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Broad City Recap: Witchy Business

Thanks to the hellscape that is 2017, Ilana cant even enjoy sex anymore.   ...Read More...

Broad City Recap: Meeting Abbi's Mom

Ive never not been delighted by a Broad City guest star.   ...Read More...

Broad City Recap: The Trip

Mushrooms serves up the very best of Broad City.   ...Read More...

Broad City Recap: Treat Yo Self

Welcome back, Hannibal Buress!   ...Read More... //

Broad City Recap: Witchy Women

Abbi meets Shania Twain and Ilana meets RuPaul in this cameo-packed episode.  ...Read More... //

Broad City Season Premiere Recap: When Abbi Met Ilana

Sliding Doors takes us back to those heady days of 2011.   ...Read More... //

Broad City Season Finale Recap: Mohel Chai Club

"Jews on a Plane" has some fun jokes, but it's not much of a season finale....   Read More... //

Broad City Finale Recap: Air Buds

Wednesdays Broad Cityseason finale managed to achievethe impossible: It actually made us wish a flight was longer. Unfortunately, our in-flight entertainmentcame,as it so often does, at Abbi and Ilanas expense. Just when they finally managed toget seats next to each other there was still one guy between them, but he was actually dead, so [] //

Broad City Recap: Flight Attendance

Abbi and Ilana are going to Israel. ...  Read More... //

Broad City Recap: Training Shania Twain

Yes, even Ilana Wexler cries.   Read More... //