodbye... But first there are 12 brand new episodes for fans to savor. It's rare a show gets enough advance warning it's ending in order to prepare a proper farewell -- and usually, if there is a warning, it's a few episodes ahead of the end rather than an ...Read More...   //

Bones Season 12 Premiere Teaser: Does Zack Want Brennan Dead?

After the Bones season 11 Episode 22 finale that had me quite literally yelling, "It's Zack! It's Zack!" at my screen, its finally time to find out what happens next. The Bones Season 12 premiere airs on Tuesday, January 3rd, which is a new night and time (again) for the final season of Bones. No, we're not happy about the term "final season," but have been enjoying reading the denial of the showrunners of late, too, and possibilities for the show living on. Keep the fire burning, you guys. ...Read More...

Bones Boss Already Eyeing Revival: 'I'm Not Considering This the End'

Perhaps Bones should change the title of its forthcoming series finale from The End in the End to The End in the End Until It Begins Again. Although the Fox dramas final 12-episode season is set to launch on Jan. 3, executive producer Michael Peterson is confident that the franchise will live on in some [] //

Bones Final Season Premiere: Will the Team Be Able to Save an Abducted Brennan?!

Get ready for Taken, Bones-style. Bones' final season is almost here (Jan. 3) and it's jumping right back into the drama from the finale, with the team desperately trying to find... ...Read More... //

'Bones' Season 12: Will Sully's Return Break Booth and Brennan Up?

A mentally disturbed former co-worker turned kidnapper might not be the only obstacle for a happily ever after for Brennan and Booth in the final season of Bones . According to a recent interview with TVLine, the return of Brennan's ex, Sully, in season 12 will greatly impact the married couple. It could even tear them apart. ...Read More... //

'Bones' Season 12: Brennan's Ex Returns to Cause a Stir in Her Relationship With Booth

Series executive producer Michael Peterson says that Sully comes back when Brennan is emotionally unbalanced, causing a rift in her relationship with her husband Booth. ...Read More... //

Bones: Sully's Return Will 'Have Reverberations' for Booth and Brennan

Will Bones be breaking some hearts in its final season? The previously announced reappearance of Eddie McClintock as Brennans ex Tim Sully Sullivan will occur during a tense period for Booth and Brennan, and it sounds like the returning G-man may exploit that vulnerability. He comes back at a time in Brennans life when she [] //

'Bones' Teaser: 5 Cryptic Teases About the Final Season Premiere

Any moment now Bones ' "The Hope in the Horror" will be upon us and you know exactly who will be in the middle of it all. That's right, our favorite six feet and one inch of pissed-off crimefighting masculinity, FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth. First, he has to find Brennan and keep her safe -- not an easy task when Brennan always insists she can protect herself. These two have spent over a decade saving each other, but this time is particularly heart-crushing as Brennan's captor is someone they both know and love. Will Booth's gut lead him straight to the truth, or will he be blinded by his obsession with his wife's safety? ...Read More...   //