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CSI: MIAMI “Mayday” Review

CSI : Miami "Mayday", Season 9 Episode 22 – After last week’s episode of  CSI: Miami  got Bin Laden’d, many viewers missed last week’s episode "G.O.". So unless you caught the episode re-airing on TV, or were able to catch it online, hopefully you weren’t too out of it to enjoy  "Mayday". With no "Previously on  CSI: Miami " recap scenes, or any recognition of the fact that last week’s episode didn’t air at all, we’re plunged head first into the exciting escape  of Jack Toller (Played by Battlestar Galactica  alum Callum Keith Rennie). "Manhunt" episodes are a  CSI  staple at this point, so I was interested to see what  CSI: Miami  was going  to do differently to mix up the formula for their big season finale episode. As it turns out…not a whole lot. With manhunt episodes being so popular among  CSI  shows, and all other procedurals for that matter, it really matters that you get your bad guy right. We’ve seen a thousand serial killers and gang members get chased down on these kinds of shows, even on this season with the Memmo Fiero arc, so you have to have a great villain to separate yourself from the pack. Fortunately, Callum Keith Rennie makes his money playing the creepy guy. Being a huge fan of  Battlestar Galactica , I’m used to seeing him as a creepy Cylon, so it wasn’t much of a stretch  to see him as a creepy mass murderer. He played his part well, though, and that’s important for episodes like this. Read More... //

CSI: MIAMI “Paint It Black” Review

CSI : Miami "Paint It Black", Season 9 Episode 20 – I’ve often criticized  CSI: Miami  for starting so many of its episodes with club scenes, dances, or pool parties. However, "Paint It Black" only started with two hot girls in a hot tub. So…close enough, right? I actually  thought the case this week had a pretty cool twist. I like the idea of one of the witnesses having short-term memory loss and having possibly watched her best friend  be murdered and not remember it. I know that "amnesia" or "memory loss" is an often used story device that’s normally thrown conveniently when the story needs an easy way out, but I liked it here as Monica obviously had other psychological issues besides the memory loss. Amnesia usually befalls completely healthy characters  in movies or TV shows when it’s convenient to the story, but at least there was some basis for the usage here. Read More... //

CSI: MIAMI “Caged” Review

CSI : Miami  "Caged", Season 9 Episode 19 –  CSI: Miami  tried to take a leaf from the regular  CSI ‘s book by bringing back a "recurring" villain this week in "Caged". One big difference: Dante Kroll had never appeared on an episode of  CSI: Miami  to my knowledge. But hey, at least they tried, right? Speaking of the opening scenes, how about Kroll’s curb stomp on that poor guy that he car-jacked? While it wasn’t a proper curb stomping, he still stomped on a dude’s head! Are we allowed to show  that on TV now? I’ve always found it so ironic that the most popular shows  on television are all procedurals like this one that predominantly feature people being brutally murdered by sadistic psychopaths. Whenever I tell people that they should watch shows like  Dexter  or  Breaking Bad , they’re always horrified that I’m recommending shows that are so violent and dark. When in reality, the stuff that is "acceptable" to show at 9PM on national TV like the  CSI  or  Criminal Minds  shows have stuff that’s as bad if not worse than anything you’ll see on the edgier cable TV shows. Anyway, just thought I’d share something that’s been on my mind for a while. Read More... //

CSI: MIAMI “About Face” Review

CSI : Miami "About Face", Season 9 Episode  18 – It looks like   CSI: Miami  has just about kicked its habit of starting off their episodes with beautiful people at a party, as "About Face" just started by showing us a bunch of beautiful people at a local university. Apparently, there are no ugly people in Miami. Anyway, this week’s episode of CSI: Miami tries its hand at the "Craigslist Killer" archetype, although this time it’s the " Killer". Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. Either way, the rather unoriginal story  was made up for with some great guest stars and an exciting kidnapping of Natalia. Kevin Corrigan was the big guest star this week as the kidnapper Patrick Clarkson. I was actually a little surprised to see him in this kind of role. He’s usually a comedic actor, as most people would recognize him from  Grounded For Life , as well as small roles in movies like  Pineapple  Express  and Superbad . He’s most recently had a hilarious turn on  Community  as "Professor Professorson", so it’s odd to see him taking a break from those type of roles to play such a huge creep. Granted, he usually plays the "creepy" guy even in his comedic roles, but he’s never a convicted killer. Read More... //

CSI: MIAMI “Special Delivery” Review

CSI : Miami "Special Delivery", Season 9 Episode  17 – This week’s episode of  CSI: Miami , "Special Delivery", marks the third straight episode NOT starting with a party scene! Instead we get a montage of a playboy delivery guy delivering a lot more than packages to a bunch of attractive Miami housewives. It’s still an opening scene involving attractive people being all sexy-like with each other set to music , but still technically  not  a party scene! Woo hoo! Let’s keep this streak going, guys! Yes we can! Eagle-eyed readers will undoubtedly notice how often I reference  my favorite show,  Breaking Bad , in my reviews . I was excited several weeks ago when  Breaking Bad  alum Dean Norris showed up on  CSI , so I was pumped when Raymond Cruz (Tuco Salamanca from  Breaking Bad ) appeared as the first suspect. I freaking love this guy. He’s as type-cast as they come, but I thought he was amazing as Tuco on  Breaking Bad , and also pretty great in "Training Day". The scene from the  Breaking Bad season one finale where  he beats his crew member to death with his bare hands gives me chills just thinking about it. What I’m saying in summary is that you people need to go out and watch that show! Read More... //

