Breaking the Faith Episode Guide

60 minutes

BREAKING THE FAITH shares the story of eight young men and women who are trying to build a new life outside of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (known as the FLDS) – either by choice, or by force. For the young men known as “lost boys”, these cast-outs are looking for a fresh start after being kicked out of their homes. Meanwhile, the women are escaping the controlling ways of their faith – including arranged marriage and a life of complete submission, known as "keeping sweet" – hoping for a better life on the outside. Leaving a world where every decision was made for them, they are now dealing with the challenges of living in a reality where they are now responsible for every move they make. And, for this group, being faced with making life-altering choices in their effort to win their freedom comes with the fear that consequences for leaving the compound will come without warning.

Episode Guide

7 episodes

  • 7 episodes
    7 episodes
    • s1e7Breaking Away
      January 5, 2014
    • s1e6Shedding Skin
      December 29, 2013
    • s1e5Outsiders
      December 22, 2013
    • s1e4Temptation
      December 15, 2013
    • s1e3Into the Unknown
      December 8, 2013
    • s1e2On the Run
      December 1, 2013
    • s1e1Keep Sweet
      November 24, 2013