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Dan Harmon Dishes Community Movie Prospects, Confirms Big-Screen Title

Lets be clear:Community creator Dan Harmon isntsurethat his fan-favorite comedy is done at Yahoo! Screen, but I would guess yes, he said during a stop in our Comic-Con interview suite at the Hard Rock Hotel, citing the velocity and trajectory of the shows cast as onereason that a seventh season isnt likely. VIDEO Alison Brie: [] //

Weekend Binge Guide: July 2015

Have the weekend free? Going out is overrated! Binge-watch one of these shows instead:   If you want to laugh:   Community See all reviews for Community The comedy series so self-aware that it may cause viewers to question their own reality, Community ’s lovable cast is thrown into hilariously awesome situations — such as a full out campus paintball tournament. From a claymation christmas special to an ACTUAL zombie episode with an ABBA soundtrack, Community easily breaks away from the cookie-cutter sitcom mold. .       If you want to cry:   Orange is the New Black See all reviews for Orange is the New Black A show that takes tremendous strides in the perspectives of its female characters, each coming with tragic backstory of how they ended up at Litchfield Prison. As silly as the prison antics may appear to be, they hold a lot of meaning and sentiment to the characters. You’ll find yourself laughing one minute and crying the next in this unpredictable and likable dramedy. Try to avoid bingeing all of the seasons in one sitting!       If you want to scream:   The Fall See all reviews for  The Fall Following serial killer Paul Spector ( 50 Shades of Grey ’s Jamie Dornan) and the detective trying to catch him ( The X-Files ’ Gillian Anderson), The Fall is not just thought-provoking but disturbing on many levels. Deeply analyzing human psychology and morality on topics in regards to feminism and portrayals of women in society, The Fall makes for really good television. Just try not falling too hard for Jamie Dornan.       If you want to think:   Doctor Who See all reviews for  Doctor Who Giving you a whole new Doctor and companion to love every couple of seasons, Doctor Who takes you on a journey across wibbly-wobbly space-time and to the ends of the universe. Watch the rise and fall of civilizations, the triumphs and falls of man, and the Doctor meet some of the universes’ greatest threats. Always remember: Don’t blink, forget, breathe, or think!

Joel McHale Thinks a Community Movie Will Happen

Joel McHale offers a glimmer of hope for a Community movie and shares some X-Files revival details.   Read More... //

Greendale Forever: Ranking ALL The Episodes of Community

To honor the potential end of Community, we rank every single episode from the series' run. Yep, all 110 of them.  Read More... //

Dan Harmon on 'Community' future: Yahoo wanted 'to do a movie immediately'

It has been less than a week since the well-received Community season (series?) finale aired, which seems like more than enough time to start asking if there will be more Community in some form. Which is exactly what EW Radio host Jessica Shaw did in her interview with series...   Read More... //

Community Creator Talks Finale and Season 7 Potential

Yahoo may bring Community back for a seventh season, while Dan Harmon discusses the Season 6 finale.   Read More... //

X-Files Revival Casts Joel McHale as Mulder's Ally - TVLine

The Soup  is out there: Joel McHale is the first guest star announced for Fox’s upcoming  X-Files   series, our sister site  Deadline  reports. The  Community  star and  Soup  host will play a conservative Internet news anchor who becomes an unlikely support for Mulder. Series creator Chris Carter reportedly is a fan of McHale’s work, which led to the stint. Read more at .

'Community' Season 7? Yahoo says 'stay tuned'

Now that the sixth season of "Community" had come to an end, what's next? That's a question on the minds of fans, especially after creator Dan Harmon left Twitter shortly before the finale.RELATED: If 'Community' is ending, Season 6 finale is a perfect goodbyeThe Season 6 finale was filled with talk of possible Season 7 ideas, while the episode ended with the hashtag #andamovie appearing on the screen. That's enough to keep fans excited about a possible future of the show.As for any official answer, there isn't one just yet. However, Yahoo! sounds hopeful that there's more to come. In a statement, Yahoo says, "With the Season 6 finale of 'Community' airing today, we're continually excited by how much fans are engaging with the series. Now that all episodes are available for binge-viewing, stay tuned for how we keep 'Community' delighting its fans."RELATED: 'Community's' Dean Pelton gives Captain America a run for his moneyThat certainly... //

Why 'Community' Should End at Season 6

Community ended its surprising sixth season on Yahoo with "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television". It wasn't the first time that Community had to craft a season finale as a series finale but it was one of the most satisfying attempts. In the final moments Jeff (and Community ) both said goodbye to Abed and Annie, as they left Greendale and moved across the country. It was a fitting and touching end to the series as the two youngest members of the original study group grew up and moved on to a new life. While Community left the door open to season 7, "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television" should serve as the series finale and be the end of Community .   Read More... //

Joel McHale Is Ready for Community to Hit the Big Screen

  Joel McHale wants you and Conan O'Brien to know that he's ready for a Community movie, but only if he gets billions of dollars. Also, only if Dan Harmon writes the project. Both of those things should be totally manageable, especially if there's a Kickstarter or Indiegogo involved. (We just want McHale to be able to build his evil lair. Good cause.)  Read More...   //