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60 minutes

After battling debilitating illnesses that left her out of the spotlight, Toni Braxton is looking to regain her status in the industry by turning to her mother, Evelyn, and her sisters: Traci, "The Underdog"; Towanda, "Mrs. Congeniality"; Trina, "The Wildcard"; and Tamar, "Baby." As Traci dreams of rejoining her famous sister on stage as a background singer, Tamar wants nothing to do with the background. She wants to be front and center and isn't afraid to let everyone know that doo-whoppin for Toni is not what she needs. Towanda wants nothing more than to escape life as Toni's assistant, but Toni doesn't seem ready to give her up and shuns any new assistant that she gets. Trina wants to be respected for her choices as a musician, even if that includes performing with a cover-band, but her sisters can't believe that makes her happy and make fun of her for it. Plus, Toni must deal with her bankruptcy problems.

Episode Guide

114 episodes

  • 11 episodes
    11 episodes
    • s6e11There's Something About Mommy
      May 25, 2017
    • s6e10After the Storm
      May 18, 2017
    • s6e9The Other Mrs. Braxton
      May 11, 2017
    • s6e8Donde Esta Daddy?
      May 4, 2017
    • s6e7Opposing Counsel
      April 27, 2017
    • s6e6Pop Up, Pop Off
      April 20, 2017
    • s6e5Back In The Hot Seat
      April 13, 2017
    • s6e4Bird on the Brain
      April 6, 2017
    • s6e3The Mother of All Insults
      March 30, 2017
    • s6e2You Run Your Mouth, I'll Run My Business
      March 23, 2017
    • s6e1Tabloids, Rumors, & Repercussions
      March 16, 2017
  • 15 episodes
    15 episodes
  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
  • 25 episodes
    25 episodes
  • 11 episodes
    11 episodes