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Bones Season Premiere Scoop: An Anonymous Tip?

Bones returns two weeks from tonight on Fox. As we know, Brennan the fugitive will be on the lam, and a furious, reeling Booth is left pondering his next move. But according to the official episode synopsis, an anonymous tip might provide the answer. When Bones Season 8 gets underway Sept. 17, the synopsis reads: "Having been accused of murder, Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is on the run from the FBI, with help from her father Max (guest star Ryan O’Neal)." Read More... //

'Bones' Season 8 Video: How Can the Jeffersonian Save Fugitive Brennan?

Brennan is in trouble as Bones season 8 begins. After Christopher Pelant framed her for murder, the scientist had to go on the run. Thus, when Bones returns this fall, Booth and the team at the Jeffersonian will have to work to bring her back. Could even more murder be involved? Check out this Bones season 8 video to find out! //

Bones Season 8 Preview: Everyone Misses Brennan

The first preview for the eighth season of Bones aired last week and showed us the more exciting side of the "Brennan on the run" storyline.  But a new preview - released tonight - shows the emotional fallout. When Brennan ran from Washington D.C. in the season 7 finale she left behind Booth and her friends at the Jeffersonian.  While she tries to raise her daughter on the road (complete with a pretty bad blonde wig), Booth is back at home missing his girlfriend and baby girl.  Taken off the case, he's struggling not only to find Brennan, but also to find a way to clear her name and get her back home.  Meanwhile, the Jeffersonian team is desperately trying to find the evidence to pin the murders on Pelant, and she's still leaving them clues to help out. Read More... //

BONES Season 8 Promo: Brennan Goes Blonde While on the Run (And Takes Down Booth)

Holy freakin’ amazing BONES promo, guys. While it’s taken a bit longer for BONES to get their promotional love for the new season compared to other Fox shows, based on this new teaser spot, the wait for the new season is going to be so worth it. Take a look at the 30-second spot (full [...] //

Bones Season 8 Promo Art: Booth, Brennan, and a Pink Baby Rattle! (PHOTO)

The hottest crime fighting duo on TV (in our humble opinion, of course.) has become the hottest crime fighting parents on TV. And as such, they need updated artwork. The official Bones Facebook page has a couple different iterations of this super-cute poster declaring the return of Bones on Monday, September 17. //

Bones Season 8 to Get More Episodes Than Season 7: But How Many?

Up until last year, Bones generally put out around 22-23 episodes a season. Then leading lady Emily Deschanel (Brennan) got pregnant, and her resulting maternity leave meant that Season 7 had to be cut a few episodes short. The entire season contained just 13 episodes. So will this next season be a repeat of the same, or can we expect to see a ton more episodes than before? The answer: YOU BET. Give Me My Remote reports that Season 8 will have not just 22 or 23, but 26 total episodes this... //

'Bones' Season 8 Spoilers: Murders, Casting and Romance

It's hard waiting for a show that ended its spring season on a major cliffhanger. When that show is Bones and we're desperate to see the cliffhanger's fallout in season 8, it's especially hard. That's why Bones season 8 spoilers are so very important! Keep reading to find out about all the murder, Booth-Brennan romance and more coming this fall. //

Bones Season 8: Emily Deschanel Gets Scraped Up While Doing Stunts!

Ready for an action-packed eighth season of our favorite show? Bones always brings the drama-rama, but this season we're expecting our girl Temperance Brennan to throw some serious punches. Which kind of comes with the territory what with her new job as "Washington's Most Notorious Murderer." "Two scraped elbows from two separate stunts," Emily Deschanel tweeted. "Good week on #BonesonFox." Yikes, sounds like Brennan is getting seriously knocked around! It's called the terrible twos, lady.... //

Bones Season 8: David Boreanaz Tweets Photo of Booth's Crazy New Socks

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) is what we call a Super Stud — a man so manly that his eyes glisten rather than tear. Leather jackets are a must, a cocky attitude (or belt buck, in this case) is a plus, and cleft chins are required. However, Booth is a rare breed of Super Stud who has an unexplained fetish for novelty socks (paging Rob Kardashian!). He wears snazzy footwear every day of the week, and the man-behind-the-socks, David Boreanaz just tweeted a pic of Booth's latest find! //

Bones Spoiler: Crikey! A Crocodile Hunter Is Coming To Season 8

We're still torn up about The Crocodile Hunter's tragic death-by-stingray, so obviously we were thrilled to learn that Bones is finally paying homage to our buddy Steve Irwin in an exotic animal-themed episode. Yep, Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) are solving a Land Down Undah-style murder! Apparently, Bones producers are searching for an actor to play an energetic Steve Irwin-esque manager of a pet expo, whose employee is found dead. This is what happens when you hang... //