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CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 23 "Time Bomb" Review

Well tonight's episode of CSI Miami was great from the second that it started. This was an episode that didn't take a second break from giving us 100 percent quality entertainment. We were left last week with Delko watching Horatio's ex girlfriend get blown up as she stood by a car. Well at the beginning of tonight's episode it took us 20 minutes back. Showed us how he called Callie and lied to her about where he was at. She saw him outside and followed him. When he and she got to the location of the explosion she confronted him about his lying. The bomb went off killing only Horatio's ex. If Callie wouldn't have followed him we would have lost another member of the team. The rest of the episode was also absolutely intense. I don't want to spoil all the details of it for you but the team gets investigated and they are even lead to Wolfe's apartment. The team really needs to focus on being a team. I love this show. It never fails to impress me. Its been around for eight seasons and is still going strong. Not a lot of shows can say that they made it that far.

CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 23 "Time Bomb" Preview

Well we were definately left with quite the interesting ending to an episode last week on CSI Miami. The explosion we saw is said to have killed Horatio's ex-girlfriend. They even start to investigate the team and the interior of CSI. Wolfe will also get arrested. There is a great sneak peek for this upcoming Monday's episode at: . With the season coming closer to a close you can expect this episode to be a great one. Especially when it is on such a personal level.

CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 23 "Mommie Deadest" Review

Well tonight was definately a great night of CSI Miami! It's amazing that this show still feels so fresh even though it is in its eighth season. Most shows lose most of their fans and attention around the notorious 'killer' seventh season. But definately not the case for this show. Tonight we got to watch a creative and suspenseful episode that has the team looking into a suburban family that has a lot of dark secrets. The mother was brutally murdered and of course they start by looking at those closest to her. The father played by a previous neighbor and star of Desperate Housewives has to face that due to his lack of being a good and supportive father to his children, his son had to resort into murdering his own mother. In a heartfelt and emotional confession to Horatio the boy admits that he did it. Just when we think that the show is closing up. A bomb goes off that is going to change and split up the team in next weeks episode. Great cliff hanger. In the trailer we see Wolf getting arrested. So I give tonight a 4.5 out of 5!

CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 23 "Mommie Deadest" Preview

Well tonight's episode of "Mommie Deadest" looks to be quite disturbing. There is a great sneak peek promo video for this episode of CSI Miami at: . I personally think this one is going to be quite interesting. The dark past of a suburban family is going to be revealed when a soccor mom is murdered. These storylines tend to be catchy and entertaining. It will be one to watch.

CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 21 "Meltdown" Review

Well tonight's CSI Miami had one great story opener. I felt like I had just gone to a blockbuster hit at the movie theatre. In a fancy jewelry store a man is buying an engagement ring for his girlfriend. You can tell the guy is having a hard time paying the price tag for it, and the dealer is making sure not to budge on the price. At that time masked men come in and rob the store, shooting him in the process. His dying words were, "I love her". Of course this show doesn't make this a simple robbery. But instead they make the viewer guess and wonder if there was more to this attack then some random killing because a customer interfered. I love catching this show every week. I winds me down before I have to go to sleep. The storylines are always great and yes they tend to always catch the bad guy but it is fun and entertaining to watch them put the pieces together.

Great ep

Good story.

CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 19 "Spring Breakdown" Review

Tonight on the next episode of CSI Miami the teams are going to seperate to solve three murders during the spring breakup. There will be alot of action and drama tonight according to sneak peek promo videos. There is a great sneak peek video at the following link: . And I am sure that it will be a good one especially with all the team members seperate. You can only assume this will cause a horrid perdicament for at least one of the cast members.

CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 18 "Dishonor" Review

Tonight on CSI Miami we see the return of Horatio's son, Kyle. The episode showed Kyle returning from war and him stumbling upon a murder. He asks for Horatio's help in solving who did this. It was a great episode, any episode involving his son tends to be a good one. Its amazing how the producers of this show found a young actor that so closely resembles Horatio. The fatherly role that Horatio plays made tonight's episode one you won't want to miss. Tonight had a great storyline after a woman kills her husband while trying to protect her daughter from him. The team worked well and gathered enough evidence to place the mother at the scene after the fire had been placed. It was a solid episode, I give it a 4 out of 5.

CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 18 "Dishonor" Preview

The upcoming episode of CSI Miami looks like its going to be one that fans of the show will not want to miss out on. There is a great sneak peek promo video at the following link: . Horatio's son Kyle returns from war and asks for his fathers help in solving a murder. Any episode that involves his son tends to be an emotional one. I know this episode is going to be at the top of my list for viewing this upcoming week.

CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 17 "Getting Axed" Review

Tonight was an average night of CSI Miami. The episode focused on an unpopular receptionist who gets murdered by an ax to the head. The murder was gruesome and bloody which may appeal to some viewers. It is kind of hard to review tonight's episode because I still have last week's episode in my mind that was directed by Rob Zombie. This episode definately did not live up to that standard for me but isn't a complete waste either. Tonight we got to see a lot more of Wolfe which is a plus and we also get to see the team solve an investigation and catch the bad guy. All the elements that makes CSI Miami great were there tonight but not the greatest episode this season where we will see some sort of continuation to it. All in all I give it a 3 out of 5.