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Broad City Recap: Your Precious Asshole

  This is easily my favorite episode of the entire series so far. As soon as I saw Susie Essmans face, I started smiling, and not just because shes Big Business long-lost twins with Ilana (even though shes playing her mom, Bobbie). I fell in love with Susie Essman in the '80s, when I stayed up past my bedtime and saw her on Stand Up Spotlight or Carolines ; she scrunched up her face and said disparaging things about men that just lit up my burgeoning misandrist heart. Id let her drag me down a manhole for a good price on knockoff bags any day of the week!   Read More... //

Broad City Recap: More Room for Blow Jobs

  How high were you after you had your wisdom teeth taken out? Did you point at everyone on your way out of the building and laugh in their faces, or bawl for five minutes straight on your way home when you saw someone walking her dog because its just so cuuuuute, like I did? Did you recline the passenger seat all the way back, then pop up to bang against the windshield and scream, Help, get me out of here! while your person was inside the pharmacy picking up the prescribed painkillers? (Im a delight!) Or did you ooze blood down your chin while your friend purchased weed out a moving cab right before you had a Vicodin-induced fever-dream that brought your favorite stuffed animal to life and go on adventures all over Gowanus, like Abbi?   Read More... //

'Broad City' recap: Wisdom Teeth

Abbi gets her wisdom teeth removedand is left with Ilana, who turns out to be a bad nurse.   Read More... //

'Broad City' recap: Wisdom Teeth

Abbi gets her wisdom teeth removedand is left with Ilana, who turns out to be a bad nurse.   Read More.... //

Broad City Recap: Let Your People Go

  Im thrilled that the worlds greatest ruseconning your way into free movieswas covered by Abbi and Ilana in this episode. My great aunt taught me how to picnic my way through a theater; the idea of getting caught used to scare me until she pointed out that movie theaters are run by feckless teenagers who do the same thing, and no one really cares. I dont know if Id see Fang For A Fang or trick my friends into touching my pubes at the bottom of a popcorn bucket, but Id be down to sew some clear snack pockets into at least one jacket or eat a Slim Jim out of my cleavage.   Read More... //

'Broad City' recap: Mochalatta Chills

Abbi and Ilana challenge themselves at their day jobs while Bever challenges himself at the gym.   Read More... //

Broad City Recap: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Your Swamp Ass?

  Oh, dont act like youve never jammed paper towels down your crack during the height of summerwe all find ways to cope with the oppressing heat of our garbage planet.   Hi,Im Danielle.I write about television for Vulture as much as theyll let me , and I dont even want to remember my life before Abbi and Ilana were in it. The thing that struck me about this premiere is the thing that always gets me about these two: their friendship is full of panic and playfulness, usually at the same time, and always in a way that makes me laugh.   Read More... //

'Broad City' season premiere recap: In Heat

Abbi and Ilana fight the New York summer heat by going on the hunt for an air conditioner.   Read More... //

'Broad City': 10 times Lincoln Rice was your spirit animal

Season 1 of "Broad City" cemented that Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are the best friends you wish you had. Even their dysfunction seems cooler than yours because they handle it in a way that's a million times more hilarious than you ever will. They just get it.However, it's Lincoln Rice -- Ilana's hookup buddy, played by comedian Hannibal Buress -- who speaks to you in a crisis. At first his wisdom may seem a little off, but you don't ever have to stretch too far to see his logic.He's always there when Ilana is in a pinch and serves her a dish of realness when she needs it. He says the things you want to say and what you wish you thought of saying before you knew you wanted to say it. He stole the show numerous times in Season 1, but here are the 10 times Lincoln was the best spirit animal... //

Review: 'Broad City' mixes sex, slapstick and absurdist comedy in season 2

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the new season of Comedy Central's "Broad City," created by and starring Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, produced by Amy Poehler and guest starring Seth Rogen.   Read More... //