Daytripping Episode Guide

Spend a day with your favorite bands and Pitchfork as they hit the town and grab a hot dog or watch a movie, maybe perform a little, then go back out and grab a taco and then maybe a beer after, who knows? Maybe even a little meditation and some yoga. Then back to the hot dog stand and most likely more music.

Episode Guide

18 episodes

  • 18 episodes
    18 episodes
    • s1e18Gwar
    • s1e17DJ /rupture
    • s1e16Cymbals Eat Guitars
    • s1e15Bon Iver
    • s1e14Art Brut
    • s1e13The Thermals
    • s1e12Waaves
    • s1e11Peter Bjorn and John
    • s1e10Man Man
    • s1e9Fleet Foxes
    • s1e8GZA
    • s1e7HEALTH
    • s1e6Spank Rock
    • s1e5King Khan
    • s1e4Marnie Stern
    • s1e3Girl Talk
    • s1e2The Black Keys
    • s1e1Bradford Cox