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Crossing Jordan Vet Heads to FlashForward

Crossing Jordan's Ravi Kapoor will appear on an upcoming episode of FlashForward, TVGuide.com has learned. Kapoor will play Malik, a man who comes in contact with Aaron Stark (Brian F. O'Bryne) when Aaron travels to Afghanistan to search for answers related to his daughter's military service and subsequent disappearance, sources close to the show said. Kapoor, who played Dr. Mahesh "Bug" throughout Crossing Jordan's six-season run, has recently guest-starred on 24, Fringe and Heroes. FlashForward returns March 18 at 8/7c.. Source Here

Crossing Jordan's Steve Valentine's New Estate of Panic

Steve Valentine, who played Crossing Jordan 's sarcastic and witty criminologist, Nigel Townsend, has crossed over into reality TV. The saucy Brit has had a varied career, including a gig as a magician, but had never tried reality TV - until now. Valentine hosts Sci Fi's Estate of Panic (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET), a reality show that places seven contestants per episode in different rooms inside a mysterious mansion. Their challenges are designed around grabbing the most money possible from rooms that boast nasty surprises, such as electrical shocks, snakes, and collapsing walls, until only one remains. We caught up with Valentine on a break from filming an upcoming episode of Monk to talk about his guilt over sending contestants into snake-filled rooms, which challenge he thinks he could never do and what he's working on next. read the interview from: TvGuide

Kathryn Hahn Is Crossing Over to Fox

Fox has inked a talent holding deal with Broadway's "Boeing-Boeing" co-star Kathryn Hahn. Hahn had been on the radar of Fox's head of casting Marcia Shulman since her days at Yale School of Drama, when the actress was a standout at the school's annual showcase for agents and TV executives. Hahn landed a co-starring role on NBC's " Crossing Jordan " shortly after graduating. For six seasons, she played Lily Lebowski on the crime drama, drawing the attention of Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly, who ran NBC Entertainment for half of the "Jordan" run. read more from the source