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Interview: 'Community' star Jim Rash on The Dean's sexuality, directing and more

Community star and Oscar-winning writer Jim Rash discusses the show's move to Yahoo and his own opportunity to direct on Community for the first time.   Read More... //

'Community': The first minute of Season 6 catches you up with the study group

You might be surprised at how much "Community" is able to pack into 60 seconds. The first minute of the "Community" Season 6 premiere has been released -- care of Variety -- giving a taste of what the study group has been up to in the almost a year since the show's NBC run ended.It's business as usual for the gang, from Jeff cheating the system for a better parking spot to Britta protesting something. It's not quite clear what she's protesting, but is it ever? Abed is still being weird, while Annie continues to strive for perfection.RELATED: 6 'Community' Season 6 teases, from space travel to Britta's parentsUnfortunately for her, she missed the mark in a big way. Though Annie thinks she's done all she can to save Greendale, one small mistake results in a frisbee avalanche in the cafeteria. Will she ever be able to live down the shame?"Community" Season 6 premieres... //

Communitys Jim Rash Says the Show Will Deal With Deans Sexuality More This Season

  Over the weekend at SXSW, Yahoo threw a party for their newly acquired and revamped Community . We caught up with Jim Rash on the red carpet, who plays Dean Pelton on the show, to discuss what we can expect from Dean this season. A quick Google search reveals how confused viewers have been about his characters sexuality over the years. For me in particular it was a good season because we deal with Deans sexuality, which will be fun. [His orientation] has not technically been revealed. People assume, but he feels hes much more complicated than one label, so it makes it more interesting. As Lena Dunham recently reminded us , the spectrum of human sexuality is complicated. Thats the way it should be, he smiles.  Read More...   //

6 'Community' Season 6 teases, from space travel to Britta's parents

At long last, the Season 6 premiere of "Community" has nearly arrived. After being canceled by NBC in 2014, the little show that could will live on through Yahoo Screen.However, just because it's making a move to the internet doesn't mean it's going to become an entirely different show. Creator Dan Harmon and the cast and crew know exactly what "Community" fans want and they aim to please.With that in mind, Zap2it spoke to stars Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs about what to expect from Season 6, and some of what's coming up is far out there in a way only "Community" can be.RELATED: How to watch 'Community' on Yahoo Screen by Gillian Jacobs1. New cast members to round out the groupWith the departure of Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley, there was some space in the group to fill. That's where Paget Brewster (Frankie) and Keith David (Elroy) come in."[Elroy] lives in an R.V.... //

The Most Important Shows on TV: Week of March 16, 2015

Which TV series will your friends (and the entire internet) be talking about this week? Stay informed—or at least be able to fake it—with SideReel's weekly guide to The Most Important Shows on TV.   Community (Season Premiere) Tuesday at 3:00am on Yahoo! Screen Why: Because creator Dan Harmon is a genius, star Joel McHale is ridiculously attractive, and this crazy meta-comedy has had more lives than even the luckiest of cats. Prepare to talk about: How this show manages to reinvent itself every season; whether the fact that it's lost half of its original cast members has been detrimental; whether the show has been totally "Britta'd" in its transition to Yahoo! Screen.         Empire (Season Finale) Wednesday at 9:00pm on FOX Why:  The Lyons are the family you kind of wish you had (even though they're all pretty cray), and this is the last chance you'll have to spend time with them for MONTHS. NOOOOOO! GET WELL SOON LUCIOUS!  Prepare to talk about: Who'll take over the company; whether Lucious is  really  on his way out of the world; how Empire will fend off attacks from rivals; why Cookie is just the best (marry me, Cookie; I'll never cut you out of the biz).         Glee (Series Finale) Friday at 9:00pm on FOX Why: You probably liked this show once upon a time! Maybe you still do! But it's ending, like it should have done before Ryan Murphy got bored with it and focused all of his efforts on the bonkers  American Horror Story  and the characters you actually cared about graduated from high school. Prepare to talk about: How much you cried, because you're basically an emo theater teen at heart; how you still miss  The Glee Project ; how poor Tina Cohen-Chang really got screwed out of any good storylines; how you'll always miss Finn.     Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of You can follow her musings on  Twitter .

How to watch 'Community' on Yahoo Screen: Thanks, Gillian Jacobs

How to watch Community on Yahoo Screen. Premieres March 17th! Technology can be confusing. But thanks to "Community"s' Gillian Jacobs, it doesn't have to be! The NBC-turned-Yahoo-Screen comedy's Season 6 premiere (March 17) is a week away, which means fans are going to have to get used to a new way of watching the Greendale gang do weird things and live in alternate realities. It's not as simple as turning on your TV to NBC and watching it there, anymore. (Just kidding, it's just as easy. It's just different.)However, because Jacobs knows change can be hard, she's posted an adorably short and sweet how-to video on her Instagram to illustrate all of the ways fans can tune into the show. After all, she probably doesn't want anyone to miss out the next protest Britta holds just because they couldn't figure out how Yahoo Screen works. RELATED: The 'Community' trailer is here, tries really hard... //

Community Reunites the Greendale Gang in First Season 6 Trailer (Video)

Community is making its triumphant return after being rescued by Yahoo Screen, but the first trailer for the upcoming sixth season of Dan Harmons sitcom shows that its business as usual at Greendale Community College. Of course, there have been a few changes since the show was canceled by NBC. The most glaring one is the exit of Nicole Yvette Brown, who played Shirley on the show for its first five seasons. Her exit comes after Chevy Chase and Donald Glover left the show duringthe shows fifth season.   Read More... //

Community: Season 6 Includes a Police Academy Reunion

Steve Guttenberg's tweet from the Community: Season 6 set reveals a gathering of Police Academy alums.   Read More... //

Alison Brie on 'Community' at Yahoo: 'We've never felt more supported as a show'

Watch HItFix's red carpet interview with Alison Brie at Sundance: the actress talks "Community," "Sleeping With Other People" and the difference working with a female film director.  Read More... //

Community Gets Premiere Date on Yahoo (Video)

Community will debut March 17 on Yahoo for its sixth season. The former NBC sitcoms return date was unveiled Tuesday at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in a montage plugging the premiere.   Read More... //