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Review: Breakout Kings “An Unjust Death” Season 2 Premiere – This Is Going To Hurt

Ouch! That is the best word that I can use to describe the feeling  you might experience at the end  of theseason 2  premiere episode of the brilliant but underrated A&E series  Breakout Kings . If you have been paying attention to the promos and posters of the new season , there is one recurring theme: "One King Will Fall" and you are not going to believe who it will be. In the premiere episode "An Unjust Death," the Kings are in hot pursuit of Damien (guest-star Jason Behr, "Roswell"), a pretty vicious serial killer. I can tell you that the breakout scene in itself will set the tone of what you can expect of this new character. To make things more complicated, this particular escapee has history with our resident doc Lloyd, something that Lloyd is not ecstatic about. In non escapee news, Charlie is being offered a promotion which puts more unwanted pressure on the team and Julianne is not really acting like herself. Read More... //  

Breakout Kings Review: "Where In The World Is Carmen Vega"

Carmen Vega's a bad ass and a formidable villain for our Breakout Kings team which made "Where In The World Is Carmen Vega" a great way to close out the season. Vega started off as the grieving mother but we quickly learned that not only did she use her son's funeral to escape, she's the one who ordered the hit. That won't exactly win her mother of the year but does make her worthy of running a Columbian drug cartel. Read More... //

Breakout Kings Review: The Hits Keep Coming

Breakout Kings is one dangerous show where violence has consequences and not everyone makes it out alive. "There Are Rules" started off with a group of cons who didn't go over the wall, they went through it. The tractor-trailer that barreled through the prison wall was messy but effective.  The driver was shot and killed at the scene and the prison guard they took hostage took two bullets to the head off screen. What struck me about that was that the guard had begged for his life, telling them he had a four year old waiting for him at home. It didn't matter. Read More... //

Breakout Kings Review: "Off The Beaten Path"

"Off The Beaten Path" was one of the most intense episodes of Breakout Kings so far this season. The anxiety was palpable as the entire team searched for a violent schizophrenic bent on raping and killing his latest obsession. Poor Debbie. One minute the woman was planning her wedding and the next some psycho was throwing a bag over her head and dragging her through the woods. Read More... //

Breakout Kings Review: "Paid in Full"

It was a killer episode of Breakout Kings as every character stepped up their game and there was more than one big reveal. "Paid in Full" gave us one of the most chilling escapees since T-Bag. Virgil Downing was a a man of few words. A very scary man. Like any hitman, he performed his job with cold, steady dedication. But having bad information and then killing the wrong man shook him, if only that it showed a lack of professionalism.   Read More... //

Breakout Kings Review: Hot, Bothered, & Reckless

Conjugal visits were the hot topic of conversation as "One For the Money" put the team on the trail of a handsome jewel thief. Andre Brennan inspired a lot of speculation about why he was such a successful ladies man. Was it his looks, his money, his confidence, or as Erica pondered, his physical endowment? The conversation had all three of our cons focusing on their isolation form the opposite sex.  Shea went so far as to ask Charlie for some alone time with his girlfriend. Charlie was having none of it. Shea was promised time off his sentence and nothing else. But Shea wasn't taking no for an answer and he got creative.   Read More... //

Breakout Kings Review: What's at Steak?

With one bad decision, a life could be changed forever. This week the Breakout Kings team was faced with the consequences of their actions, both large and small. It's been five years since Shea's had a steak dinner. Suddenly "Steaks" were all this team could think about and Ray made a steak dinner the prize for whoever did the best job on the case.  When Julianne quipped that she should deprive herself of things so she'll enjoy them more Lloyd reminded her that he was well versed in deprivation. "I got 25 years. It's not an experiment. It's my life."   Read More... //

Breakout Kings Review: Chemistry Where You Least Expect It

"Fun With Chemistry" was aptly named. It gave us plenty of just that, even in places where you least expected it. As the chemistry between Mars and Starla exploded into a killing spree, the attraction between team members boiled to the surface. Poor Julianne. I really felt sorry for the girl. She screwed up her courage to kiss Ray and he pushed her away and looked at her like she was crazy. Ouch!   Read More... //

Breakout Kings Review: "Like Father, Like Son"

Ah, family. In  "Like Father, Like Son" we met not only Christian Beaumont, our escapee but his father Ellis as well. The two solidified the belief that hate is taught. As I watched this father and son team and their crazy friends, all I could think was how miserable it must be to hold that much contempt for most of the human race. Christian Beaumont was your basic bomb happy, anti-government, racist. Things got really interesting when he left a package on Charlie's doorstep. Thank goodness his wife wasn't badly injured. Read More... //

Breakout Kings Review: "Queen of Hearts"

Would a pretty smile make a man do almost anything? "Queen of Hearts" made us think so as Breakout Kings gave us our first female escapee. Lila used her smile among her other attributes to manipulate some of the most gullible men on the East coast. The list of prison pen pals that Lila assembled ranged from pathetic to laughable. All of them were willing to look past the fact that she stabbed her husband forty-eight times or were at least able to convince themselves that it was self defense. Never underestimate the power of a gorgeous body and a pretty face. Read More... //