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Coronation Street

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Mondays on ITV
Tracked 950 Times
10 Seasons, 977 Episodes
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Coronation Street or Corrie is a British award winning soap opera, which is one of the longest running TV dramas in Britain. Set in a fictional street of Weatherfield, in Greater Manchester.

User Reviews

by Natalie Stacey

Nov 02, 2016 4:59 PM EDT

Used to watch this show with my Nan. She loved it.

by Shivoncarla

Mar 02, 2019 4:28 PM EST


Coronation Street is credited as being one of the longest running soaps in the world and the longest running television soap in Britain. Tony Warren idea about producing a television program based on life in a Salford/ Manchester community was brilliantly conceived superbly, cast and perfectly executed. It generated a fan base of millions and realistic storylines which people could believe in and to which they could relate. The present storylines are an insult to both his vision and his memory. The whole project has degenerated into a hotchpotch of half baked storylines which have absolutely no connection with reality. More murders per episode than even Vlad the Impaler could have envisaged and more complicated neighbourhood sex interactions and begetting than even the bible. Most of the characters have as much depth or credibility as Micky Mouse, but less impact. God knows why we stay loyal, to this idiocy, maybe it's in the hope that all the writers will be replaced by someone with a little more ability and hopefully even a slight sense of what story Tony Warren was trying to tell.

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