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Bosch Season 2 Review: One of TV's Best Detectives Is Back On The Case

Amazon's slow-simmering cop drama returns with another solid season.    Read More... //

Review: How Amazon's 'Bosch' figured itself out for season 2

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the second season of "Bosch," Amazon's cop drama starring Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Lance Reddick, and Sarah Clarke.  Read More... //

Bosch Season 2 & Flaked Review: Two L.A. Stories, With One Back Strong And The Other Aimless

With the second season of Bosch on Amazon and the debut of Flaked on Netflix both arrivingMarch 11, Friday might be called L.A. Day on the streaming services. But as I say in my video review above, this tale is not just of one city but two very different series. Back for 10 episodes, the Titus Welliver-led cop drama Bosch , based on Michael Connelly's bestsellers, is top-notch TV as it was in its first season, which I proclaimedmade up one ofthe best new shows of ...   Read More... //

Review: Bosch Returns a Detective to the Force

Drawn from Michael Connellys California noir novels, the second season of this Amazon series starts by having the protagonist come off a suspension.   Read More... //

Bosch: Season 1 Review

Titus Welliver stars as a hardened LAPD homicide detective in this new Amazon Original series. So is it a case worth investigating?   Read More... //

Bosch Review: Amazon's Newest Drama Is Like a Decent Book You Can't Put Down

We've watched all 10 episodes of the Titus Welliver drama; here's our full report.   Read More... //

A Guide to Amazon's 'Bosch' for book fans

Amazon debuted its latest original series Friday (Feb. 13) in "Bosch," a crime drama starring Titus Welliver as Hieronymos "Harry" Bosch, a detective with the LAPD with a deeply troubling past who just tries to do what good he can in the world. The character burst onto the literary scene nearly a quarter century ago in "The Black Echo" and was most recently seen in "The Burning Room," which is the 19th book in the series. So how will fans of the novels like the small screen adaptation? Zap2it thinks you'll like the show very much, though there are differences from the novels, so here's a guide to what will and will not be included in the Amazon series. Warning: The following guide is for fans of the books, so if you haven't read them and care about spoilers for the TV series, stop reading. The starting pointSorry, fans -- "The Concrete Blonde" and the... //

'Bosch' has a solid hold on the thin blue line

There's a great deal of marketing synergy propelling Amazon's first hourlong drama series "Bosch," which debuts on Friday.   Read More... //

Review: Bosch, Amazon Primes New Crime Series

Based on Michael Connellys series of novels, Bosch stars Titus Welliver as a rule-bending Los Angeles detective scarred by a grim childhood.   Read More... //