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COMMUNITY Season 6 Teaser Recaps 5 Seasons of Ups and Downs for the Resurrected Comedy

It’s a little hard to believe that  Community  actually lasted five whole seasons on network television.  Once the sitcom found its weird/meta groove a few episodes into its first season, it soldiered on and never looked back.  The show battled network disappointment, high fan expectations, cast departures, and even the firing—and rehiring—of its own showrunner  Dan Harmon  before  NBC finally opted to cancel the show  once and for all after Season 5.  Plenty of fans were upset, especially given the “Six Seasons and a Movie” rally cry, but Yahoo! Screen  came to the resuce  at the very last minute to resurrect the show for a sixth season.  Yahoo! has now released a  Community  Season 6 teaser that recaps the last five years of madness (all but glossing over the Harmon-less Season 4) and teases the upcoming resurrection of the show, complete with  Six Million Dollar Man  references galore. Read more... //

'Community' Cast Explains Dan Harmon's Craziness and Creativity in New 'Harmontown' Trailer

"I have a Fox pilot I'm supposed to be writing right now, and if they saw what I was doing, they'd be very upset with me"   Read More... //

First Promo for 'Community' Season 6: It's Better and More Awesome

The video compiles epic footage from the past seasons and promises a 'better, stronger, faster' new season.   Read More... //

Community Star Yvette Nicole Brown Joins CBS Odd Couple Reboot

Yvette Nicole Brown is heading to The Odd Couple. The Community actress has been cast in Matthew Perry s upcoming reboot of the classic comedy series The Odd Couple, the network said Friday.   Read More... //

Community's Season 5 Blooper Reel Is the Real Deal

  "Six seasons and a movie and a blooper reel for each," as the Community fan chant says. So, accordingly, we have the reel from season five. As these things go, there is a lot of dancing and cursing and people forgetting their lines. For weirdos who really like watching bloopers on YouTube and not Yahoo's video player, savor this.   Read More...   //

Five Unforgettably Brilliant Episodes of Community

Community  appeared at a time when it was easy to lose hope in sitcoms. Comedy shows had all become different versions of the same thing. Like listening to 200 bands all play Stairway to Heaven. It may be a good song, but you get sick of it, real quick. But Community offered something very different. The idea of a non-stop barrage of jokes buried within running jokes and pop culture references. The only show that was anything similar was  Arrested Development  (and these two shows would go on to make little nods to one another for that exact reason), which are two shows that I truly believed saved TV comedy in many ways. Knowing the sixth season will be on its way (thanks to Yahoo, of all things), I thought we comb over some past episodes of Community that prove it to be one of the greatest comedy shows of all time. Read More... //

Yahoo Saves Community! Former NBC Comedy to Air 13-Episode Sixth Season Online

Yahoo Saves Community! Former NBC Comedy to Air 13-Episode Sixth Season Online In the 11th hour move that no one REALLY thought would happen, Community was saved from the chopping block yet again! The former NBC comedy will see its sixth season come to life online, thanks to Yahoo Screen.

'Community' Season 6: Why Ratings Don't Matter, Themed Episodes and a Weekly Format

Community is the little show that could. It's struggled in the ratings but has been critically acclaimed since day one and backed by a cult following. So when NBC decided to cancel the show after season 5, hearts broke. But, there was still hope the show could be saved and fans could one day see six seasons and a movie. And in the eleventh hour, YahooScreen saved Community . So what can we expect for Community season 6? And what will change now that it's not on network television? The Community panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 gave some insight.   Read More... //

Comic-Con: 'Community' Star Joel McHale Never Doubted Revival Chances

"You'll be watching it the way you've always watched it only now it's legal," said creator Dan Harmon, who says episodes will be released weekly.   Read More... //

COMMUNITY at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

COMMUNITY has been saved by Yahoo, so it is also making the return trek to Comic-Con. Check out the official panel description, and check back starting at 2:15 PM PT for live-blog updates. Will six seasons and a movie come true? Greendale Community College been saved by Yahoo, but what happens next to Jeff Winger []   Read More... //