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Community Season 6 Premiere Review: The Online Course Is As Good as the Original

With more freedom to get freaky, Community feels refreshed even if some of the same problems of Season 5 persist.   Read More... //

Community: Season 6 Premiere Review

Communitys back for Season Freaking 6 and some notable changes dont stop it from delivering in a big way.   Read More... //

Community: "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care" Review

Britta's parents show up and she thinks they're the worst, while the Dean gets (willingly) trapped in virtual reality.  Read More... //

Community Review: Idiots Won

Being a fan of Community requires, at the end of each season, cultivating an almost Zen-like sense of non-attachment. "I may never see this show again," I have mumbled to myself over 5 season finales - each aired amidst media speculation that it could be the show's last.  "And that is okay. I am okay. Community is okay. We are all okay." Of course, I'm not a Zen mistress; I'm a TV recapper, and I'm never quite okay with the sense of not-knowing that fills me after a Community season finale. Is that it? Won't we even get to say a proper goodbye? Read more:  //  

Community Season Finale Recap: 5 Seasons and a Treasure Hunt

  “Firing on all cylinders” is not a phrase that I use often, but when the shoe fits, it fits. “Basic Sandwich,” the second half of Community ’s fifth season finale, was all the things fans of the show love it for: absurd, poignant, metatextual, layered, and deeply funny. It was also unabashed in relating its central plotline (the search for Greendale’s founding dean, Russell Borchert, and his treasure, whatever that meant) to Community ’s continued existence as a television show.   Dan Harmon has never exactly shied away from meta commentary about the show through a given episode’s central premise, but at times during “Sandwich,” the line between the players and the audience was gossamer thin, especially during Abed’s spinoff rant to Annie: “This show, Annie ... it isn’t just their show. This is our show, and it’s not over. And the sooner we find that treasure, the faster the Jeff-Britta pilot falls apart.” I half-expected Ron Howard to then voice-over, “Please tell your friends about this show.” That speech certainly puts a pretty fine point on it, and additionally makes it clear that the Jeff and Britta pairing from “Basic Story” was Harmon’s wink to all of us, as if to say, “You wanna cancel this show? How about a spinoff with these two?” It felt like Michael Scott negotiating the sale of his paper company to Dunder Mifflin: “If tomorrow, my company goes under, I will just start another paper company, and then another, and another, and another. I have no shortage of company names.” And while I and a lot of others would certainly miss this specific character grouping, there’s no doubt that Dan Harmon has no shortage of company names himself. But as the Dean pointed out, this wasn’t an hour-long episode of The Office (even though there was a B.J. Novak cameo). Ultimately, Abed’s right: Awfully Wedded / Tying the Not, while funny in this context, would be lucky to last six episodes, and far more painful to watch than any of Community ’s most lukewarm offerings to date.   Read More... //

Community Season 5 Finale Review: Revenge of the Nerd-like

In its possible series finale, Community honored its '80s inspirations.   Read More... //

Season finale review: 'Community' - 'Basic Sandwich'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Basic Sandwich," the fifth season finale of NBC's "Community," in which Annie and Abed lead a hunt for buried treasure, while Jeff and Britta make wedding plans.   Read More... //


The Season 5 finale for Community was a bit more outwardly wacky then some episodes, perhaps, but man was it funny, with a ton of memorable moments. While Community’s been a down to the wire renewal every season except its first, this is actually only the second time (and in back-to-back years too) where we’re watching the season finale – which this year is airing several weeks earlier than is the norm -- still uncertain about the show’s status. Signs are looking good, but you never know, and now it’s pins and needles time for us fans leading up to the network Upfronts next month and the final decisions on what's getting renewed.  Read More... //

Community 5.13 Review: “Basic Sandwich”

You’ll have to forgive me. I’m a little short of words after watching another one of my favorite shows end for the season. I’ve lost too many of my favorites this past year ( Psych ,  Breaking Bad ,  How I Met Your Mother ) to even consider the possibility of losing another. However, as you recall, I wrote a (hopefully) compelling argument for the renewal of  Community  a few weeks ago, which you can find  here.  SO, if anyone knows any NBC executives, pass it along will you? I know of several (million) people who’d be grateful if you did. SAVE GREENDALE!! *steps off soapbox* Fat Dog for tonight’s episode! As you’ll recall, last week left us with a dancing Dean, Abed, and Annie who may have found a buried treasure map whose contents may lead to officially saving Greendale. As we begin, Hickey and Shirley have retrieved Greendale’s blueprints from City Hall and they study the map in relation to the blueprints. They find something (duh) and after a brief discussion about Duncan’s private areas and Abed thinking  The Goonies ‘ plot doesn’t flow logically (WHAT?! BLASPHEMY), they set forth to uncover Greendale’s treasure. Read More... //

Community Recap: Save Greendale. Again.

  It's hard to judge an episode like "Basic Story" on its own merits, knowing that a second half is on its way next week. There wasn't really much to it, hence its title (and Abed's search for a story line), but there were surely some funny bits. The irony of the Save Greendale Committee doing such a good job that they've made Greendale just valuable enough to sell to Subway is pretty bleak, when you think about it, but also a pretty useful setup for whatever National Treasure– based high jinks are sure to follow in next week’s “Basic Sandwich.”  Read More... //