Cataclysmo Episode Guide

With their world at war for five centuries, two heroes from our future travel back in time to stop the cataclysmic event that changed Earth forever. Along the way, the Time Boys run into the lovely Samantha, the maniacal Dr. Crankshaft, and a terrifying army of wild primates. But will Johnny and Bucky be able to alter the course of time and bend...

Episode Guide

48 episodes

  • 24 episodes
    24 episodes
    • s2e24Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    • s2e23Destiny
    • s2e22Finding The Path
    • s2e21The War In The Air
    • s2e20Children Of War
    • s2e19The Fate Of Man
    • s2e18Shells
    • s2e17The Land Of The Midnight Sun
    • s2e16The Stars, Like Dust
    • s2e15A Hole In The World
    • s2e14Checkmate
    • s2e13The Truth Is Out There
    • s2e12The Great Gig In The Sky
    • s2e11Into The Past
    • s2e10Bring It On Home
    • s2e9The Game's Afoot
    • s2e8The Sleeper Awakes
    • s2e7The White Warrior
    • s2e6Like A Rolling Stone
    • s2e5Red Sun Rising
    • s2e4The Kiss That Time Forgot
    • s2e3The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
    • s2e2City Of Fallen Angels
    • s2e1The Saviors Of The Universe
  • 24 episodes
    24 episodes