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CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Today is Life”

On the season finale of  "CSI: NY,"  there was a  riot going on : in the streets, even in the police department. In  "Today is Life,"  we hit the ground running, with cop car cam-footage of an officer in hot pursuit. As the cop jumped out of his car, the scene alternated between on-camera and off-camera footage, as he and his partner attempted to corral a pair of young African-American jewelry thieves, dressed in telltale hoodies. We hear a shot ring out, off-screen- but we don’t see who was on the receiving end, if anyone. If you were thinking this sounds somewhat familiar, that’s because this is one of those ripped-from-the-headlines type stories that shows like "CSI" and "Law & Order" do on a semi-regular basis. In this case, it’s the sad true story of  Trayvon Martin , an unarmed black youth shot down in what may or may not have been racially-motivated circumstances. READ MORE...

CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Blood Actually”

It was  triptych  time on  "CSI: NY,"  on the Valentine’s Day-themed  "Blood Actually,"  which I assume is a play on words  on the movie  "Love Actually,"  which I haven’t actually seen (see what I did there?) so I can’t comment much on how much or how little it resembles this particular episode, though I’d wager to guess that it took its whole structure idea from the film. Whatever the case, it was compromised of three different cases, all of which revolved around love gone real wrong, with the expected varying quality that seems to almost be a trademark of most  anthologies . We started with three bodies in three different locations: two that appeared to be beaten down, the other who was shot down in the street. What was the story behind each of these random, unconnected murders? It was time to find out, one at a time. READ MORE...

CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Seth & Apep”

The second half of a crossover episode with sister show  "CSI,"  this week’s  "CSI: NY"  picked up where the action left off on the former, with Mac returning to New York after a whirlwind turn of events in Las Vegas, where he was supposed to meet up with girlfriend Christine for- oh, the horror!- a Celine Dion show. This only goes to show what getting Dion tickets gets you- in this case, kidnapped. Okay, so there’s a little more to it, but still. In the front end of  "Seth & Apep,"  the oddly-titled twofer, Mac went to Christine’s hotel room to meet up for the show, only to find her gone and the room ransacked, with blood trace scattered about the room. Then, her phone shows up at, of all things, the site of a jewelry robbery. Has Christine gone rogue? This would be a left-of-center development, to be sure, but all signs point to yes, which on  "CSI"  means that all signs are likely wrong. READ MORE...

CSI: NY Season 9 Review “White Gold”

Every now and again, a  "CSI"  comes up with an episode so whacko, you got to give credit where credit’s due. This week, it was  "CSI: NY,"  with the episode entitled  "White Gold."  Man oh man, was this a crazy one. We started off with two teens tagging a meat plant or whatever with  "Meat is murder" -type graffiti. A car and van in hot pursuit blare by, and they hear a crash. The girl goes to check it out , when shots ring out and they run to look and see a body lying there and no sign of either car or van. READ MORE...

CSI:NY Season 9 Review “Nine Thirteen”

In the latest episode of  "CSI: NY,"  somewhat cryptically entitled  "Nine Thirteen"  (come to think of it, so was the episode  "Command + P" ), we found out what that mystery was early on, when it was revealed that the murder-of-the-ep was committed at The Wentworth  Building, with an address that started with the titular numbers. Part of me wondered if this was some sort of dig at the recently axed "666 Park Avenue,"  but it was obviously filmed before that show was cancelled, so it’s got to be  a coincidence. Whatever the case, there were some shady goings on at the Wentworth, if not necessarily supernatural-oriented. (Spoiler alert! They weren’t.) Nonetheless, as this was the 37th death that had gone down in that location since the  Stock Market   Crash  of 1929 , in which founder Wentworth himself committed suicide when he found out he’d lost everything. His girlfriend followed suit shortly thereafter, and a legend was born: the  Wentworth  Curse. Supposedly, the couple still roams the halls, looking for fresh meat  to recruit. Mission accomplished! READ MORE...

CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Civilized Lies”

This week’s  "CSI: NY"  at least tried to do something new in the episode entitled  "Civilized Lies."  As well it probably should after recycling a plotline used on its sister show not too long ago in last week’s episode about the "printable" gun. I’m happy to say the gambit mostly paid off, with the results much more original than many shows can muster this late in the game. Sure, they’ve done variations of it on the likes of "The Closer," but I liked the approach to it here. Basically, the entire episode focused in on one specific case: the murder of an off-duty cop moonlighting as a security guard . Now one pet peeve of mine is when they introduce a character out of the blue and drive home how awesome that person is right before they take them out, after which they are typically martyred into the greatest thing since sliced bread . It works a little bit better if it’s a relative of a known character, but that was not the case here, so that aspect of the story suffered a little bit because of the tired plot element, which I’m gonna go on and refer to as the "red shirt" issue, as in that guy on "Star Trek" that you always knew was gonna buy the farm  because he wasn’t a cast regular. "Lost" was also guilty of this throughout their run, with their version of it being members of the "Others" or rogue castaways that we somehow missed before they made their presence known on the show because the script dictated it out of nowhere and then were swiftly dispatched. READ MORE...

CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Command + P”

This was another episode of  "CSI: NY"  where the main characters take center stage over the primary crime at hand, though this one was front-loaded with a seemingly unrelated subplot before said murder that cleverly turned out to be a main character’s story in disguise. Entitled  "Command + P"  for reasons that became clearer only later, it revolved around, well, a revolver. Only this was one gun with a neat back-story of its own. Full disclosure: there was an episode of another show I watch that featured a similar plotline- I want to say it was either  "The Closer"  or its sister show,  "Major Crimes" - so the revelation of the gun’s origins wasn’t quite as shocking or surprising as it was the first time around, but it’s still a neat idea. Basically, the killer at hand used a so-called "printable gun"- hence the title, which was short for the computer jargon "command, then print"- which was basically a gun that can literally be printed by a computer with the right equipment, resulting in a one-use gun that is completely untraceable and disintegrates upon a second use, which the murderer finds out the hard way. Read More... //

CSI: NY Season 8 Review “The Real McCoy”

In the latest episode of  "CSI: NY,"  it was fan favorite Adam’s turn at bat in  "The Real McCoy."  Oddly, though Adam (A.J. Buckley) was dating a girl  that worked at the primary crime scene , it was never brought up or mentioned after the initial sighting of the girl at the onset of the episode. Granted, she had nothing to do with the murder at hand, but you’d think it would have come up! (Maybe there was a deleted scene addressing it that ended up on the cutting room floor?) Anyway, Adam had plenty of drama going on without that distraction, and it all started on his off day. Isn’t that always the way? It seems that Adam volunteered at a local old folks’ home, much to the heart-sinking admiration of said girlfriend (and, I’m guessing, among his fawning fan base as well), especially since he turned down some morning nookie to stick to his schedule. And, I might add, wasn’t lying. Did anyone else wonder if his girl showed up there just to make sure he wasn’t? Maybe that’s just the cynic in me, though I never doubted Adam himself- it seemed like something he would do, didn’t it? Read More... //

CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Blood Out”

This week on  "CSI" NY,"  it was the newbie Jamie Lovato’s turn at bat in  "Blood Out."  While I didn’t mind the episode on the whole, it did seem vaguely unfair that we hadn’t quite made our way through the main cast each getting a character-centric episode before moving on to the new kid on the block . (The preview indicated that fan fave A.J. Buckley, aka Adam, would be next at bat- can Dr. Sid be far behind?) That said, they had to get around to Lovato eventually, so why not space out things with this palate cleanser of an episode? Though the plot wasn’t necessarily anything we hadn’t seen before in God knows how many movies and TV shows, this take take on it did have a few interesting wrinkles here and there, and definitely some memorable scenes throughout. The first attention grabber came with a pan out of a multi-tattooed body hanging from the ceiling which revealed that there was nothing below the waist, at least until it panned down a few feet below and we saw the bottom half of the victim, indicating that the body had been neatly shorn in half. Ouch! It was pretty gory stuff, and put me in the mind of "The Walking Dead." Read More... //

CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Late Admissions”

This week’s  "CSI: NY,"  entitled  "Late Admissions,"  was one of my favorite kinds of  "CSI"  episodes- the ones that make no sense on the surface and only get crazier as the episode progresses. Though they’d be hard-pressed to top that one  "CSI"  involving cannibalistic cheerleaders, this was a pretty solid entry, nicely juxtaposed with another sort of mystery: the reason behind Lindsay’s mysterious visit back homeout of the blue, and why she won’t talk to anyone about it. We opened with a montage of a kid doing drugs before taking his standardized tests. As he looked around the classroom, it seemed like maybe he wasn’t the only one doing so. Was it some weird hazing stunt of some kind? Some sort of brain-enhancing drug, like in that movie  "Limitless" ? These bath salts I keep hearing about? Smarties? More importantly, would cannibalism be involved? Fingers crossed! Read More... //