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Community Season 1, Episode 1: 'Pilot' Review - Featured

Having already checked out the Community ' Pilot ' with its early Facebook release, I figured we should start talking about this new Thursday comedy a little early this week! If you haven't already watched the pre-released pilot, I promise this won't contain big spoilers since it's a new 30-minute comedy without much to be spoiled from the happenings of a first episode. So, in the pilot, we meet Joel McHale's main character, Jeff, a lawyer who has to go back to community college because he was found out for having a fake law degree. (Insert the continuously played promo clip of Jeff noting he got his degree from Columbia, but now he has to get one from America.) Jeff quickly meets a cute girl and instead of focusing on his classes, he focuses on trying to get in her pants, and trying to convince his professor friend to give him all the answers to his tests for the semester. While this isn't comedy at its most brilliant, overall the pilot's really funny and the character introductions via Jeff's fake Spanish study group promise some pretty hilarious times for the community college bunch who are all there for typical but funny reasons. Chevy Chase joins the gang as Pierce, an over-the-hill guy who instantly becomes enthralled with funnywoman Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley. They fill out the typical middle-aged group coming back to school to jump-start a second career or to feel young again soaking up some knowledge and college air. Then there's the usual aged freshman like Troy and Annie who just didn't quite make it out of town for college. Besides Pierce, the funnyman card goes to Abed who's pretty nutty and able to rattle off facts for Jeff about his pretty new crush in disturbing detail! While we didn't get much of him in the pilot, I'm most looking forward to getting to know Senor Chang, the Chinese Spanish teacher played by Ken Jeong of Role Models, The Hangover , and a bunch of other super funny movies. Jeff's crush, Britta, doesn't seem that notable so far besides being a catalyst for Jeff and the others to take themselves and their educations more seriously, which bonds the fake study group nicely in the first episode so we can believe this group of misfits would hang around each other. My biggest complaint about the premiere episode is that they hyped up this show so much that by watching all the promos put out for it, I'd basically seen the episode. But yet, while I'd heard most of the jokes, I still thought put into context they were really funny and the plot is actually well-built around those jokes so that we could have ourselves another hit NBC comedy here! It has a very strong cast of great comedians who don't individually try to take over the show despite their reputations (cough, Chevy), and I think there's a lot more potential for interesting and humorous character development and plot here than I'd even imagined from the promos! So, if you haven't watched yet, definitely tune in tonight for the Community premiere at 9:30/8:30c on NBC, and if you have watched and you really liked it, watch it again to help out the ratings so it can stick around! While you're at it, enter our giveaway for a chance to win some cool Community stuff: Enter SideReel's Community Prize Pack Giveaway!

Fall TV Preview 2009: Community

Community (NBC) Premiere: Thursday, Sept. 17, 9:30-10 p.m. (Note: Community moves into the 8-8:30 p.m. slot in three weeks, when 30 Rock returns.) Competition: Supernatural , Fringe , CSI , Grey's Anatomy (first three weeks); Vampire Diaries, Bones , Survivor: Samoa , FlashForward (normal time slot) Cast: Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown Status: We've seen the first episode. Should you watch Community? Read on... While we feel as though it's a bit redundant to describe a show we have been shamelessly promoting for the past few months, we must, so we'll keep it brief: Lovable jerk Jeff (McHale) is forced to further his education after his law degree is discovered to be a fake, thus leading our antihero to enroll in Greendale Community College. Once on campus, we immediately see that Jeff's motley crew of fellow students have quite the adventure ahead of them. Jeff's instant attraction to the untrusting Britta (Jacobs) sets the tone for what's to come, as the manipulator in him takes over and Jeff forms a real-fake study group for his foreign language-deficient leading lady. Other tutorial-needing students arrive unexpectedly, rounding out this cast of lovely, funny people. Look for the fabulous Abed (Pudi) to steal the show, with hilarious moments between Brown's Shirley and Chase's Pierce, as well as instant chemistry between Troy (Donald Glover) and Annie (Alison Brie). And after the premiere, comedian Ken Jeong pops up as Spanish professor Senor Chang--definitely worth checking out. Community is what NBC envisioned when they created the slogan "Must See TV." It's a don't-miss show, and if we haven't already drilled this into you enough, the Peacock net's newest Thursday-night comedy is the best addition to the lineup since the equally brills 30 Rock. Verdict: Watch! Source: E!Online - Fall TV Preview 2009: Community, Starring E!'s Very Own Joel McHale!

