D.I.Y. America Episode Guide

D.I. Y America is a documentary web series focusing on the rise of punk, graffiti, and street art. Created by the producers of the feature documentary Beautiful losers, the series contains interviews and footage shot for the film, but never used. This includes full profiles of street artists like Swoon, a female wheat paste master, and larger ex...

Episode Guide

11 episodes

  • 11 episodes
    11 episodes
    • s1e12Public Spaces Vs. Private Space
    • s1e11Graffiti Part Three: Broom and Brush Brigade
    • s1e10Graffiti Part Two: Legal vs. Illegal
    • s1e9Graffiti Part One: Roots and Drive
    • s1e8Skate Create Part 6: Selling Out
    • s1e6Skate Create Part 4: The Artists
    • s1e5Os Gêmeos
    • s1e4Skate Create Part 3: The Skaters
    • s1e3Skate Create Part 2: Perseverance (The Art of Falling Down)
    • s1e2Swoon
    • s1e1Skate Create