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Community Review: Rage Mountain, Skull River

It's tough to swing a sequel. Even the best ones sometimes falter - as much as I love Ghostbusters 2, say, it's still never gonna be regular Ghostbusters. And for every sequel that exceeds the original - an X2, a Bourne Supremacy - there are hundreds that fall far short of the mark. I haven't been able to decide if  Community Season 5 Episode 10  - an informal sequel to  Community Season 2 Episode 14 , a.k.a. "the Dungeons and Dragons episode" - is a Ghostbusters 2 or an X2. In a way, it's a little bit of both. While the original episode had, well, originality on its side, this half hour had Jonathan Banks and guest star David Cross as the Hickey men, who both boast wits so dry, they could start a forest fire. Read more:  //


Wow, wow, wow on Vince Gilligan. It was known that the Breaking Bad creator would be guest starring on Community this season, but what beautiful lunacy to have him be the star of “Pile of Bullets,” a 1993 VHS-based game that lead to a particularly intense Abed and Annie showdown. Gilligan’s known for his friendly, Southern demeanor and it was incredibly funny to see him in this bizarre role - in a scenario that got increasingly frenetic and hysterical, as the game got more intense, without ever making a lick of sense. Alison Brie and Danny Pudi were terrific showing Annie and Abed lost in this showdown, doing every single thing the game asked of them, regardless of how ridiculous. Read More... //

Community 5.09 Review: “VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing”

Hola Communies! This weeks  Community  episode may have been the best of the season yet (okay, at LEAST since Troy left) and they’re only getting better from here (or so it would seem). This week we follow Annie and Abed as they search for a new roommate, and the rest of the gang breaks bad. Let’s jump in shall we?! DRAW! We are once again at the end of a “Save Greendale” committee meeting, and Annie is assigning duties. Jeff hops on with “clean out a storage room” because she always assigns the easy ones first. So after Hickey and Shirley join up, Annie decides to assign nothing further. She’s unpredictable! Graham cracker! We also get a visit from Abed’s girlfriend, Rachel (the beautiful  Brie Larson ). Their relationship is evolving efficiently, Rachel just got Abed a gift (The VCR game “Pile of Bullets”) AND they are the new “Aww couple”. They even share a (Jeff’s) Netflix password. AWW! Read More... //

Community goes FULL Brave New World and it is wonderful

  Last night Community unleashed all of the hard science fiction parodies. We have been waiting for this moment — we knew once Dan Harmon was done poking fun at Star Wars , action movies, zombie movies, horror movies and gangster films, eventually he would move on to weird dystopian films. And Community did not disappoint.  Read More...   //

Review: 'Community' - 'APP Development and Condiments'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "APP Development and Condiments," the March 6 episode of NBC's "Community," in which a new social app turns Greendale into a dystopian hellscape ruled by Shirley.  Read More... //

Community Season 5 “VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing” Review

I know that  Community  has already lost one cast member to a budding rap career and fans would prefer not to see any further departures. However, if Jim Rash decides to leave the show to pursue a career as a rapper, I’m all for it. His peanut-clad rap at the start of the episode was spectacular. Along with a memorable entry by Dean Pelton, this week’s episode also featured something else I love – the darker side of Shirley. I love when she takes charge and tells the group (or smaller subset of the group) how to properly pull off a caper. Give me Shirley telling Britta to find rope over the “awwww, that’s nice” Shirley every single time. I know that Shirley has dreams of entrepreneurship, but I really think she could shine as a criminal investigator or perhaps the leader of a criminal enterprise. I can’t help but wonder if the blue color of the textbook contraband had anything to do with this week’s guest appearance. Read More... //

Community Review: Pile of Bullets

Trust, betrayal, the fact that Abed apparently still has a girlfriend... I think we should put all of these important aspects of  Community Season 5 Episode 9  on the back burner while we discuss the really important matter at hand: Vince Gilligan's long-teased  cameo ! As someone who always adored  Breaking Bad 's comedic streak, I was de-lighted to see Gilligan pop up as the master of ceremonies in that bizarrely convoluted VHS game, whose Western setting ever-so-slightly evoked those meth-sprinkled deserts that Walt and Jesse were always tromping around in. Sigh . It'll always be time to cook in my heart, you two crazy kids! As for the half hour itself (well, the non-Gilligan parts of it, anyway): it felt like a bit of a decompression from the manic highs this show has been on for the past few weeks - and judging from next week's teaser, this week was just a spot to rest and refuel between whimsical epics. Read More... //


Community is an audacious show that usually swings big and that can sometimes mean not quite hitting the mark. Such was the case with "App Development and Condiments”, which certainly went all out in terms of oddness and was in line with Community when it came to a pop culture target (mixing the modern idea of rating, well, everything with 1970s sci-fi, a la Logan's Run), but didn’t quite come together. Read More... //

Community 5.08 Review: “App Development and Condiments”

What? You’re saying  Community  isn’t as good anymore? After tonight’s episode, I have a message for you: You’re wrong. Okay, okay. It’s a matter of opinion, I realize that. However, I have to say that since Dan Harmon’s return, Community has been nothing short of the show I have once and always loved. Tonight’s episode was no exception. So without further ado, let’s discuss “App Development and Condiments”. It’s another exciting day for Greendale AND the “Save Greendale” committee (sans Professor Duncan, sadly). Greendale has been chosen to beta test a new app called “MeowMeowBeenz” (Pronounced “me-ow-me-ow-beans”). This is an app that allows you to give one through five star ratings (like you’d give a restaurant or bar on Yelp) to other people who have the app. Some of our favorite committee  members (Jeff, Britta, Hickey) are not keen on the idea, but the app begins to spread throughout the school regardless. Read More... //

Community Recap: What the Hell?

  “Bondage” did so many things well that it’s difficult to pick a single place to start. I think Britta’s interaction with her old group of former radicals cut to the core truth of the episode the most, though. The thing is, we all contain multitudes, different versions of ourselves that we tend to break out depending on the situation. The me my closest friends know is a far cry from the me that goes to, say, his 15-year high-school reunion. Ahem … or, you know … doesn’t. But the version of Britta that she herself is always trying to recapture with her pseudo-activist antics is a previous version — maybe a less enlightened one — a version 1.xx, and the very people she remembers so fondly first praise her, and then alienate her. And it’s easy to relate to the situation from both angles, which is part of what made “Bondage” so compelling an episode: We all pine for days past, through rose-tinted glasses, when we were a bit younger, dumber, more carefree.   Read More... //