SideReel's Fall TV Preview - NBC - Featured

The Fall TV Season is so close, I can feel the couch potato metamorphosis beginning! As the premieres of all the new fall shows approach, we'll be giving you a peek at this fall's newbies and our opinions on each network's new shows all week, so check out the FOX Fall Preview here , the NBC preview below, and stay tuned for much more! The Best: Community - Premieres September 17th While I wouldn't have guessed The Soup 's Joel McHale could transfer his comedic stylings from TV critic to sitcom star, the promos and pre-released pilot episode of Community show otherwise! This new NBC comedy is packed with hilariousness from the start with the cast line-up including Joel McHale as mentioned, the comedy legend Chevy Chase, funnyman Ken Jeong of The Hangover , Role Models, and plenty more, plus a number of other comedic gems like Yvette Nicole Brown and Danny Pudi. McHale stars as a lawyer returning to community college because his degree was discovered as a fake, and the rest of the cast fill in as community college students and professors with their own tragic reasons for getting stuck in the stereotypical groupings of those who have to (or choose to) attend community college. With its pre-released pilot, Community has already proven it's worthy of joining NBC's Thursday night comedy line-up, so here's hoping the rest of this first season can measure up! The comedic style falls right in place with NBC's lovable loser-based comedies including The Office , 30 Rock , and Parks & Recreation . As long as they stick with that hilarious line of laughing at life when it's got you down or when you just can never quite make dating, work, or just plain life work, I think it'll be a success. The Worst: Mercy - Premieres September 23rd This one almost falls into the 'wild card' column at this point, but with the not-so-thrilling promos and with the over-saturation of new medical shows, I think this one will be the one to not make the cut. While Scrubs really shouldn't be on anymore, it still has a lot of loyalty going for it, so if TV fans are going to watch a medical comedy, it'll be Scrubs. Mercy focuses on the nurses' perspective of a hospital, and while it's more comedy-driven than the likes of this summer's TNT drama, HawthoRNe , nurses running around talking about how doctors don't do anything was already proven in that one not to be interesting enough to keep most of our attention. Mercy doesn't have any big, or even little, comedy names, and the show doesn't have a unique hook. The only recognizable cast member is Michelle Trachtenberg who in the promos does not come off as funny or endearing as it seems she's meant to be. The older, more knowledgeable nurses aren't mean, competitive, or funny enough to be intriguing. If the show reflects the promos, I don't think there'll be enough interest to draw viewers in, much less keep them. I think there's still a chance it could surprise us, but if it delivers what it's promising, this one definitely belongs in the 'don't bother' column. The Wild Card: Trauma - Premieres September 28th Trauma is the all new (very epically advertised) medical drama for NBC. While it does look much more focused on the paramedics crew as opposed to the doctors in the emergency room, this is basically the ER replacement. While the promos for this one are dramatic, it doesn't provide much more incentive to watch beyond some dramatic accidents and medical cases. So far in medical shows like House , ER , and Grey's Anatomy , it has been very intriguing to occasionally get those episodes where they spend more time at a horrible accident site, but it seems with the entire focus of this show on the paramedics, it will just be epic moment after epic moment which will becoming tiring and repetitive without including much of a chance for character development. If you're looking for some action in your fall TV line-up, this one's for you, but if you're looking for a new, edgy, and unique medical show, I'd say this one may be a big disappointment. Saved for Spring: Parenthood Which new NBC shows will you be checking out? Check out the Fall 2009 TV Calendar here