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Showtime Launches Second Season of Dexter “Early Cuts” Web Series

The new season of Dexter has been airing for a few weeks and now Showtime has announced the second season premiere of the Dexter "Early Cuts" web series.  The series is available to viewers in the United States on the Showtime website here. The first episode is now available to watch and Showtime has released a summary of the storyline. NEW YORK, NY – October 25, 2010 – SHOWTIME has launched the second season of its animated webisode series Dexter Early Cuts: Dark Echo, available online now on sho.com/earlycuts. The web series, drawn by award-winning illustrator Bill Sienkiewicz ("Batman," "Superman" and "X-Men" comics/"The Dark Knight"), notable comic book illustrator David Mack ("Daredevil," "Kabuki") and voiced by series star and executive producer Michael C. Hall, gives DEXTER™ fans an early look at the life of America’s favorite serial killer with storylines that predate the show. Dexter Early Cuts will also be available via online affiliate portals and to Showtime subscribers on SHOWTIME ON DEMAND®. To Read More Click here.

Boy Meets Reel: Introducing the Web Originals on SideReel

Are you bummed out about the end of the TV season? Don't worry, SideReel has a whole new section dedicated to shows that are totally independent of the TV schedule. Say hello to Web Originals ! Web Originals are shows that were made for distribution and viewing on the Web, but they're not just viral YouTube clips of cats. Take one of the most famous Web Originals, Red vs. Blue . This legendary machinima sitcom from Rooster Teeth Productions has been making people laugh since 2002, using video game characters as actors in a grand parody of science fiction and war. While they technically finished their run in 2007, Rooster Teeth is still making mini-series and sequels, all of them as weird and crazy as their predecessors. Each candy-like episode weighs in at under 10 minutes, and every one is a blast to watch. Felicia Day's gamer comedy The Guild is another great example of how good a Web Original can be, with its look at the dysfunctional lives of geeks. It's very reminiscent of The Big Bang Theory , and I highly recommend it. It even has a wildly popular music video, with the help of fellow Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog conspirator Jed Whedon. The Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? video was a certified hit on iTunes and Amazon, and is catchy in a cheesy '90s-dance way. Lest you think that the Web Originals section is made purely out of comedies like the strange talk show Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis , there is plenty more you can see on the page. There are lots of educational and how-to programs available, from the kids' Super WHY! to the DIY-oriented Make Magazine: Best Weekend Projects . There's action in Angel of Death and Trenches , drama in Anyone But Me , and much, much more. There's a whole world of programming, and we're only scratching the surface of what's available! So head on over to the Web Originals today, and start exploring the world of free online shorts. You'll even be able to find some shows directly aimed at expanding the universes of popular television, like Dexter: Early Cuts , the chilling prequel to Dexter . We'll be adding more and more shows as time goes on, so don't worry - you'll never have to watch reruns again!