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'Crossbones' recap: Introducing the infamous Blackbeard

The secret is out: Lowe is a spy. For that, he got a beatdown from the Commodore last week—and then the Commodore allowed him to drill a not-insignificant-sized hole in his head. Ah, bromance in bloom. It is complex, n’est-ce pas ? As the Commodore convalesces, Selima consults with the good spy-doctor. If looks could puncture, Lowe would be leaking all over the carpet. Read More... //

Blackbeard's head like a hole in 'Crossbones' recap

Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, aka the Commodore, plans to live it up before his possible death, starting out the episode by entertaining a number of young, naked ladies in his bed. Selima lingers outside the door and cringes a bit before stalking away. The Commodore hears the ghost baby again, which kills the mood. Read More... //

'Crossbones' recap: Jagger tests spy Tom Lowe's loyalties

When we left off, Lowe had abandoned his affair with Lady Kate, and Jagger had approached Antoinette—she of the Commodore’s ghostly visions—to aid in his search for Blackbeard. Jagger now holds Antoinette, who here is fully corporeal, under water: “Will you speak to me now, Antoinette? Will you speak to me now? Tell me where he is!” Read More... //

'Crossbones' recap: Gathering storms

After last week’s angry-sex encounter with young Charles, it’s surprising to see Selima disrobing and throwing herself at the Commodore. It’s even more surprising to see her get  shut down . He tells her she can’t lie to him, “least of all with your body.” Ouch. Mortified, she runs out. In Jamaica, Capt. Finnegan (using an assumed name) meets with Jagger in the beach dunes to arrange the sale of the chronometer. Jagger proceeds to describe Finnegan, the charges against him, his family in Yorshire — in other words, Finnegan is busted. Knowing he’s surrounded by Finnegan’s men, Jagger threatens to spit-roast his nieces, sister and mom if any harm befalls him on this beach, and leads Finnegan away to talk in a more civilized environment. Read More... //

'Crossbones' recap: For the love of Kate!

The Commodore hears voices as he relaxes on his bed garbed in cool white linen — could he be experiencing another of his headaches? One of the voices is of a small child saying, “Father!” Lowe makes love to Lady Kate, who regrets that she must leave to attend to business that requires a short jaunt to another island: a trading post on Adderley Cay. He’s concerned for her safety, but she’s done it a hundred times. When she’s gone, Lowe contemplates — is he hatching some spymaster’s scheme or does he have sincere concern for Kate? Read More... //

'Crossbones' recap: Pirate envy

The resident tech whiz, James, has succeeded in building a longitude chronometer; Selima warns the Commodore not to trust Captain Sam Valentine; and Fletch facilitates some exposition regarding “a vessel of some kind — except that it seems to travel underwater,” says Lowe in response to the barrage of questions about his sketchbook. Lowe’s an artist  and  a spy — a seductive combination. Read More... //

'Crossbones' recap: A most(ly) civilized pirate

A lesson in the British Empire’s early 1700s military might kicks off  Crossbones , the story of Edward Teach, also known as the feared pirate Blackbeard. Teach is played by famed American actor John Malkovich ( Being John Malkovich ,  Dangerous Liaisons  and, more recently,  RED and its sequel). Blackbeard undertakes a quest to find a navigation invention, the longitude chronometer, which would give the British Navy even greater dominance by allowing ships to gauge almost their precise location in the world’s vast and previously unknowable oceans. Read More... //

Crossbones "The Return" Review and 5-Episode Test: Let It Sink

The time has come to make a choice: Do we continue watching for the rest of the season, or cut bait?   Read More... //

Crossbones "The Man Who Killed Blackbeard" Review: Soul of a Pirate, Brain of a Frenchman

The Commodore is a complicated guy.   Read More... //

Crossbones "The Covenant" Review: When You Prayed, the Devil Was Listening

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