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Conviction Recap 1/8/17: Season 1 Episode 11 “Black Orchid”

Hayes knew something was wrong the instant Wallace called her. Wallace was technically supposed to be in bed beside her because that’s where she had last seen him however he had left the apartment without her knowing and then he had tried waking her up by repeatedly calling her. But Hayes knew Wallace and the fact he knew he was waking her up had meant he couldn’t afford to wait around. So Hayes had did what the text message said. She had gotten dressed, had gone to the address he told her to meet him at, and she had found out that Wallace had called her down to an active crime scene. And seeing as CIU handled cases that had been tried already, she had been a little confused. However, Hayes hadn’t been confused for long. Hayes had asked Wallace why he had asked her to meet him at an active crime scene and so he had told her about the Black Orchid Killer. The Black Orchid Killer had been this serial killer that had beaten his female victims to death inside their homes and the police had allegedly caught him several years ago. So Hayes had figured out that the recent death had come relation and she had been right. Another young woman had been beaten to death in her apartment and all aspects of the case had matched up with the Black Orchid Killer. The victim had dark hair, dark eyes, and her lips had been smeared with the signature Black Orchid lipstick. READ MORE...

Conviction Recap 1/1/17: Season 1 Episode 10 “Not Okay”

Hayes was struggling with the job. She had gone into it believing that she was playing some sort of trick on the world however her experience with the CIU had convinced her that she could help people and she had wanted to help Earl Slavitt. But unfortunately had failed Earl. He had been framed for embezzlement and for murder. So the state had taken the side of a dirty State’s Attorney and Earl had been wrongly convicted. And so Hayes struggled with going back to work knowing that she hadn’t been able to help Earl. However, what forced her back into the world and onto the job had been the same fire that got her threw everything. Hayes had felt that if the system could wrongfully murder Earl then someone that had been convicted of killing her rapist should go free. So Hayes did go back to work and she told her team that whether they liked or not they were going to be working on Sophie Hausen. Sophie had been going to college with Travis Carter when one night she asked her to his place and then she couldn’t remember what happened next. READ MORE...

'Conviction' Winter Finale Recap: Does Hayes Finally Lose a Case?

The ninth episode of Conviction just might be among the last, as rumors of its cancellation gain steam. Although ABC isn't really commenting on the rumors, they've yet to order any more episodes beyond the initial 13.   In this episode, "A Different Kind of Death," directed by Andrew McCarthy, things get a little personal when a case that is close to Wallace's heart is reopened just days before the accused is set to be executed. Hayes and the team have to look into a death row inmate convicted of the murder of Wallace's best friend and federal prosecutor.   ...Read More... //

'Conviction' Recap: The CIU Defends a Man Who Can't Defend Himself

Conviction 's seventh episode, "A Simple Man," finds Hayes and the CIU taking on the case of a mentally-challenged man convicted of arson in his family's restaurant. To add an element of interest (because, at this point, we desperately need this show to mix things up), the CIU has a documentary film crew following them around. ...Read More... //

'Conviction' Recap: Hayes' Past Comes Back to Haunt Her

Hayes and her team confront some major mommy issues in this episode of Conviction , titled "Mother's Little Burden." Amid a firestorm of bad press and scandal, Hayes and the Conviction Integrity Unit have to take on the case of a mother who might have poisoned her son who has severe autism.   While the CIU looks into the boy's death by soy sauce, Hayes is forced to do an interview on a popular national television show. In order to keep her job, she must apologize to America while she appears contrite, expresses regret and wears a string of pearls....Read More... //

'Conviction' Recap: What Happens When Hayes Has to Defend a Bad Guy?

Aptly titled "Dropping Bombs," this episode of Conviction takes us down an icky road of questionable ethics and murky values. When the CIU revisits the bombing of a mosque -- on the 10th anniversary of September 11 -- it looks like the bomber might get a new trial. (I told you it was gross.) Questionable and murky seem like likely places for self-proclaimed bad girl Hayes Morrison to hang out, but even this seems a little much for her. It's safe to say that Hayes isn't particularly likable, nor is her petulant child act getting any less trying. But there is a moment of sizzle between her and Wallace on the red carpet that makes her only a little less bothersome. While on said red carpet, Wallace blathers compliments about Hayes to the reporter and calls her "the new Hayes." Of course, she hates this because she is basically a brat, and this prompts her to rush back to the office in her ball gown to hunt for just the right case to get under his skin.   ...Read More... //

Conviction Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Bridge and Tunnelvision

On Conviction Season 1 Episode 2 , we're right back in the lions den with the Conviction Integrity Unit. But this time, Hayes wants the ball in her court. After Conviction Season 1 Episode 1 , we knew Hayes would try to take down Wallace. To her surprise, Wallace is already prepared for the fight. They both want to be in charge, but neither is willing to give up any power. ...Read More...   //

'Conviction' Recap: Hayes Goes Behind Wallace's Back

In episode 2 of Conviction , "Bridge and Tunnel Vision,"Hayes tries to undermine Wallace by picking her second case to be one of his claim-to-fame cases. In doing so, she meets with some shocking surprises and betrayals. The case in question: "The Prospect 3." Will Hayes be able to prove the guilt or innocence of three rape suspects? Find out in this recap. ...Read More... //

Conviction: a debut with potential.

Conviction’s pilot opens with Hayes Morrison (Peggy Carter herself, Hayley Atwell) sitting in a jail cell after being busted for cocaine possession. She’s particularly chill considering her situation and it certainly looks like it’s not the first time she’s been detained. We quickly learn that Hayes is the former First Daughter, a tittle that she might claim once again since now it’s her mother, not her dad, running for President. Even though Hayes seems ok embracing her orange is the new black future, in walks D.A. Conner Wallace (Eddie Cahill, who has aged like fine wine), who offers the wild child to make her possession charges and arrest dissolve into thin air before her scandal hits the news, only if she accepts to lead his new Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU). Hayes refuses to be blackmailed at first, and calls Conner out, claiming that because he eyes a political future, he wants her to do New York’s Criminal System’s dirty laundry. That way he’d look like a respectable, responsible candidate, while she would be making people mad. READ MORE...

'Conviction' Series Premiere Recap: Can Hayes Prove a Teenager's Innocence?

In ABC's new drama Conviction , Hayes Morrison (Hayley Atwell) is a scandal-ridden politician's daughter who takes on a new job as the head of the Conviction Integrity Unit, investigating possible wrongful convictions. In the series premiere, she takes on the case of Odell Dwyer, a teenager who was accused of murdering his girlfriend. Can Hayes prove his innocence while also proving to everyone watching her (including herself) that she can do this job? Read our recap of the Conviction series premiere below. ...Read More... //