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'Buffy's' Husband Will Face Off With 'Angel'

"Buffy" fans: Are you ready to see Sarah Michelle Gellar's real-life husband face off against "Angel" himself, David Boreanaz? It may not be exactly the battle Whedonites were waiting for, but "Bones" fans will see Freddie Prinze Jr. as a CIA agent named Danny, an "armed and dangerous" old associate of Booth’s, who's particularly invested in Booth (Boreanaz) and Brennan’s (Emily Deschanel) murder investigation. He'll appear in the Season 9 premiere, TVLine was the first to report . Read More... //

Bones Producers Tease Season 9: Wedding Will Happen This Season!

In an interview with TV Line, the executive producers for Bonesteased Season 9and announced that Seeley Booth(David Boreanaz) and Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan(Emily Deschanel) will be walking down the aisle this season after a bumpy end to Season 8. Check out the video for more scoop on the ninth season and what you can expect from the first episode! //

Bones Season 9 Spoiler: Will Brennan and Booth Get Hitched This Season?

It's safe to say that things between Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan(Emily Deschanel) and Seeley Booth(David Boreanaz) didn't end well at the end of Season 8, but executive producers Hart Hanson and Ian Toynton say there will be wedding bells this season! However, it seems like the road to the altar will be a bumpy one for the couple. When asked what the state of Booth and Brennan's relationship will be when Season 9picks up, Ian says, "It's not an ideal situation. They're not the couple we... //

BONES: Hart Hanson and Ian Toynton on Brennan’s Heartbreak, Pelant’s Furture, and More

While the BONES Comic-Con panel was full of spoilers and surprises, there will be a little bit of a bumpy road to get to the promised happy ending. Before the panel, BONES creator Hart Hanson and executive producer/director Ian Toynton spoke with reporters about the difficulties Brennan will face post-broken engagement, how long Pelant will [...] //

'Bones' at Comic-Con 2013: David Boreanaz proposes to Emily Deschanel

Big news, "Bones" fans: Bones and Booth will finally tie the knot in Season 9. To make the announcement extra exciting, David Boreanaz did the proposal the right way during the "Bones" San Diego Comic-Con panel, which meant getting down on one knee in front of Emily Deschanel in-character and popping the question. "I'm getting married to David Boreanaz!" Deschanel yells in response, confirming the news. "I think it will be better scripted," showrunner Hart Hanson jokes of how the actual scene will play out. The panel opened with a sizzle reel of "Bones" that showcased the series' comedic elements, and that's what the actual panel showed as well. Following the wedding news, Boreanaz and Deschanel did a script read of the Season 8 finale. The readthrough was extra hilarious because Deschanel and Boreanaz switched roles, meaning fans got to see some pretty dramatic versions of Booth and Bones. But it's the actual wedding... //

David Boreanaz mocks Nathan Fillion during 'Bones' Comic-Con panel

David Boreanaz doesn't have a lot of respect for Nathan Fillion. During the "Bones" San Diego Comic-Con panel, the man better known as Seeley Booth made a jab at Fillion after he saw that "Castle" was featured on the back of a TV Guide issue that had "Bones" on the front."I want to work four days, not five," Boreanaz jokes, mocking the fact that Fillion recently caused "Castle" to halt production for a day over a contract dispute. He and showrunner Hart Hanson did a quick back-and-forth about how many days they actually are working in a clear effort to make the jab at Fillion feel lighter, but Boreanaz doesn't seem to have much respect for Fillion trying to take his work week down a day.The full "Bones" panel recap, which will include big news about the Booth/Brennan wedding, is on the way shortly, can be read here.... //

Video: "Bones" Sneak Peak at Season Nine Revealed at Comic-Con!

Plus: Hart Hanson reveals a big event coming next season for Booth and Brennan. Read More... //

BONES at Comic-Con 2013: Live-Blog

First up today in live-blogging Comic-Con panels is BONES! Here’s the official description for the panel, which is set to start at 12:30 PM PT: "Creator and executive producer Hart Hanson, executive producer Stephen Nathan, and star David Boreanaz discuss what’s in store for Booth and Brennan and screen a reel of never-before- seen footage [...] //

When Does Bones Season 9 Start?

The Season 8 finale of Bones was heart-wrenching. Brennan (Emily Deschanel) proposed to Booth (David Boreanaz), only to have her happiness ripped away by Pelant. The hacker forced Booth to break off the engagement without telling Brennan why. It will be a long, torturous summer waiting to see how these two pick up the pieces of their lives. In fact, the effects of Booth’s rejection are still very much in play when Bones Season 9 starts up. According to TVLine, the September 16 return —... //

Bones and Once Upon a Time Comic-Con Preview

If you're in San Diego for this year's Comic-Con, catch me moderating panels with the producers and stars of ABC's Once Upon a Time and Fox's Bones . Here's a little tease of the new-season developments we'll be discussing for the first time. Divine Intervention After finally getting engaged in last season's Bones finale, Booth ( David Boreanaz ) had... //