CSI: MIAMI “Hunting Ground” Review

CSI: Miami  "Hunting Ground", Season 9 Episode 16 –  CSI: Miami  tried its hand at the "Hunting for Humans" plot that just about every other procedural has already attempted. "Hunting Ground" didn’t do much to shake up the formula, but it’s such an underused sub-plot that it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was a little surprising that it took everybody so long to even  consider  that Enrique’s death was  not  an accident. If I see a dude with an arrow through his chest, pinning him to a tree, with an ominous burn mark on his arm in the middle of the everglades, my first thought would be murder. I was excited that the first suspect was Eddie Jemison, so that he can notch another procedural onto his resume. You may have recognized him from the  Ocean’s Eleven  series, but he’s been on  CSI ,  Criminal Minds , The Closer ,  NCIS , among others. He’s a fun character actor, although he’s really being type-cast as the neurotic and eccentric weirdo quite a bit. Read More... //

CSI: MIAMI “Last Stand” Review

CSI: Miami "Last Stand" Review, Season 9 Episode 13 – This week’s episode of CSI: Miami sees the triumphant return of Memmo Fiero, AKA the guy who killed Horatio’s wife. "Last Stand" definitely didn’t start out very good, but thankfully it picked up a little bit towards the end. But man, did it start off baaaaaaaad. First you got the soon-to-be-dead state attorney thinking the cocaine was baking powder. Really? Next we got the dying gang member telling Horatio that "It’s only just begun." I honestly predicted that line coming from a mile away. Then since bad scenes always come in threes, we get the so-terrible-it’s-awesome scene of Horatio and Eric barging into the ex-Mala Noche member and saying "We’re just here to say ‘hello’…so hello". Wow. That was so cheesy I honestly couldn’t see straight through the commercial break. Read More... //

CSI: MIAMI “Wheels Up” Review

CSI: MIAMI "Wheels Up" Season 9 Episode 12 – After what was somewhat of an over-long intro to this week’s installment of CSI: Miami , "Wheels Up" really got rolling as the episode progressed. (See what I did there?) This week’s episode focused on roller derby, which looks like it could be the coolest sport that I have absolutely no knowledge about. I do know that after watching this episode, however, I want to secure tickets to the next local game ASAP. Connie Briggs, a roller derby player, is found dead in the locker room bathroom after the game. At first, the scene showing her death looked more like an intro for House than an intro to CSI . It looked like she was just violently ill, but turns out she was beat up so much it caused her to bleed out internally. To discover the cause of death, we had to be subjected to one of the grossest visuals that I’ve ever seen on a CSI show: We had to watch Tom emptying the blood out of Connie’s chest cavity like he’s ladling some kind of drink out of a punch bowl. {Shudder} Read More... //

CSI: MIAMI Review - “Blood Sugar” Season 9 Episode 9

CSI: MIAMI opened with a montage of scenes showing us how sugar is processed, and I have to say – I was intrigued, and debated leaving my job to go work in a sugar factory… until the place blew up. As a fan of numerous "crime" shows, I’ve seen a few episodes where a bomb is made from sugar and a few other ingredients, so (of course) I thought I had the entire episode figured out before the credits started. I really need to stop attempting to guess the endings of CSI: Miami, since I’m pretty much NEVER right. A homemade bomb never made it into the storyline, instead the entire crime – explosion, dead body, etc. was an accident. One question, though. Why were Erick and Horatio the first ones in the burning building before the fire department? I don’t know police protocol at all, but it seems to me that after an explosion, the fire department should clear the space before crime scene investigators start walking around inside of it? Maybe? To Read More Click Here.

CSI: MIAMI “Happy Birthday” Review

After the Thanksgiving hiatus, CSI: MIAMI was back tonight with "Happy Birthday". Overall, the episode was great – it played more into the drama of the story line than actual detective work, though. Not saying that the crime scene wasn’t analyzed or evidence wasn’t picked up, but the over all story this week in my opinion, was about the characters. "Happy Birthday" began and looked like it was going to be like every other episode of CSI. Horatio finds a victim, calls in the team, and the investigation begins. I enjoyed the way the writers used the "one hour earlier" to introduce us to the victim since the first time we see Heather Chapman, she’s already unconscious. Since I like to play detective while I watch CSI, I thought I had the case solved from 10 minutes in. I was convinced that Heather’s stepson Josh had been hired by her friend Marcy to kill Heather and her unborn daughter. Sometimes being wrong is good, as the writer’s rendition of the story was much better than mine. Turns out the "hormonal friend" (so called by Natalia) and crazy jealous stepson really had nothing to do with it. Instead, the car jacking/hit and run (I’m still a little unclear as to what exactly was supposed to happen) was planned by Heather’s perfect husband. He was not ready to share Heather with a baby, and decided that instead of talking about this like a rational adult, he’d plan to kill the child. To Read More Click here.