CBR TV Episode Guide

CBR TV is an on-going set of web interviews on the Comic Book Resources site as leading comic book writers, illustrators, and creators from the more publicly dominant likes of Superman and Batman to the fan favorites such as Hellboy and Bone. Comic Book Resources asks some hard-hitting questions such as to what challenges Hellboy creator Mike Mi...

Episode Guide

124 episodes

  • 16 episodes
    16 episodes
    • s2010e708Zachary Quinto Interviews Victor Quinaz and Michael McMillian
    • s2010e520C2E2: Jeff Smith
    • s2010e516C2E2: JT Krul
    • s2010e513C2E2: Mike Mignola
    • s2010e507C2E2: Jonathan Hickman
    • s2010e505Geoff Johns
    • s2010e504C2E2: Lance Briggs
    • s2010e503C2E2: Jeph Loeb
    • s2010e428Jim Lee
    • s2010e422C2E2: Mark Waid
    • s2010e417C2E2 - Dan DiDio
    • s2010e416John Romita Jr.
    • s2010e414Jonathan Ross
    • s2010e302Samuel L. Jackson, Part 2
    • s2010e226Samuel L. Jackson, Part 1
  • 71 episodes
    71 episodes
  • 37 episodes
    37 episodes