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CSI: Sara Gets Five Episodes As Riley Leaves The Lab

I guess people didn't really warm to Riley Adams after all. Lauren Lee Smith is not going to be back for the tenth season of CSI , executive producer Naren Shankar told TV Guide Magazine. And, much like the departure of Kim Delaney on her first season in CSI: Miami , it's because the character just wasn't working well as everyone had expected. "It was an issue of how we were feeling the ensemble was working," Shankar said. "When we brought in the character of Riley, it got lost in the shuffle a little bit because we had lost Warrick, we had lost Sara, and then in the middle of last season Grissom finally left. I think, as a result, the character never quite found its footing in terms of the rest of the gang." And, perhaps, the fact that some CSI fans never really warmed to her, at least as a replacement for Jorja Fox, who left the show in the eighth season. Well, that's moot, then, as Fox's returning to the show for, according to Shankar, at least five episodes. "She shows up because the team is understaffed," he said. "The undersheriff reaches out for a recommendation and Sara says, 'I think that person might be me.'" "The team has had a rough year--there has been a lot going on--and so Sara comes back mostly just to see if she can help for a while, because she loves those guys and she misses them," Fox told the magazine in a separate interview. Her five-episode stint is expected to address why she returns to the Las Vegas team--it's been revealed before that she'll be dealing with another serial killer--and all those questions about what happened between her and Grissom. "That will hopefully be a reveal in the premiere," Fox said. "They've prevented me from discussing Grissom at all." While it's not sure whether she's going to stay, Shankar promises that fans will be in for a treat. "We're going to spotlight her for the episodes that she'll be in," he promises. Well, you get some, you lose some. Or, I guess Riley wasn't so lucky after all... Source Here

The 'CSI' Franchise Case File: Someone's Returning and Someone's Not

And the case file is back! Sure, we're intermittent, and we're off-season (which explains all those standalone articles), but here's why. Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello had unleashed a boatload of spoilers for CSI and CSI: Miami , something that I believe will sway how we watch upcoming episodes from those two in a pretty profound way. I just had to put them together. So, if you're ready, here's the obligatory spoiler alert. If you don't want to see them, it's been nice seeing you. If you do, then come on in! Item one: It won't be that much of a flashback. We've known for weeks that the eighth season of CSI: Miami will begin with a flashback, going back twelve years to see how exactly the MDPD team came together. We know that Khandi Alexander will reprise her role as Alexx Woods in the episode, and we know that the rest of the crew are trying to bring back Rory Cochrane for the episode. That, it seems, won't be happening. He reportedly turned down offers from the producers to guest star, again, in the eighth season premiere. So much for all that talk earlier--from Cochrane himself--hinting that he's open to the possibility. Maybe he didn't like the script, maybe he was busy, I don't know. He better remember that his "return" to the show isn't as supernatural as Delko's (Adam Rodriguez) imagination. Which, by the way, powers this entire episode--remember that he'll be in a coma after getting a bullet somewhere critical. Executive producer Ann Donahue also hinted that we'll see Tripp (Rex Linn) with hair. And, well, we'll also know how he lost all that hair. "We'll see Tripp with a combover and Calleigh (Emily Procter) says something like, 'You know, bald men are really sexy,'" she said. "And then the next time we see him he's shaved his head." Item two: It won't be that much of a reunion. The biggest item on the CSI front is the return of Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle; it's been confirmed that she'll be appearing in the tenth season premiere, and in yet-to-be-disclosed extra episodes. Obvious question is, is Grissom returning? William Petersen is, sadly, not returning to the role. At least not yet. But executive producer Carol Mendelsohn revealed that some classic characters will be returning to the series. "The last time we saw [serial killer] Paul Millander was in season 2 when Grissom had dinner at [his alter ego] Judge Mason's house, because, if you remember Paul lived a double life as a judge," she said. "And we met Mrs. Mason and their young son, Craig. Well, Paul's dead, but Mrs. Mason and Craig live on. And we will see them in episode 2." And that, I think, is where Sara's return comes in. Remember when they hinted that Sara will be compelled to return to Las Vegas for some reason, right? Executive producer Naren Shankar spills the crucial bit: it's another serial killer on the loose. "Starting at the end of our premiere, a brand new nemesis [will emerge] who has a very unique way of killing," he said. "This time, the crime scene is always the body. We're calling him Dr. Jekyl." He also revealed that viewers will finally get an idea about the ring Langston's (Laurence Fishburne) got on his finger. Which makes me wonder: Langston's going to be tested like this, so this season must be his big coming-in-circle thingie. And, being a fan--probably one of the few fans--of Langston, I can't help but be excited. Source Here

