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CSI: Cyber Season 2 Episode 11 Review: “404: Flight Not Found”

What do you do when a commercial flight from Tampa, Florida to Providence, Rhode Island suddenly vanishes with no way of communicating with the aircraft from the ground? That’s what Team Cyber is dealing with in this week’s episode of CSI: Cyber. It was revealed during an FBI press conference at T.F. Green Airport that the missing plane, Argus-272, was intentionally diverted from its original flight path and onto a new one due to a cyber intrusion into the NAS flight plan database. Agent Krumitz did a triangulation of the plane’s GPS device to pinpoint the plane’s last known location and found that, instead of a large plane, there was some reflective material hanging from the trees in the field. After piecing everything together, the reflective material turned out to be a software-defined radio that’s used to imitate radio frequencies in order to infiltrate secure networks. It would seem that the hacker used this radio to scramble the communication signal between the missing plane and the Air Traffic Control Center in Leesburg, Virginia. READ MORE...

CSI: Cyber Season 2 Episode 9 Review: “iWitness”

Team Cyber uncovers a lot of deep dark secrets, including one that a local university tries to hide in order to protect the school’s reputation, as they track down a group of rapists in this week’s episode of CSI: Cyber. The hour began with Agent Ryan meeting Grace for dinner when the girl in question ascended the stairs, under the influence of alcohol. The scene then shifted to a hooded figure dousing the remains of a woman with gasoline, lighting it on fire with a book of matches, and watching the body burn. Agent Ryan then received a notification on her phone stating that a hacker named Quinn Elliot, aka QueenofHearts, had been killed, leading her to postpone dinner with Grace. READ MORE...

CSI: Cyber Season 2 Episode 6 Review: “Gone in 6 Seconds”

It’s Fast and Furious meets Grand Theft Auto in this week’s episode of CSI: Cyber. A driver by the name of Smokescreen races another driver by the name of Blaze in an illegal street race in the streets of Los Angeles. The race seemed to be going in Smokescreen’s favor when the car that he was remotely controlling drove off course when the LAPD showed up and the remote controlled car crashed head-on with another vehicle and claimed the life of a young man, Brian Harper, who was on his way home from work. Agent Ryan, Nelson, and Agent Mundo arrive onto the scene of the crash to figure out who Smokescreen really is and stop him before anyone else gets hurt in his deranged thirst for speed and adrenaline rush. Agent Mundo extracted the car’s event data recorder to figure out how the hacker managed to hack into the car’s computer system while Nelson downloaded data from the car’s CAN-Bus to figure out what happened prior to the collision. D.B also has a mystery of his own to solve as he ponders why all the springs from the pens in the Cyber Division have gone missing. READ MORE...

CSI: Cyber Season 2 Episode 5 Review: “Hack E.R.”

Hospitals are there to heal you from diseases and major physical injuries. They’re there for people to get better, not for people to die. Yet this wasn’t the case in this week’s episode of CSI: Cyber, where a group of hackers known as Grey Ruin took over City Mercy Hospital’s entire computer system, which included all the networked medical devices in Dallas, Texas, and killed a woman named Lindsay, who suffered from a broken leg from a rafting accident. Enter Team Cyber as they try to locate the responsible party and get the hospital system back online, but like all drama series, there’s always a catch in a suspenseful situation: the team has only four hours to find the killers before they start killing another innocent patient. As the episode went on, it seemed that the odds were not in Team Cyber’s favor as they were no closer to finding the hackers when another patient died in the ambulance that arrived at the hospital. Meanwhile, back in D.C., Agent Mundo compiled a list of possible suspects, and one seemed to fit the criteria for the hospital hack: Artie Sneed (guest star Marcus Giamatti). The benched agent then decided to go to Baltimore to track down Artie despite Agent Ryan’s orders to stay behind at the office. READ MORE...

CSI: Cyber Season 2 Episode 4 Review: “Red Crone”

The fun, innocent treasure hunts that we used to have as children are not so innocent anymore as one takes a frightening turn in this week’s episode of CSI: Cyber. The team finds an online, user-generated fan site for a horror meme character called Red Crone. Kids are lured to a designated location (an abandoned theater in Stony Creek State Park in Richmond, Virginia) via an application called Eye of Red Crone, which can decipher messages when the device is pointed at what is called "trigger images" that will reveal the next location of this twisted cyber treasure hunt. I liked some of the graphics used in the Eye of Red Crone application, especially the blackbird compass and the interactive aspect of it when Team Cyber arrived at the rotting tree and found the eye carving. The fact that it’s split into two perspectives, one from a child’s and one from an adult’s (to prevent them from finding their children), much like a multi-linear narrative, was very nicely done. I wasn’t too fond of the Red Crone drawing, though; it’s going to take me a while to get that image out of my head. Thanks for the nightmares, CSI: Cyber writers! READ MORE...

CSI: Cyber Is Back, andStill ChockFullO'Ludicrous Tech Tricks

The best-worst show about technology came back for its second-season premiere with 100% more Ted Danson and 1000% more dei ex machina driving its plotlines than before. The cast is slightly different, but the relentless corniness is simply amplified.   Read More...     //

CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: This Is the End... for Now

  The penultimate episode of CSI: Cyber season one (of ten billion) opens with Krumitz running into a house. Good! James Van Der Beek has done the bulk of the sprinting on this show, but now its Charlie Koontzs turn.   Krumitz runs to a computer, where he does something? Not sure what. He runs back downstairs, where Agent Ryan and his brother are there, held at gunpoint by someone? A lot of questions already!   Read More... //

'CSI: Cyber' season finale: Krumitz's past sets up dilemma for Season 2

For a show about the anonymous hackers of the internet, "CSI: Cyber" went personal for its Season 1 finale.In the final hour of the two part finale, "Family Secrets," Avery Ryan (Patricia Arquette) must come face to face with the former patient that ruined her psychology practice a decade prior. Finding out who has been spying on her for all these years invited the audience to meet Ryan's ex-husband and learn about her daughter Hannah, whose death still haunts them.However, it's Krumitz's (Charley Koontz) backstory that will propel "CSI: Cyber" into Season 2. The episode opens with Krumitz confronting a man in a diner who recently got out of prison. The scene depicts a much angrier side of Krumitz who clearly has an unpleasant history with the man. Later in the episode it's found out the man is responsible for killing Krumitz's parents when he was 12 years old, and the FBI agent is... //

CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: Another Angry Nerd Arrested

  At the start of this weeks episode, a teenage boy is playing video games. Then someone named VIPER75 messages him in the game, telling him its time. The boy goes outside, opens a package containing a cordless drill, and then rides his bike to a mysterious set of suburban coordinates. Once there, he gets shot in the chest somehow?   Does that all makes sense? Good. Okay. Moving on.   Read More... //

CSI Cyber and the Sick Killshot Ratio of Death

Most CBS procedurals skew conservativethis is, after all, the network that gave us NCIS, essentially a military police porno for old people but last nights episode of CSI:Cyber was like an hour-long PSA co-written by Glenn Beck, the Concerned Mothers Against Video Games, and my mom after my brother almost failed AP French when he wouldnt stop playing WoW.   Read More... //