CSI Miami' Spoiler Alert: A Flashback Answers The Big Question

CSI: Miami fans, I have some pretty juicy spoilers for you. Well, I'll admit they aren't from me--credit is due to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, as always--but I can't resist calling them juicy anyway. It's got answers to that question we were left with when the show's seventh season wrapped up: what the heck happened to Delko? Spoilers after the click! But first, the little detail: the eighth season premiere of the show, which will air on its usual timeslot from September 21, will be one huge flashback. Back to 1997, to be exact, giving us a look back at the members of the Miami-Dade crime lab way before we began peering into their lives. (The Las Vegas team? Not until three years. I just had to say that.) The more important detail: the episode will be told from Delko's perspective. Where is he? Oh, in a hospital bed, perhaps. Delko is comatose, folks, after being critically wounded from that big clash-up on the last season finale. (Whether it was Calleigh or someone else who inflicted that wound has yet to be known.) Delko will be doing the same thing Catherine back in Vegas did last season, looking back to his first murder case as part of the MDPD. So yeah, that sounds a bit soap-operatic, or maybe a bit like what Life on Mars actually was, but at least it answers that crucial question. Now, for the question of how they'll be doing it... I imagine a Speedle cameo again. At least this won't be a he's-in-Delko's-imagination storyline like last time. Source Here

July Fourth Weekend Marathons - Featured

Who needs the beach and fireworks to celebrate Independence Day when there are endless hours of television to be had? Check out our roundup of the weekend's marathon programming (all times are ET): * A&E CSI: Miami Saturday, July 4: 5 - 9 pm Tattoo Highway Sunday, July 5: 1 - 4 pm * Animal Planet Dogs 101 Saturday, July 4: 2 pm - 12 am Sunday * Comedy Central Comedy Central Presents Friday, July 3: 8 am - 4 am Saturday Saturday, July 4: 7 am - 4 am Sunday Sunday, July 5: 7 am - 4 am Monday * Discovery Channel Deadliest Catch Friday, July 3: 9 am - 3 am Saturday Saturday, July 4: 9 am - 3am Sunday Sunday, July 5: 9 am - 3am Monday * Hallmark M*A*S*H Friday, July 3: 8 am - 7 pm * HBO 2 True Blood Sunday, July 5: 8 - 11 pm * History The Revolution Parts 1-10 Saturday, July 4: 8 am - 6 pm * Lifetime Movie Marathon Saturday, July 4: 11 am - 11 pm Sunday, July 5: 11 am - 9 pm * SciFi The Twilight Zone Friday, July 3: 8 am - 6 am Saturday Saturday, July 4: 9 am - 6 am Sunday * TLC Cake Boss Friday, July 3: 10 am - 1:30 pm The Little Couple Friday, July 3: 2 pm - 7 pm What Not to Wear Friday, July 3: 7 pm - 11 pm * USA Network Burn Notice Thursday, July 2: 6 am - 10 pm Source Here

CSI: Miami Gets Hotter as Eddie Cibrian Joins Cast

Eddie Cibrian will be joining the cast of CSI: Miami as the popular CBS procedural enters its eighth season on Sept. 21. Cibrian will fill the series regular role of an officer from the Hollywood division who joins Horatio's team in Miami, says the Hollywood Reporter. Now lest anyone be fretting, "One hunk in must mean one hunk's out," producers tell the Reporter that Adam Rodriguez, whose Delko was left in jeopardy in the May season-ender, will return this fall. Cibrian's previous TV credits include Third Watch , Invasion and Ugly Betty . Most recently, he costarred with LeAnn Rimes in the Lifetime movie Northern Lights. Source Here

CSI: Miami Doctor Is Out... and Hitting the Bar?

Any CSI: Miami fans who never warmed up to The 4400 alumna Megalyn Echikunwoke as a satisfactory replacement for original cast member Khandi Alexander might have cause to feel vindicated. Echikunwoke this week surfaced on TNT 's Raising the Bar , where she has landed a recurring role and is poised for an on-screen romance with J. August Richards' prosecuting attorney. Echikunwoke will appear in at least three episodes of the legal drama, a TNT rep tells What does this mean for the actress' run as CSI: Miami's medical examiner? When last seen in this season's penultimate episode, Echikunwoke's Dr. Tara Price was being hauled off on charges of stealing evidence from deceased victims. (Um, ew.) In the season finale, no mention was made of the character's fate. A spokesperson for the CBS procedural would not confirm Echikunwoke's exit from the cast, but instead teased, "On CSI: Miami, you never know when someone will return." Source Here

The 'CSI' Franchise Case File: Couple vs Writer, or When Those Similarities Aren't Coincidential

It's another week, and what I thought would be some serious downtime isn't turning out to be just that. The biggest news in CSI this week is, well, a lawsuit filed against the producers! Sure you've heard of this, but I'll have my own take on this later. Also on this week's case file, Delko talks about girlfriend materials, and Mac talks about why he's happy with having a secure job in New York. Item one: One writer for defamation, please. At the end of each television show, usually, there's this notice that goes, "any similarities towards actual people are coincidental", but what if it actually isn't? That's what a couple based in Los Angeles accuse a CSI writer of; they filed a lawsuit against her, early in the week, accusing her of patterning two shady characters in an episode after them. Melinda and Scott Tamkin, who work as real estate agents, are seeking $6 million in damages against writer Sarah Goldfinger, alleging that she named two characters in an episode of the show after them, in revenge for a real estate deal that went wrong. Apparently, the accused wanted to buy a home from the Tamkins in 2005, but she pulled out of the sale when it was in escrow. To Read More Click here .

Ratings: Jon & Kate Deliver a Big Plus!

See what just a little bit of ink will get you? The Season 5 premiere of TLC's Jon & Kate plus 8 delivered 9.8 million total viewers - the cabler's largest audience ever, and its best draw since an April 2003 Trading Spaces special. It's also more than double what the increasingly dysfunctional parents scored with their previous, less tabloidy premiere. Leading out of Jon & Kate, TLC's Cake Boss only held on to 3.2 million viewers for its premiere. (Hey, maybe people prefer sour over sweet?) Other recent ratings notes: * Harper's Island on Saturday night scored 3.89 mil, besting America's Most Wanted and a Southland repeat, but not ABC's NBA finals coverage. * On Monday, The Bachelorette made a date with 6 mil, down markedly from last week's premiere. ABC's Here Come the Newlyweds in turn debuted to 4.98 mil, placing third far behind a CSI: Miami rerun (7.76 mil) and a fresh Medium (7.75 mi). Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, May 18, 2009

* 24 (8 pm/ET Fox) Last hour, Jack took the traitorous Tony Almeida into custody and neutralized the canister of pathogen that the terrorists were planning to unleash in a subway station. But there are still unresolved issues as Day 7 draws to a close in the two-hour season finale. The terrorists have Jack's daughter, Kim, and are using her as leverage to get Jack to help Tony escape. And is Jack Bauer really going to die from his exposure to the pathogen? * The Bachelorette (9:02 pm/ET ABC) Back to the mansion, romance fans. Jillian Harris, who came in third in the battle for Jason Mesnick's heart, has taken up residence in the mansion, and tonight Jillian begins pruning her way to true love - or at least to the man on whom she'll bestow her final rose. She'll have more pruning to do than any rose-wielder ever: In addition to the 25 guys who emerge from the limos, there are five party crashers - and 20 guys will still be in the running after she's finished pruning tonight. * CSI: Miami (10 pm/ET CBS) The seventh-season finale promises fans that two good cops Horatio and Delko - turn bad. Eric puts himself in danger when he decides to aid his criminal father, and the threat comes from Calleigh's own gun when she shoots at him. As for H, viewers can determine for themselves if he goes too far to rescue Yelina and put a permanent end to Russian mob boss Ivan Sarnoff. * Gossip Girl (8 pm/ET The CW ) As the second season comes to an end, so, too, do the gang's high-school days. But what would graduation be without a little gossip? Boring. And so a scandalous e-mail from Gossip Girl arrives in the middle of the commencement ceremony, prompting Serena to retaliate. Meanwhile, the mean girls try to prompt Jenny to stake a claim for Blair's vacated Queen Bee throne, and Lily and Rufus try to work things out in their relationship. Any cliffhangers? Of course - what would a season finale be without them? * Two and a Half Men (9 pm/ET CBS) It's a safe bet that fans of the series don't wonder if Charlie and Chelsea will split, but when. The sixth-season finale might signal the beginning of the end for the couple as Mia (Emmanuelle Vaugier) returns, prompting Charlie to reconsider his feelings for his fiancée. But that all takes a backseat as Alan, Charlie and Herb rush Judith to the hospital when she goes into labor. Source Here

Watch a sneak peek at CSI MIAMI Season 7 Episode 25 "Seeing Red"

Horatio fights to save Yelina and when Delko goes against Calleigh's plea and helps his dangerous father, his life is put in jeopardy, on the seventh season finale of CSI: Miami , Monday, May 18 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Source & Video